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One of the consequences of an economic collapse of America, or worse, a complete collapse of government, is a nation falling into chaos.
What do you think is happening in Middle East nations like Syria and other nations like Somalia and Sudan?Lawlessness. There's a reason that Americans and other Westerners are advised to be careful about their travels to other countries -- there are high rates of kidnapping in many places today and the day might be coming when that is the case in America as well.You or someone you love being followed, apprehended, and dragged away somewhere -- possibly tortured, some of you raped, some of you murdered, or simply beaten and left for dead. Consider what has taken place in the days, months, and years following the massive earthquake to strike Haiti (January, 2010) killing over 220,000 people. What's going on in Haiti reveals something alarming about "mob mentality" that can take place at a time of lawlessness such as following a massive disaster -- when bad men (even young teenage boys) band together, it only takes one of them to float the idea of rape, and if the group gives the OK, that's all it takes. There are over two million people approximately currently locked up in America's federal and state prisons and county jails (where many are awaiting prison time, they just haven't shipped off yet from jail). If you're out with a group in the evening hours (which you shouldn't be as the night gives criminals lots of places to hide and opportunities to strike) have your weapon in your hand, even if it's a large knife, but keep it hidden under your jacket, or simply under a folded blanket or towel, etc. If you're coming up on a check-point or larger, armed group, you risk having your weapons, tools, food and even your women (including children) taken from you.
Before you come near the check-point, have this group split off from your group and sneak away through a nearby section of woods or field or side-street, etc. If these people are a harder egg to crack than that, be willing to give up a few of your possessions if they'll let you by -- if you have any with you still. If they're becoming increasingly agitated and aggressive, then realize quickly that this may end in violence -- it might be a great moment to make a run for it, or quickly offer up some concessions, or even volunteer that you have skills you can offer them in exchange for amnesty or passage.Life on the streets is dangerous.
You're an experienced paramedic, nurse or doctor and can perform minor surgeries and emergency first aid, as well as understand medicine and antibiotics.
If you're by yourself one day or one evening, you're in more danger of being abducted than if you're traveling with others.
If you have to escape though, and there's no time for an act, it's going to be best to do so as soon as possible. Economic Collapse Investing: How to Secure Lasting Wealth from the Final Financial Blowout for $0.17 per Day!
Our patented products with FDA and EPA approvals can heal and protect from infection against antibiotic resistant bacteria, microbial parasites, virus, yeasts, fungus and mold - as well as quickly disinfect your drinking water. Prescription Painkiller Crisis: Why Do Americans Consume 80 Percent Of All Prescription Painkillers?
The following is a list of 20 things you and your family will need to survive when the economy totally collapses and the next Great Depression begins…. Most people can survive for a number of weeks without food, but without water you will die in just a few days.  So where would you get water if the water suddenly stopped flowing out of your taps?  Do you have a plan?  Is there an abundant supply of clean water near your home? In addition, you may want to consider storing up a good supply of candles.  Candles come in quite handy whenever the electricity goes out, and in the event of a long-term economic nightmare we will all see why our forefathers relied on candles so much. The truth is that soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper and other hygiene products are things that we completely take for granted in society today.  So what would happen if we could not go out and buy them any longer?
One  a more serious note, you may not be able to access a hospital or a doctor during a major crisis.  In your survival supplies, be absolutely certain that you have a good first aid kit and any other medical supplies that you think you may need. There may come a day when gasoline is rationed or is simply not available at all.  If that happens, how will you get around?  Be certain to have some extra gasoline stored away just in case you find yourself really needing to get somewhere someday.
If you were not able to run out and buy new clothes for you and your family, what would you do?  Well, you would want to repair the clothes that you have and make them last as long as possible.  Without a good sewing kit that will be very difficult to do. If someone comes in and steals all the food that you have stored up, what are you going to do?
If you have built your house into an impregnable survival fortress but circumstances force you to leave do you have an alternate plan?
The FDIC has already opened similar offices in Irvine, California and Jacksonville, Florida.  Each time, the number of bank failures in those states increased dramatically after the FDIC opened those facilities. So what is going to cause such a massive wave of bank failures that the FDIC will need hundreds of new employees just to deal with it? In fact, one new study has been released that estimates that 5 million houses and condominiums on which mortgages are now delinquent will go through foreclosure and be put on the market within the next few years.
