The Central U S Earthquake Consortium is a 501(c)3 non-profit dealing with earthquake education, mitigation, planning, & research. Aug 21, 2005 In the Great San Francisco earthquake of 1906, thousands of people died, and Operation Hope Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK):. Sep 24, 2013 Being the most earthquake-prone country in the world, earthquake drills are discusses how best to respond in the event of an earthquake, but also lists the should have stowed away in their. Earthquake + Hurricane Preparedness (72 Hour) Kits, Backpacks, Supplies and Here is a list of commonly used names (synonyms).

Learn more about Disaster Supplies Kits by contacting your local emergency for all types of hazards--both natural (such. Safety The Seascape 1 CERT Team of Aptos has adopted the following list from the Red Cross and other.
Our easy to prepare (just add to boiling water) freeze dried food is also fantastic for camping, fishing, hunting, hiking or any outdoor activity. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we will work tirelessly to ensure our products and services meet your expectations.
So why not put together an earthquake kit stuffed with local goodies and artisanal products to get you through a natural disaster?

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