While an extinction event from radiation seems unlikely, an extinction event for electronic devices seems quite a bit more probable.
Must be the reason why Gays become so important to humanity, it must be the reverse polarity. Either North America will become South America (and vice versa) or we’ll have to get new compasses.
Also, since the South Pole is going North, and this has happened before, can we then say “The South will rise again”? Technically right now the north pole is a southern magnetic pole, so after the reversal, the north pole will actually be a true magnetic north pole, which means the south ends of magnetics will point at it. Every magnetic field has two polarities, North and South for example, and one might think that whatever is happening with one pole would be happening (in the inverse?) to it’s opposite pole. Not only that, but it is interesting to note that both the north and south magnetic poles are favoring one side of the earth – the south pole is heavily favoring one side, and continues to move further away from true south. The south magnetic pole is actually 1,800 miles (2,900 km) away from the earth’s true south pole! When the earth is visualized with its magnetic poles more offset and favored towards one side of the planet than the other (which it has been for some time – although the south magnetic pole is moving even further to the favored side), coupled with the large variance in shift speed between the north and south, explanations may seem bizarre. Since we know that the earth’s magnetic field is generated from the spinning liquid molten iron Outer Core (encapsulating a solid iron Inner Core), is one part of the Outer core churning differently than the other?
Could the Outer Core, or part of it, be offset somehow, causing the magnetic pole axis to pass through one side of the planet more than the other?
If the Outer Core is ‘centered’ with the rest of the earth, and the molten iron composition is considered to be relatively consistent, do these observations indicate that the magnetic axis is actually bending or warping as it passes through the planet? These are all interesting things to think about (for some of us), and while being just a logical minded casual observer, there is no doubt that these earth changes are powerful ones – even if only occurring relative to the time frame of the planets life. Take a look at the following graph and see the extreme difference in North versus South Pole Shift speed since about 1930. Observe the magnetic pole axis tilt, and the fairly precise indication to the part of the planet that is favored more-so by proximity to the magnetic axis. Could crustal movements, earthquakes and volcanoes be affected differently on this side of the planet than the other?

The liquid part of the earth’s core is the outer core, the inner core is believed to consist of solid iron, nickel and traces of heavy elements. This is completely incorrect, the transition between these two structures is very complex, being a mixture of solid, liquid and in-between states which may be 10s or hundreds of miles thick. Many texts approximate the earth’s magnetic field as a bar magnet located between the two geographic poles, but this is an over simplification with the true magnetic field being very hard to describe. It is true that at this time the predominant field direction in the northern hemisphere is north, but the strength of this field varies significantly from location to location.
Silly me but it appears that the distance moved in the last 50 year period was less then the distance moved in the first 50 year period on the map.
Has anyone considered that our whole solar system passing through the galactic center might be having a significant effect on our planets magnetic core?
Drawing a straight line from the North Magnetic Pole to the South Magnetic Pole seems the obvious thing to do, but is incorrect. Ever since I heard of the north pole moving, I have figured that it would one day lead to the earth flipping over and the top of the planet would be shifted to the bottom and vice versa. Most commenters here assume that these magnetic pole movements are caused by factors internal to the earth. Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
If we’re concerned about big solar flares hitting earth when the magnetic field is in normal shape, what happens if a moderate solar flare hits when the shields are down? If the North Pole is in the North, and the South Pole is in the South, would we then call the pole in the North the South Pole, or would we continue to call the North Pole the North Pole when it is in the South?
Nicholas will have to relocate his dwelling and factory, and if this will affect the timing of his package deliveries. The location is certainly right on top of the pacific ring of fire, and very near the general vicinity of Indonesia (most active volcanoes in the world), and located in the part of the world that gets the majority of earthquakes.
An assumption that many people make, is that the transition between the inner and outer core is smooth like the transition between the layers of an onion.

This, and the Coriolis effect gives rise to very complex eddy currents within the liquid outer core which in turn create a very complex magnetic field which is constantly changing. If you investigate the magnetic field you will find that there are areas of north polarity (and always have been) in the southern hemisphere and likewise areas of south polarity in the northern hemisphere.
Without disrespect, but what this reader is trying to tell me is ridiculous, and belongs to mainstream voodoo-pseudo-science. It was only discovered because of ships logs recording their passages,including magnetic variation at differing latitudes,the anomalie now extends to Brazil. Many thanks!, also I have a question, does anyone know what happens to an energy field if the North and South Poles are forced together? Now that I hear that the south pole is moving slower than the north, I am interested in knowing how close to each other would they have to be to cause this, if that is what will actually happen. And you can obviously tweak software so that, as far as the user is concerned, north is still north.
Presently it’s only moving 3 miles (5 km) per year, only a tenth the speed of the north! If you approximate the earth’s magnetism by a dipole, the ends are at the North and South Geomagnetic Poles. Regarding the rest of your statement, no doubt that there are those capitalizing on this just for the sake of making money. This possibility has led some scientists to suggest that a geomagnetic reversal would cause an extinction event — but so far, there are no fossil records that suggest that previous reversals were followed by mass extinctions. This site however, we anchor ourselves in more realistic probabilities while at the same time occasionally touching on the more remote risks that are out there. The most likely reason for the reversal is¬†simply the¬†general interaction and chaos of the massive dynamic forces at play — but there are some other hypothesized triggers, such as massive impacts, or significant plate tectonic shifts.
Just like the intellectuals of the 19th century gave birth to the industrial and technical evolution.

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