Another devastating housing crisis would absolutely destroy the vast majority of small to mid-size banks in the United States.  In such a scenario, the FDIC would definitely be able to make use of the new facilities that they are opening up around the United States. So what should you and your family do to get prepared?  Get out of debt and get rid of any unnecessary expenses.  Try to start developing alternate streams of income and come up with a plan for what you will do if you lose your job. Copyright © 2016 The Economic Collapse - May all of you be blessed with good work, health and peace - If you came here looking for hope, you just found it. 1.1K SHARESUFO With Alien Head Sticking Out On Google Earth Map, June 2014, UFO Sighting News. While the mainstream media propagandists continue to push the lie of a robust recovering economy, the fact is, we are in some serious fiscal trouble. At some point this debt train is going to come to a screeching halt; when that happens we are going to see panic and chaos like nothing wea€™ve ever seen before. The United States, once the worlda€™s shining example of fiscal security and responsibility, has become shackled by record amount of debt. Over the next ten years, experts think that debt could balloon to a staggering $27.3 trillion.
When factoring in unfunded liabilities like Social Security, Medicare, government pension plans and Obamacare, the true debt number is actually much higher than $27.3 trillion. Martial Law: When things start to go bad, I believe you will see the government declare a state of emergency or Martial Law.
I devoted an entire section to financial preparedness and the coming collapse of the economy in my book, The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide; because I firmly believe ita€™s one of the most serious threats we face. When it comes to economic preparedness, one of the most important things you can do is to put together a plan. During the 2008 financial collapse, millions of Americans lost their homes, cars and personal possessions because they saddled with debt.
Start an Emergency Fund: Just like all areas of preparedness, there are steps you can take to insulate yourself from problems. Always have Cash on Hand: Once things start to go bad, there is a very real possibility that the banks may freeze or seize your accounts. Now is the time to really start taking a serious look at your overall level of preparedness. Think about what things are unique to your situation; items like medications, or supplies that you would be hard pressed to live without, should be stockpiled in preparation for economic troubles. For more information on prepping, check out our article on the top ten prepping tips for every SHTF situation.
Put together a Bug Out Bag: Should this country face an economic collapse, chances are pretty good it will be followed by riots, violence and something much uglier than the initial collapse of the economy. Start reading books on survival, and start collecting information on how to live a more self-reliant lifestyle. Subscribe to our RSS feed to stay up-to-date on all the latest economic threats and preparedness information. One of the biggest threats youa€™re going to face during an economic crisis is the threat posed by people.
Watch for signs of social unrest, and stay alert to whata€™s going on in your neighborhood and throughout the world. During an economic collapse, problems like home invasions and burglaries are going to become a real problem.

An economic collapse is a very real threat, one that has far-reaching consequences that you must take seriously. There was a conference recently where Christian ministers discussed what God had revealed to them about the future. I’ve been having that feeling too for about a month and a half, its like I can feel it in the air.
You see, when WE lose we ensured it to mean ALL lose (The European Union, China, Northern Africa, and even OPEC and Saudi Arabia).
Prepare, as I do, all you want, but paranoia is a completely different and uninspiring thing. I am sorry, but I don’t think you understand that the world does not revolve around US.
I agree but when this goes down the government will try to save itself, higher this higher that.
I am always reminded of the Irish Holocaust when church and state colluded and thousands starved to death…because they were caught unprepared for the treachery.
Go camping, plant a seed to eat the product later, read a book, catch a fish and cook it, have a bonfire, and buy a nice knife. I live in Ohio and have basic essentials such as knives stones and knowledge of their use as well as firearms and with my fathers help I can live off the land. And of course, this will all be so much easier after Hillary and Obama use NATO troops to disarm us. More than having a library of survival manuals or a hard drive full of them, it is important to familiarize yourself with what is actually in them. I think technology is great- having the world and all the answers right at our fingertips is awesome! The Dow Jones was down $198 today, looks like the disaster predictors of the past few months are correct. Id like to suggest a 6000 watt inverters 1 in 110 volts the other in 220 charge a battery by solar and ur ready for a lil bit of power.
We need relationships with others so we can help one another and it will help us survive the hard times. That idea I will go it alone is crazy… in that movie Lost, where the lone french lady survives for years alone, but she has kind of lost it from being alone so long. For what it is worth China is not dumb in anyway I think they are prepared they have hedged their bets on metals they told the people there, to start buying as much gold as possible around 2008 and the people did! If you can make it thru one year in a worst case senario then you might make it if you have a vast knowledge of food production and preservation. I have an e-ink Kindle, chainmail, a horde of medieval arms, a few bows and many arrows, a tent, a lawn-chair, a first-aid kit, empty-bottles, survival books, empty backpacks, harmonicas, glasses, notebooks, clothes, and one or two other things that would be useful. Hi awake people, I’m in the UK and there seems to be a monopoly on freeze dried food here. You're an electrician experienced with off grid power systems like solar panels and wind generated power systems. Economies around the world are crashing, countries are drowning in record amounts of debt, and governments continue to pile on new debt like therea€™s no tomorrow. The fact is, the writing has been on the wall for some time now, and we probably don’t have much time left. While that might seem like an insurmountable amount of debt to recover from, the fact is, we have already surpassed that number.
