The Darkroom offers Facebook and WordPress commenting in the hopes of fostering constructive conversation among our users. ABOUT THE DARKROOMThe Darkroom, the photography and video blog of The Baltimore Sun, shines a light on visually captivating stories of our past and present. Microsoft just launched a national database of plug-in vehicle charging rate plans that makes it a snap to find the best electricity prices to charge your plug-in vehicle. To get going, Microsoft is collaborating with one-to-three utilities in each region to get access to the data, and is expecting that its partnerships with companies like Duke Energy, Xcel Energy, and Portland General Electric will provide it with more relevant information.
Currently, Ford is utilizing on Microsoft’s service to allow its drivers to charge their cars when utility rates are lowest. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. While at KSA, Mr Saffran created the market for advanced, project-based electronics and software contract engineering, developed advanced products for leaders in the computer, telecommunications, data communication and CATV industries including AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lucent, 3Com, Motorola, Nortel, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, DEC, Prime, DG, and Raytheon.
In 1976, when the Internet (then called the Arpanet) first became operational, under an ERDA contract to determine the "usefulness" of the Internet, Mr. Prior to Summa, he developed portfolio selection models for the Ford Motor Credit Corporation and along with several Harvard and MIT associates founded Apex Boston Group, Inc., a cross-industry management consulting and marketing firm in Boston. He is active in community service, past-president of the Boston Rotary, and for 5 years was Financial Chairman for the Town of Plymouth, MA. Vitaliy was staff to the President at Ener1, Inc, a global technology company with investments in the lithium-ion, electric vehicle and fuel cell spaces. Previously, he was Corporate Product Planning Manager at Digital Equipment, responsible for product planning in the Office of the President. One such provider, FS Landscaping Contractors, stepped up to offer emergency tree service Bucks County, PA in order to hasten power recovery to the rest of the 4.45 million residents in the region. When approached, New York’s ConEd estimated that it might take as long as until the end of November before there would be lights again in each and every home in the East Coast. To prevent prolonged power outages, it is suggested that more sound regulations concerning tree-trimming be implemented.
Utility experts also opined that the answer to the tree-trimming issue could lie in enhanced training as well as better preparations in the form of better assessment standards to decide which trees are a hazard to surrounding communities in the event a severe storm occurs. Fortunately, other organizations are doing their own part to ensure prolonged power outages are a thing of the past whenever major storms happen. Our gunite swimming pools specialists will help provide our customers with the best pool filters, heater, pumps, etc.
Our last but very affordable type of pool that we offer design for is  Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools. Well I think it is clear who your best choice is when planning and designing your new swimming pool. Here in this article you will find pictures of custom swimming pool pictures designed by FS Landscaping Contractors, Inc.
Building a custom swimming pool in your backyard is like having a Carribean Island oasis in your backyard that you can retreat to and relax, enjoy company and of course show off to your friends. Custom Pool in Doylestown, PA – This pool here in Doylestown, PA features a natural stone raised bond beam, boulder retaining walls and waterfall into the spa, travertine patio around the pool, custom bluestone steps, landscaping design and aluminum fence.
Custom Pool in Bucks County, PA – This custom pool features a boulder waterfall, natural stone raised bond beam, gas fire pit and much more. With over 65 years of building swimming pools, Anthony & Sylvan Pools has built and renovated hundreds of thousands of swimming pools for families all across the America. From custom shaped gunite pools to fiberglass pools, they are the one stop shop for your swimming pool needs. Here at FS Landscaping Contractors we have had the opportunity to refer Anthony & Sylvan to our very own clients and also have been honored with the opportunity to join them in the designing and building phases of their own swimming pool customers. Materials made from fiberglass (that are, in turn, used for constructing pools) are manufactured in a highly controlled environment.
The material offers a smoother feel then a concrete pool which makes it easier on the kids who like to touch its surfaces.
You will need to keep it filled to a minimal level at all times in order to maintain the pressure between the inside wall and the surrounding earth.
