Medications – any prescription drugs you or your family need to live, plus over-the-counter items you use like aspirin or allergy meds.
Sanitation and personal hygiene items – don’t forget a roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Family and emergency contact information – and keep this not only in your mobile phone, but in a separate book.
Cash – if there are widespread power outages, ATMs don’t work, and stores won’t be able to process debit and credit cards.
MySafe:LA is a California Public Charity and a separate organization from the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Great ShakeOut earthquake drills help people in homes, schools and organizations improve preparedness and practice how to be safe during earthquakes.
In California, families need to be prepared for wildfire and earthquake emergencies in particular.
Choose something nonperishable that’s easy to store and carry, like canned goods or freeze-dried food. If you have no ability to charge a dead mobile phone, you’ll need those contacts written down and accessible. It’s a good idea to not only pack an emergency kit that you keep at home, but to have one at work, and one in your car.

So if there are 5 people in your family, that’s 5 gallons of water per day for three days, equaling 15 gallon of water at the ready!

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