People are going to be panicking, and they will be doing everything they can to get their hands on cash to buy extra supplies.
The moment they realize the money is gone is the moment you will see widespread chaos sweep throughout the country. When this happens you will see things like travel restrictions, mandatory curfews, and the suspension of Constitutional rights.
If things go bad, having a plan of action will help increase your chances of surviving the chaos. Should there be a run on the banks; people are going to be desperate to get their hands on some cash. The economy has been teetering on the edge of collapse for quite some time, throw in the growing social unrest thata€™s sweeping the country and you have yourself a real recipe for disaster. During any type of crisis, food, water and long-term consumables are going to be worth their weight in gold. You should have a Bugout bag filled with everything you need to survive a prolonged emergency situation. I dona€™t rely on government spun stories, or skillfully crafted press releases; I do my own research and you should too! The social unrest and riots wea€™ve witnessed over the last couple of years are going to pale in comparison to what wea€™ll see during a full-scale economic collapse.
I’m 25 now and ever since i was a kid i have felt something major on the horizon causing the collapse of all comforts in North American society as we know it. In fact they told the congregation to really pray to God to protect our military, I began to realize they were implying the unthinkable.
If Jesus could help you I think he would be saving the 80,000 Africans that will die of starvation every year and that has gone on a long time. Assembly Building was blown up, the IMF was torn apart, the Federal Reserve Banks demolished in napalm (destroying reserve currencies), and Fort Knox was robbed of our gold reserves, it would not be just us going down if that status quo was kept but EVERYONE. Plenty off countries have talked about not using dollars as the world currency anymore, switching to Chinas currency.
You do realize the only thing holding our paper money up is that oil is only purchased internationally with the dollar…. Bwing younger people say the government is fine but look at the rise in not only survival games but survival stuff in general.
Youll not live as u do now but u can work with this on well pumps and maybe a 5000 btu ac unit in abedroom window if u dare.
Or where the Hank is stranded on Island with a Wilson soccer ball and starts talking to ” Wilson” could that happen to all of us? Let’s see how this plays out, we are holding onto worthless dollars, and the new money comes in that is Gold backed. There is so much more to existence and this planet we live on than what your consumer driven upper class American mind has been warped into enjoying. People stealing, murders, people getting raped…all that shit is happening as we speak… What?? Learn a very compact instrument (I learnt the recorder and harmonica); this will keep you busy when you have nothing to do. Humans naturally have a biphasic sleep-cycle (really, I would argue triphasic), so don’t freak-out if when you go to sleep at sundown you wake-up around midnight before going-back to sleep.
There is only one company (listed at the top of google results) who takes it seriously and I ask WHY? When All Hell Breaks LooseSurvival Lists137 Survival Gear Supplies List For Military and Civilian Survival KitsAmerica's economy and government have fallen. Do you think these rapists (and people who fantasize about rape) are going to turn into saints if America suffers a collapse?Hopefully some will. Tent cities sprung up and today many people still live in tent cities -- and in these tent cities (and elsewhere in Haiti) many girls, many women have been raped and continue to be raped. In fact, if a group of you are walking down the street, if criminals see your group concealing "something" that looks like a weapon -- it might scare them off.

But if you’re still not convinced, read our article on why we believe major economic troubles are coming.
Riots, looting and widespread violence will break out, making self-defense one of your primary concerns. Check out my list of Essential Preparedness Tips, Skills and Resources to Prepare for Disasters & Threats. During an economic collapse, the likelihood of losing your home to debt collectors is a very real prospect.
It will give you a bit of a cushion during hard times, and can provide you with a fund to buy last minute supplies once things start to go bad.
Even during a total economic collapse, paper currency will still play a major role in how people buy and sell during the initial phases of the crisis a€“ especially if a bank holiday is declared.
During an economic collapse, you will likely see major supply chain shortages and problems, making these types of supplies one of your most important pre-collapse considerations.
During any kind of disaster, including an economic collapse, knowledge is going to be your most powerful ally. While nobody here is making any specific predictions, and I certainly cana€™t tell you that ita€™s going to happen on this date, in this year; I can tell you that the possibility is very real, and the reality of the situation is our politicians and leaders continue to put policies in place that ensure some very real future problems. Rumor has it their coming after ur 3 year old kids for your great grandads overpayments like social security back taxes. Basic hiking hunting and survival gear is through the roof and 22 9mm and other ammos are just gone. Speaking from personal experience, nowadays it is possible to get a nice (basic) little netbook for around $300 and a 320GB external hard drive for around $100. In all likelihood, an economic collapse would also result in a complete stoppage of something we all look at as just part of life, something that will always be: utilities. Flat out, not everybody (seniors and young children) know how to use a computer and many are frankly incapable of grasping even the most basic computer skills, but reading is something that is easily taught, learned, and passed down from adults to as young as toddlers.
