Another Series of powerful storms hit the Midwest; thousands are without power for nearly a week. If you are waking up again without electricity,  just returned to grid power, or you have been watching the news, talking to family or friends about the rage of recent wide spread storms, you may have a better appreciation of the level of family preparedness that it may now take to live without power over an extended period of time.
As the country has already experienced with hurricanes just over the past five years, some of the hardest hit areas may not regain power for weeks and even months. The threat of a multiple grid collapse now seems highly probable, much more than maybe considered just ten years ago.
Whatever you believe, the potential of being without power even for 24 hours is not something that most of us would look forward to.
Many think of the Amish as strange people who make wonderful quilts, furniture and cook awesome home cooked meals.
My Hurricane Experience and What I Learned The Comfrey Tea is brewed Tilapia and Grits Happy Independence Day – 2012 Happy, Happy Independence Day! If you are customer of the North Little Rock Electric Department, you can get a FREE home energy evaluation pinpoint where your home is losing energy and give you ways to correct these problems.
A certified, bonded energy professional will walk through your home to show you where it may be losing energy. To register for a free walk-through energy evaluation call the Energy Evaluation Line at 501-992-4034 to set up an appointment. NLRED’s vision is to empower our customers with solutions and options that increase energy efficiency, protect the environment, and to provide safe, reliable and reasonably priced power. North Little Rock Electric Department (NLRED) is a leader in sustainable, environmentally-conscious municipal power use.
The North Little Rock Electric Department is Arkansas’ largest municipal electric utility, providing reliable service to more than 38,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in the cities of North Little Rock and Sherwood.
The power outage of August 2003 affected 45 million people in eight US states and 10 million people in parts of Canada. Fortunately it’s entirely possible to optimise a power distribution and back-up generation system in order to support operational efficiency and minimize power event impact on a hospital’s function, reputation, and finances. To build a solid business case, consider consulting services for objective risk assessments on power infrastructure.

December 13, 2012 By Mike Lear The National Weather Service offices that serve Missouri are going to try out an index to help predict power outages due to ice storms.
The index could be used to help prepare Missourians when ice storms, like this one that hit Springfield in 2007, are coming. The Sperry Piltz Ice Accrual Index takes into account temperatures and wind speed to predict ice accumulation. Warning Coordination Meteorologist Andy Bailey at the Kansas City area Weather Service Office says information from the index will be added to forecasts to help Missourians prepare when outages are possible. Bailey says the index has been used in Oklahoma for several years and the electric distribution infrastructure there is considered comparable to that in Missouri. Missouri has been hit by devastating ice storms before, including one in January, 2007 that left more than 200,000 people without power. Our standby generators are powered by commercial-grade VanguardTM engines that are design-engineered to dependably take on the most demanding jobs. At Briggs & Stratton, we stand behind our warranty and make it easy for our customers to work with us. Rust-resistant, Galvanneal steel enclosures are made from the same materials and paint process used in the automotive industry, resulting in years of protection against chips and abrasions. Featuring unique airflow technology, the standby generator’s design pushes engine exhaust out the front of the unit and directly away from the house. Back to Back storm systems have already threatened areas just trying to recover power from a previous direct hit.
A combination of these high power storms back to back or combined with another catastrophic event such as an earthquake could overwhelm the power plants and disrupt power to large areas of the country. Whether your home is newly-built or vintage, unseen problems such as leaky ducts or poorly-sealed doors and windows waste energy and money.
Then, he will provide you information about ways to fix these problems so you can save energy and money. We have a dual responsibility to protect our natural resources and to provide safe, reliable and reasonably priced power.
I was a little surprised, since hospitals need extraordinary reliability from their power systems – life support, emergency services, HVAC, communications, records management, and security – especially during power disruptions.

Primary issues of patient safety aside (and associated liabilities), there is immediate revenue loss from discontinued admissions and services, as well as fixed operating costs (like salaries, utilities, infrastructure costs, and so on) that a hospital pays even when not generating revenue. It caused 120 healthcare facilities hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue from cancelled services, legal liabilities, and damaged reputations. Other considerations include adding automated solutions for testing and reporting to meet regulatory compliance, robust and redundant backup power generation capabilities, and automated emergency power supply testing schemes (for root cause analysis and development of systematic approaches), UPS installations, and regular proactive and preventative electrical system maintenance.
Just like the assessment process, hospitals can benefit greatly from companies that specialize in electrical distribution and energy management. Perfect for medium-to-large homes, we provide you with reliable power and flexible options to meet your home’s power needs.
Reliability is critical to a hospital’s success and livelihood, not just in terms of patient safety, but in terms of substantial financial exposure. Healthcare facilities are constantly expanding or reconfiguring, and this is an excellent time to consider making capital expenditures in a cohesive power distribution infrastructure. Sourcing all electrical distribution system components from a single supplier helps increase overall reliability and improve supplier responsiveness in case of issues or failures. Then there are the subsequent decreases in annual revenues that could range between 5% and 25%.
The financial risk for hospitals is just too great to allow power systems to be a potential problem. Ultimately, assuming a 5% chance of experiencing an outage – not unreasonable considering the frequency of disruptions – the financial exposure from a power outage lasting one day is about 3.75% of annual revenues. In the end, reliable power and monitoring systems, along with supporting processes and methodology, boost hospital reputations, and dramatically improve revenue-per-patient and overall profitability.

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