Being prepared can help you during those critical hours or days after a catastrophic earthquake, hurricane, tsunamis, tornado, fire, car breakdown or terrorist attack. Having the right bug out bag, survival kit, earthquake kit, survival gear, emergency food and water can make the difference between life and death.
Earthquakestore also guides you in creating your own emergency handbook that offer life-saving tips for surviving earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, power outages, snow storms, fires, tornadoes, floods, and even terrorist attacks. According to FEMA have two weeks supply of food and water, and other survival gear to survive a catastrophic event like a hurricane, earthquake or other natural or man-made disaster. To judge how long you can store food supplies, look for an expiration date or best if used by date on the product.
Call: 866-365-3084 _________________________________________________________________________ Hello Guest, Log in! Survival Books for sale!Great prices on Survival Books.Links related to Survival Books are listed below.
Paperback book includes sections on: map reading, training strategy, parts of maps, marginal information and symbols, grids, scale and distance, direction, overlays, aerial photographs, land navigation, equipment and methods, elevation and relief, terrain association - desert - mountain - jungle - arctic - urban, mounted land navigation, field sketching, units of measure and conversion factors, orienteering, foreign maps, global positioning systems and much more. The Most Complete Guide to Trapping and Hunting Tips Ever - Edited by Eustace Hazard Livingston. Geological Survey is reporting that a strong magnitude-7.4 earthquake has struck off the coast of El Salvador and a tsunami warning has been issued. We offer individuals, communities, governments, and businesses with ready-to-use emergency supplies for surviving a catastrophic event like the recent earthquake in Chile or the disaster in Japan..
The experts at Earthquakestore have ready made survival supplies, disaster supplies, and emergency gear to help you survive.. Our disaster preparedeness survival guide will help you protect your family, pets, personal property and home when disaster strikes. Wiseman shows readers how to think realistically and practically about perils in order to avoid them.

Topics include evasion, navigation, radio communications and signaling, recovery, plant medicine, personal protection, and water and food procurement and preservation. Detailing specific survival threats at sea, in the tropics, in the desert, in Arctic conditions, and the psychological perils of imprisonment and torture. Addresses basic first aid, wound care, fractures, bites & stings, dangers of extreme heat and cold, head injuries and more.
Covers every aspect of map reading and land navigation, and includes the basics of map care, map symbols, military symbols, grid reference systems, and interpretation of aerial photographs. A basic reference guide covering the types of rigging and the application of fiber rope, wire rope, and chains used in various combinations to raise or move heavy loads. Addresses emergency situations such as terrorist attack, fire, flood, tornado, winter storm, hurricane, landslide, earthquake, drought, nuclear emergency, civil unrest, and more.
Includes nearly 300 color photographs and over 120 herbal remedies that you can make yourself.
A basic introduction to help spot and analyze tracks, prints, gaits, scats, scents, and animal behavior. The availability of these free ebooks can change by the hour, check the price before you purchase. It covers deception, stealth, communications, escape and evasion, ambush operations, perimeter defense, counterintelligence and more. First created for fighting men and women in the field, this guide is now available to everyone including hunters, campers, climbers, hikers and anyone else who may find themselves in the outdoors or out of touch with immediate medical help. Covers land navigation on varying terrains, at disparate elevations, and in extreme scenarios - desert, mountains, jungle, arctic and urban terrains. Includes interesting, informational sections on survival in the Arctic, Jungle, Andes, Desert and Amazon.
A guide to creating and maintaining a self-reliant supply of energy, water, shelter and more.

Includes information on finding water, building a fire, stockpiling foot, preparing a bug-out bag, making a knife survival kit, orienteering, finding shelter, safeguarding against floods, dealing with chemical attacks, creating an emergency plan, edible and medicinal plants, fishing, snaring small animals, keeping food safe, using firearms, setting broken bones, tying knots and more.
Includes basic lifesaving first aid measures on various topics including: artificial respiration, bleeding, wound dressing, bandages, application of tourniquets, preventing shock, burns, head injuries, face and neck wounds, abdominal wounds, immobilization of fractures, and first aid in toxic environments. Includes basic instruction on knots, hitches, splices, lashing and tackle systems and safety precautions. Includes valuable information on surviving natural disasters, biological and chemical warfare, emergency urban and rural self-sufficiency and much more. Includes information on jungle survival, mountain and arctic survival, desert survival, survival at sea, water, shelter and fire, food and hunting, weather, navigation, medicine and much more.
Contains information on long-forgotten camping and survival techniques including building camp shelters and log huts, woodland bedding, and birch canoes.
Profiles more than twenty different animals listing basic characteristics, tracks habitat, diet, behaviors, and common relatives. Includes chapters on Search and Rescue, Survival Kit, Weather, Trouble, Signals, Shelter, Building a Fire, Sleeping, Insects, Safe Water, Food, Hypothermia, Fear and other basic survival topics.
Includes information on food storage, water conservation, shelter, first aid, clean air, temperature control, security, finances, and much more. Also features tried and true tricks for bait and trapping, such as creating portable snares or coop traps. Enables you to be prepared for hurricanes and floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, terrorist attacks chemical emergencies and winter storms.
Covers types of fractures, sprains and strains, suturing, risk factors for heart disease, choking, dealing with shock, fever, hydration, foot care, eyes and ears safety, mouth injuries, allergic reactions and much more.

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