Read up, educate yourself, practice the techniques, and have a plan for implementing the information when it is needed. GO CAMPING, PLANT A GARDEN, GO SWIMMING IN A NATURAL BODY OF WATER, EMBRACE MOTHER EARTH WHILE YOU STILL CAN.
Groups of men will just show up, drag a young girl away from her family, rape her somewhere, and she'll return home a few hours later.
We pay debts by printing money… but when you are no longer the world reserve currency, you can no longer do that or you devalue your currency making everything. China, Russia, Venezuela, chile, Nigeria are already using their own currency to purchase oil now.
You cant be fed and u cant be allowed to leave folks areas after u have seen what they have.
If SHTF, it is safe to assume that PG&E will be non-operational in short order and will not go back online quickly. If going electronic as a means of keeping volumes of literature small and compact is the goal, a better choice would be a Kindle or similar device– just make sure you know how to rewire the thing to standard batteries when the time comes. Seriously, put down the Ipad and Redbull, drive out about 100 miles in the middle of nowhere and go breath some fresh air. Your split-off group may have to travel a few miles out of the way to avoid being spotted.Your goal (if you can cross without hassle) is to re-connect with the group that has split-off a fair distance beyond the checkpoint. The longer you are held captive, and the more food you miss out on and the more you lack exercise the weaker you are going to become, and the harder it will become to escape on foot. To think that everyone else will keep playing by the rules n gettin screwed by our overlords purposeful monetary destruction is woefully ignorant. Unless you are completely solar- and generator-dependent or have somewhere to go that already is, then you likely won’t have access to or be able to find a useful source of constant electrical output. Well, almost none of my family or friends are preparing, so when the time comes I know I will have to live with the knowledge that even the young will be overcome with starvation, stealing, murdererers, rapest ect.
So if you just couldnt or wouldnt want to survive in an economic collapse because of those horrific things, you might as well just give up on living your AWESOME LIFE in suburbia.
If you miss the window of opportunity to escape -- if the person or people after you are too quick and over power you -- if an ambush was too well put together -- if you're taken captive -- go to Plan-B mode. Technology is at a point where it can feed, clothe, and house every single person on earth for centuries, with clean practice.
Obama has no support, and what happens if China decides to cash in on our ever growing Trillions in debt?!
The rest of the money can be put toward silver, food, ammunition, or whatever else you like. You don’t just switch out computer batteries like you would a flashlight, and in order to charge a computer battery you need electricity. We should learn this country belongs to the people our taxes are for the peoples needs not government.
Plus id like to add for your stupid uneducated self that the smartdrive can be used to transfer these files which will come with a price. You cant trust anyone, you cant grow a garden or even collect water fron a stream without the threat of constant life threatening danger. After all, you have those simple pleasures to distract your simple mind from whats happening in the real world. Plus just for the idiots harbor freight sells a solar setup for about 200 dollars to charge a 12 volt battery and all ur gadgets. The simple pleasures of driving a car, eating at a restaurant, taking in a movie, going to the supermarket, are gone. Typically kidnappers will put a target under reconnaissance for days and even weeks until they feel safe that they can nab the target without being caught or injured in the process.Of course, regarding children, sometimes kidnappings are simply a crime of impulse -- which is why it's important to keep your children by your side at all times -- especially when you're traveling overseas, when you're out in town, or if you're living in a time of widespread disaster where lawlessness is an increasing way of life for the population. You're using your skills to buy yourself a few days or weeks of time in order to plan and make an escape. Its folks like you who willnot be smart enough to survive cause ur thinking shows no latitude or diversification in its app, ication of ideas. Every fire you build to warm yourself, cook, make tools, bathe, ect is sending a beacon to others that says, I’m here, come here and take what I have. The less they see you as an escape risk, the greater chance you have of avoiding a severe beating as well as less restraints being used to hold you captive.
You may still be tied up or hand-cuffed or duct-taped -- but perhaps those cuffs will go in front of you, or perhaps you won't be hog-tied with that rope, perhaps just your arms will be tied.
Sheer determination and a careful attention to details may be how you'll be able to eventually make your escape.
Kind of like a Western Gun Slinger being quick to the draw (mentioned recently in another article).
If you carry pepper spray (make sure it's a powerful canister), be able to get to it quickly.
If you carry a pistol or a knife or machete (or even a sword), be able to get to it quickly also.

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