There was a time when fiberglass swimming pools resembled nothing more than a drab, translucent shell.
There are also the high end spectrum of the fiberglass pools—the ones which look like it was made from a traditional gunite material but is, in fact, built by only using a conventional gunite builder; however, the whole structure of the pool is still made of fiberglass materials. Since the materials are naturally flexural, you do not have to worry about the surface displaying a fracture or crack when exposed to both extremes of the weather. You can also choose from two types of installation for your fiberglass pool, Turnkey or DIY (which also goes with the name “Drop and Set”).
And don’t forget about chossing the best fence company in New Jersey for installing your new fence for around the pool.
NEW YORK (AP) a€” After a weekend of sledding, snowboarding and staying put, the blizzard-blanketed Eastern U.S.
Tess Jorgensson, 3, helps her father dig their car out of snow in Alexandria, Va., Sunday, Jan.
Ice chunks plunging from the roofs of tall buildings menaced people who ventured out in Philadelphia and New York. People clear snow from parked cars on Henry Street in the Chinatown neighborhood in New York on Sunday, Jan.
People walk a path through piled snow in the Chinatown neighborhood in New York on Sunday, Jan. Automobiles buried under humps of snow line a street in the Park Slope neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York, Sunday, Jan. A man bounces at the bottom as he sleds down the snow-covered steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Sunday, Jan. Visitors to New York's Central Park pass the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir Sunday, Jan. Snow is cleared along a street in the Upper West Side neighborhood of New York Sunday, Jan. Fred Leach, of East Falmouth, Mass., removes snow from a walkway near boats in winter storage at Green Pond Marina, Sunday, Jan. A tuber heads to a hill as area residents dig out from a massive snowstorm in Richmond, Va., Sunday, Jan. The sun shines on headstones nearly covered in a blanket of snow at Arlington National Cemetery, Sunday, Jan.
Travelers navigate snow covered steps at the Union Turnpike subway station in the Queens borough of New York during a snowstorm Saturday, Jan. A Long Island Rail Road train arrives at the Kew Gardens station during a snowstorm, Saturday, Jan.

It showcases the exciting work of our staff, offers tips in the craft, and highlights the emerging community of independent media makers.
The database is called the Microsoft Utility Rate Service (MURS), and it will be available via subscription to government agencies, power providers, auto makers, and electric vehicle charging equipment companies. The pricing information will then be sent from the utility companies to Microsoft, which will relay that information to MURS subscribers. KSA developed advanced Information Technology (IT) systems in the financial services and manufacturing industries, including for Fidelity, State St.
He is a Senior Partner at Summa and brings to Summa a wide range of entrepreneurial, management and marketing capabilities.
Joe and his team assisted numerous companies to grow sales and profitability across diverse industries. He has designed, written, and implemented software systems currently in use in the vending industry and is expert in website design and programming for high search-engine ranking. He has 11 years of experience in both investment banking at Credit Suisse and at a start-up technology company, Ener1, Inc. Organized tree-trimming can effectively help alleviate blackout problems not only during catastrophes like Hurricane Sandy, but also during a typical storm. This is the reality faced by 8.2 million East Coast residents who found their households plunged into darkness this week as a result of the onslaught that is Hurricane Sandy.
Electric companies who aided in the power restoration were quick to add that organized tree-trimming service providers are partly to be thanked for remedying the unfortunate scenario. Utility companies reassured the public that they are working overtime to allow people to turn on the lights in their homes again, but experts are calling for adjustments so as to prevent extended outages from happening in the event a storm hits the region in the future. Northeastern states like Connecticut may already be setting good examples by making it mandatory for utility firms to send in “vegetation management” plans. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) have plans to develop and implement a qualification program that will assess risks concerning trees in weather-related scenarios. There are really only a handfull of quality fiberglass swimming pools that are manufactured here locally to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Surprisingly vinyl liner swimming pools out sell any other type of swimming pool throughout the country and is the most popular type of swimming pool by consumers. FS Landscaping Contractors is here to help paint the perfect picture for you and help you choose the best type of pool for you and your family. It is important to do your research when choosing the best swimming pool company that fits your project.
