Days after one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded, more than 700 people have died and survivors are left without food or running water. Chilean police attempt to keep order as Chile earthquake survivors try to enter a supermarket to buy food and essentials in ConcepciA?n (map) on February 28, 2010.President Bachelet has established a dusk-to-dawn curfew in the heavily damaged city, though 150 people have been arrested for violating the order, the Los Angeles Times reported. Nearly felled by the 2010 Chile earthquake, an apartment building's windows buckle in Santiago.Scientists tracking Twitter have found that the earthquake was felt as far away as the Atlantic Coast of Argentina.
Two men walk past a building in Valparaiso that was badly damaged by the 2010 Chile earthquake.In addition to destroying buildings and bridges, the offshore quake severed power and communications lines leading into the country.
Hours after the February 27, 2010, Chile earthquake struck, people stand outside a destroyed home in ValparaA­so (map of Chile).
Indonesiaa€™s Tambora eruption brought on a deadly spate of coolinga€”presaging the costs that come with sudden changes to climate. Amateur cartographers report on the shifting battle lines to create maps that are among the most accurate and up-to-date reports on the hostilities. As ice melts and aquifers are drained, Earth's distribution of mass is changinga€”and with it the position of the planet's spin axis. As the devastating Images of the Japanese great quake and Tsunami unfold all over the news media, they serve as a strong warning of what can happen here where we live.
11) Bleach – In the event of an earthquake, the plumbing might be out of order, and we must continue to answer nature’s call, so bleach is necessary to keep our area sanitary, and prevent us from getting sick. 14)Copy of our passports for identification, with family members’ phone numbers written on the back.
The Earthquake Kit is all set and ready, but it is only part I of my emergency preparedness.
Part II required me to gather my children together and discuss what they should do in the morbid scenario if my husband and I should die, and they are left to fend for themselves.
As I put all the emergency supplies in a sturdy bag, and put it in a place that we all agree is the best spot for an earthquake disaster. Gas from a ruptured supply line burns as water from a broken water main floods Balboa Boulevard in the Granada Hills area of Los Angeles Monday morning, Jan.

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled a new earthquake preparedness plan for Los Angeles Monday that he said would help the nation's second biggest city absorb the shock of the major earthquake that all experts agree is inevitable.
Experts agree that the West Coast will someday endure a seismic event many times more powerful than the 1994 Northridge quake that killed dozens or the 1989 Bay Area quake that stopped the World Series. The plan announced Monday concedes some of the vulnerabilities that first responders and other government officials identified to NBC News and attempts to address them, and also details just how severe shortages could become. The Santa Monica Freeway split and collapsed over La Cienega Boulevard following the Northridge, California earthquake in the predawn hours of Jan.
Prior to Garcetti's announcement, experts had warned NBC News that the power grid was susceptible to long-term outages, and that fire departments would run out of water to fight fires. The new plan recommends protecting the electric power grid at the fault lines that crisscross Southern California, and also recommends additional measures to protect the water supply.
California's 'Big One' May Be Many Smaller OnesWorst Earthquake in 25 Years Rattles CaliforniaHold On Tight: Are Bigger, Badder Earthquakes On the Way?
Law enforcement sources also told NBC News that first responders for both Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles have not been provided with essential supplies for their families. There is also not yet any mass casualty plan for Los Angeles County that is specific to earthquakes, meaning a plan for dealing with the thousands of injuries and fatalities feared in a major event. The city's water supply was shut off following theA earthquake.Many parts of the country remain without water or electricity, and dozens of strong aftershocks continue to shake the disaster zone, the Los Angeles Times reported.
Geological Survey has reported that dozens of aftershocks have struck Chile, some as high as magnitude 6.9. Although certain states, such as California, are more prone to experience earthquakes than other states are, the fact is that no one is safe from their devastation. Estimated fatalities in some of the scenarios for metropolitan Los Angeles range into the thousands, with water and electricity shortages affecting millions and property damage in topping a trillion dollars. Officials project up to 1600 fires in Los Angeles alone, in a region already parched by an historic drought. It also recommends creating an alternate water supply from seawater and recycled water specifically to fight fires.

Experts warn that many firetrucks, which get 2.5 to 4 miles a gallon, will simply run out of gas. Lack of batteries, water, and first aid could hinder their deployment in the critical first 72 hours. An earthquake may occur anywhere in the United States at any time, and the most effective way to minimize the destruction they can cause is to be prepared and to understand what to do when they occur.Earthquakes are the result of the movement of the tectonic plates and the shifting of enormous masses of matter in and under the earth’s crust. The Northridge earthquake was felt over a broad area of Southern California, causing widespread death and destruction. The tectonic plates form the surface of the planet, and they have been shifting for many, many years. When this energy grows stronger than the matter locking the plates together, it is released and has the potential to cause massive damage.Have an Earthquake Preparedness PlanBy having an earthquake preparedness plan, you can minimize the damage to your property and belongings, reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities, and shorten the time it takes to recover and restore your life to normal. Secure Your Home for EarthquakesThe shaking and rattling of an earthquake can easily rearrange all of your furniture and decor into a mass of broken, overturned pieces.
In a study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, approximately 55 percent of earthquake injuries are caused by falling objects.The easiest way to start is by moving tall and top-heavy furniture away from beds, couches and anywhere people may be sitting, sleeping or otherwise off their feet.
If your request is refused, you may want to consider moving into a home that is more secure.2. Gather Emergency SuppliesEmergency supplies are essential to staying safe and healthy after a major earthquake occurs.
Safeguard Important DocumentsTo ease recovery after a major earthquake and to help emergency workers, it makes good sense to safeguard important documents. These documents can be kept in a waterproof, fireproof safe or stored in a safety deposit box.

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