As we’ve just passed the two year anniversary for the Christchurch earthquake (or the most damaging one at least), I, like many Cantabrians no doubt, have been reflecting on that moment and everything that has changed in our lives since then. While we’ve been very fortunate, we do live close to areas that are far, far worse off.
Sadly the chimney on my house rolled off (staying almost completely in one piece) and landed on my neighbour’s car. With no power across the city (I think it was a couple of weeks before we had power back at our house) and with the telephone networks reduced to the bare minimum network thanks to broadcast towers going down, it was a good few hours before I first spoke to my wife over the phone and what a relief that was! With no power at home, we quickly realised that our landline phone could only operate with mains power. I won’t go into this too much further as I wrote a blog post way back in September 2010 with a more substantial earthquake survival kit list.
Not only that, but the key was kept in a lock-box outside the house with a combination lock. So with that in mind, we changed the locks on our house immediately after the work was completed.
Tools such as a crowbar, hammer & nails, staple gun, adjustable wrench and bungee cords. On January 12 Haiti, was rocked by a major earthquake that measured 7.3 on the Richter Scale.
It's smaller in size than California, but Japan houses more than three times the population. Sensibly, we’ve taken stock of our lives and have made a number of decisions to best place us in the event of any future disasters. Shortly afterwards, we bought a cheap basic corded phone that drew power through the phone line itself and finally we could connect with the world again.
An organisation near where I live was pleading for batteries and hand-held radios just after the quake so that they could communicate with all of the volunteers that were pouring in. Things like antibacterial hand-wash that you could use without water (digging in silt all day alongside broken sewer pipes makes you really wish you had running water at home!) and petrol so that you can fill up the car and get supplies from unaffected areas.
The combination was given to heaps of people during the 3 or 4 weeks of repairs and even left open while there were workers at the house (meaning that passer-bys could look at the displayed combination number).

As a side note, we also have a large German Shepherd which we kept in the garage while workers were here. So remember to DROP to the floor and get under something for COVER and HOLD ON during the shaking. If you prepare yourself an Emergency Supply Kit, you may be able to save your family from serious complications.
There is a chance that many people will be without water for days and if you know how to purify dirty water, you may save someone’s life. I record high quality gaming videos and you can check it out here to show support and subscribe. Pick up the old one a few months before the food expires and donate it to a homeless shelter. Although certain states, such as California, are more prone to experience earthquakes than other states are, the fact is that no one is safe from their devastation.
In fact, and don’t tell the insurance companies this, our place is probably looking better now than it did before the earthquake thanks to all the new plasterwork and fresh paint.
On the EQC website they state that they are currently paying out $4 million per day in claims which totals $4.3 billion to date!
He wasn’t insured despite needing to use the vehicle for his work so that caused all sorts of problems for him. If you already have it, check your policy and get in touch with your provider to make sure you’re on the best possible option for your circumstances. I work in a digital communication role and am constantly communicating messages to thousands of people, most of it probably quite mundane.
Our biggest source of information about the earthquake and recovery efforts came from radio. Luckily we had a car with a full tank and so could drive out to our friend’s place just south of Timaru. Kidzworld wants you to know some of the basic safety procedures just in case you ever find yourself in the middle of an Earthquake.
An earthquake may occur anywhere in the United States at any time, and the most effective way to minimize the destruction they can cause is to be prepared and to understand what to do when they occur.Earthquakes are the result of the movement of the tectonic plates and the shifting of enormous masses of matter in and under the earth’s crust.

There are plenty out there but I can say that AA Life Insurance have been pretty great to deal with. However, when a disaster strikes, you suddenly realise how important communication channels can be. There was one petrol station open in Christchurch and the queue went right around the block and they were limiting supply. The tectonic plates form the surface of the planet, and they have been shifting for many, many years.
Quite an odd scenario but just one of many reasons that you want to make sure you’re well covered. At any time, any one of them could have been left in our house on their own for a good 5 or 6 hours with one of our door keys.
When this energy grows stronger than the matter locking the plates together, it is released and has the potential to cause massive damage.Have an Earthquake Preparedness PlanBy having an earthquake preparedness plan, you can minimize the damage to your property and belongings, reduce the risk of injuries and fatalities, and shorten the time it takes to recover and restore your life to normal. Secure Your Home for EarthquakesThe shaking and rattling of an earthquake can easily rearrange all of your furniture and decor into a mass of broken, overturned pieces. In a study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, approximately 55 percent of earthquake injuries are caused by falling objects.The easiest way to start is by moving tall and top-heavy furniture away from beds, couches and anywhere people may be sitting, sleeping or otherwise off their feet. If your request is refused, you may want to consider moving into a home that is more secure.2. Gather Emergency SuppliesEmergency supplies are essential to staying safe and healthy after a major earthquake occurs.
Safeguard Important DocumentsTo ease recovery after a major earthquake and to help emergency workers, it makes good sense to safeguard important documents. These documents can be kept in a waterproof, fireproof safe or stored in a safety deposit box.

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