With hundreds of designs to choose from to a custom shaped gunite pools they are the ones to trust to build your pool with quality, strength, integrity and most important at the best value for your dollar.
We have experienced nothing but satisfaction and appreciation from our clients when teaming up with the best in the business.
If you are too bummed that the beach is too far from where you live in, then investing in a custom swimming pool should make sense to your… err, senses frayed from spending too much time in the sun.
Isn’t that the kind of thing they use for the backboards in a basketball court where a single thunderous slam dunk can shatter it to pieces? There are more than a 50 options to choose from in terms of what kind of fiberglass swimming pool installation you want to add for your new “toy”.
Couple that up with a very smooth finish, and you have got a picture perfect swimming pool right in your backyard!
Then try trooping over to Water World, New Jersey’s house of the most extensive and complete collections of fiberglass materials and installations that can ever be found in the Northeast.
For instance, you can try and have a look-see at any one of their “designer” pools that can boast beauty as well as balance. If you want more information as to how else you can have your customized fiberglass pool set up, you can just as easily click HERE! Utility companies in New Jersey are reporting that roughly 20,500 customers are without electricity one day after a powerful winter storm packing high wind and snow battered the state. MURS sends the data directly to the plug-in vehicle, eliminating the need for interaction with drivers. He led the development of the ultra-successful SETS trading system and has researched, analyzed, developed and verified various trading strategies for equities, fixed income, FX, commodities, and derivatives.
He developed sophisticated real time and object-oriented software in C and C++ in UNIX and Windows environments. This includes installing underground cables, implementing smart grid technology as well as efficient tree-trimming that would shorten power outages and thus, make inconveniences last but days, if not less. However, there is room for improvement as proposal submission on tree-trimming cycles should be made compulsory, along with line clearance specifications.
Potential risks can then be identified early, enabling issues pertaining to extended power outages be resolved quickly.
We offer a wide veriety of swimming pool designs from Auto Cad 2D – Pool Studio 3D designs. It is important to make sure all elements that come into play are addressed at the design stage such as elevations, patio layout, fence, pool equipment location, pool houses, electric, landscaping, possible storm water management, etc.
Water World Fiberglass pools out of Hammonton, New Jersey in my mind builds the best quality fiberglass swimming pool in the industry.
In my experiences with all types of pools, the only good thing about a vinyl liner pool is that it is less expensive then others.
With Anthony & Sylvan Pools you won’t find any other company with their knowledge and experience that will honor you with the most professional service in the business. With their main office located in Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania it  has allowed Anthony & Sylvan Pools to design, build and service pools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland and Delaware directly out of their original location.
Well, if you mean that both of them have the capacity to take in gallons and gallons of water without displaying a single crack in the surface, then there is probably none.
Yes, not only are you paying for a swimming pool, but you are also doing it in an economically conservative manner.
Aside from that, the fiberglass pool materials have already been proven to be more durable than those made from the “usual” concrete and vinyl liner pools by using a process called “composite technology”. There also more resistant to cracks than concrete pools because they are more flexible.  Fiberglass swimming pools are produced in a wide variety of shapes and colors and hold up well under extremes of annual temperatures. The material does stand up to tree roots that tend to borrow through vinyl line pools and even compromise concrete. Well, since the whole pool is not made of concrete that means you won’t have to spend a lot in buying expensive cleaners, installation of underwater lights, or even on the outright repairs. Some of the more common add-ons are those that you can see on other immaculately designed pools that are not otherwise made of fiberglass.
Well, try five days at most (if your contractors are on sugar, maybe they can even finish installing it in just over three days!).
All of these things are expected; after all, it is seventeen times more durable than concrete.

