For years, policymakers have been concerned about a catastrophic cyberattack that could disrupt the electric grid, causing widespread power outages and impacting national security, the economy and public safety. If you want those liability protections the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act promised, you must follow DHS's new guidelines. Three months after a Department of Homeland Security intelligence report downplayed the threat of a cyber attack against the U.S. The nationwide campaign by DHS and the FBI began March 31 and includes 12 briefings and online webinars for electrical power infrastructure companies and others involved in security, with sessions in eight U.S.
Living in the 18th century will be a huge pain at first but most of us who survive will get used to it.
Internet connectivity used to be seen as a way of increasing productivity and reducing overtime costs on callouts. Except there will be widespread famine because farmers can’t feed us using 18th century methods. About UsOur mission is to help users and also IT security enthusiast to give all information related to IT or computer security.
This blog contains many information or guidance for how to better protect your computer or mobile device from malware or spyware and also how to surf safely on Internet. We look forward to hearing from you about computer and online safety, and will post comments that may be useful to other readers. Companies and utilities reported a raft of 'successful' attacks a€“ and worry worse is yet to come.
Energy companies and electric utilities have experienced a spike in cyberattacks in the past year, according to a new survey by Tripwire, a digital security firm.
Electric utilities and companies in the oil, gas and other energy sectors have seen a rash of cyberattacks, information technology workers say.

The nation's energy and electricity infrastructure has long been seen as an appealing and vulnerable target, allowing cyber-criminals and foreign nations alike to wreak mass disruption or physical damage with a few keystrokes.
Most breaches seem to have been aimed at learning systems' vulnerabilities, but that may soon change. Initially, the Department of Homeland intelligence downplayed any cyber threat against the U.S. COMMENTEMAILMORERevelations about the cyber theft of customer data at Target and Neiman Marcus are just the most recent reminders about the threat to the United States of cyber attacks. Lowe’s, Goodwill and other retailers have also been victimized through their third parties. Of course, once hunger sets in, those still alive will make their way to the country where they will die a difficult death. Unlike in Ukraine however, the breaches reported by energy companies and utilities a€“ at least those reported publicly in the Tripwire survey a€“ seem largely steered toward reconnaissance than overt attack, for now anyway. Through the national campaign the FBI and DHS will cover ways to handle situations such as how to reduce damage once an attack is achieved and so forth.
But invasive and costly attacks on businesses and all of us as customers may not even be the most worrisome threats.Rather, cyber threats to critical infrastructure -- for example, water, energy and telecommunications — are important to our national security.
Three months later, the FBI and DHS launched a nationwide campaign to warn grid operators about cyber attack dangers in light of Ukraine’s Dec.
There is perhaps no more famous incident than the 2013 breach affecting the retailer Target. Louis provides local news, weather, sports, community events and items of interest for Missouri and Illinois communities including Ferguson, Florissant, St. The Department of Homeland Security recently reported responding to 198 cyber-incidents in 2012 across all critical sectors.

Gaining access to the HVAC contractor, the attackers rode directly into the Target network and stole millions of credit card numbers. Stakeholders," and are based on work with the Ukrainian government in the aftermath of the Dec.
Peters, Chesterfield, Kirkwood, Ballwin, Arnold, Crawford, Franklin, Gasconade, Iron, Jefferson, Lincoln, Phelps, Pike, Reynolds, St. The result was not only a material financial loss for Target, but also the ousting of Target’s CEO, chief information officer and the near-dismissal of several key board members.
The North American electricity grid is sprawling, with approximately 5,800 major power plants and more than 450,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines. And our economy is pervasively dependent upon its functioning.Efforts to prevent and respond to cyber attacks on the electric grid are complicated by a complex governance structure.
In addition to the countless companies involved with pieces of the grid and actions to protect it, numerous federal, state and local agencies are involved in some aspect of cybersecurity. Successfully managing cybersecurity risks and recovering from a destructive cyber attack will require effective coordination at several levels, including U.S. Louis, Granite City, Fairview Heights, Edwardsville, Blake, Bond, Calhoun, Clay, Clinton, Fayette, Greene, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison, Marion, Monroe, Montgomery, Randolph and Washington, Illinois.

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