They have installed several in-pool seating options on one of these designs, and you can also choose to have pressurized jets surround the steps on the pool just as you are descending to take a soak. And with a delivery time of two weeks, you will be amazed at how quickly they can also install the whole pool in just a single day! Millions of Americans were digging themselves out after a mammoth blizzard with hurricane-force winds and record-setting snowfall brought much of the East Coast to an icy standstill. Millions of Americans began digging out Sunday from a mammoth blizzard that set a new single-day snowfall record in Washington and New York City.
Millions of Americans were preparing to dig themselves out Sunday after a mammoth blizzard with hurricane-force winds and record-setting snowfall brought much of the East Coast to an icy standstill. Strict travel restrictions were lifted Sunday morning, as crews continued to work to clear snow from major streets and people enjoyed the sunny day.
Mayor Bill de Blasio asked New York City residents to leave their cars where they are if they can. Residents in southern New Jersey's coastal towns continue to deal with flooding caused by the weekend's major snowstorm. Millions of Americans awoke to heavy snow outside their doorsteps as a mammoth winter storm crawled up the East Coast.
The ISA’s director, in charge of educational goods and services, hinted that this program would be launched come next Spring. One of the main elements that is a big factor when designing a swimming pool is where the sun rises and sets. Also, the one most important thing I like about Water World Fiberglass Pools is that they install their own pools that they manufacture.
So for those of you looking to save a few bucks and still have the luxury of owning your own swimming pool, Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools it is. They have satellite offices and design centers coast to coast and can be a part of your pool project in just about any location in the USA. From the best people in the business behind the scenes to the best in the business out in the field it is my honor to back them up with confidence and trust that their customers couldn’t make a smarter decision to contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools to get your free swimming pool design consultation today.
You want something more modern, more chic; more millennial—or some adjective to that effect?  Then maybe you are looking for a fiberglass swimming pools.
And besides, when you dive into a pool, you are not doing so in a “dunking” fashion, are you?
But other than that, it is like a whole other world in terms of the construction of a swimming pool.
What is more remarkable is that this kind of expertise has already been in practice ever since the Vanilla Era known as the ‘50s.  It was only during this era that the fiberglass “boom” has been in effect starting from, we can only presume, televised basketball games, up to its current incarnation as a tool used for a swimming pool (hey, that rhymed!). For instance, customized “waterfalls”, LED lighting, fiber optics, and even computer generated images that simulate the surface of your pool even when you’re swimming deep within it. Okay, we agree, that’s too vague, but the point is that if you want to show off your inner Picasso (or Rembrandt, if you’re feeling all Neo-Classical about it), then you can just as easily paint or design the fiberglass the way you want it! He doesn't want people to put the snow from their vehicles back into the streets while the city is trying to clear up from the blizzard.
East Coast in a foot or more of snow by Saturday, shutting down transit in major cities, stranding drivers on snowbound highways, knocking out power to tens of thousands of people.
She expressed desire for the program to work hand in hand with related parties whose job is to protect the electric grid. Building a gunite swimming pool will give more options as the other 2 types of pool will limit you by size, shape, location of steps and also prevent you from adding cool features such as sun shelves, grottos, vanishing edges, swim-up bar areas, plaster colors, etc.. This is very important and I believe they are one of the only companies in the entire country that do this.
They are clearly the company to choose for designing and building your new inground swimming pool or even modernizing you old pool to the quality of a brand new pool. If you think that that’s too much, just remember that Water World has been doing this for over forty-five years, so product quality and customer service should naturally go hand in hand with these nice guys! At least 30 deaths were blamed on the weather, with shoveling snow and breathing carbon monoxide collectively claiming almost as many lives as car crashes.The Pennsylvania Turnpike reopened Sunday afternoon near Pittsburgh after more than 500 cars, trucks and buses a€” some carrying the Duquesne University men's basketball team and the Temple University women's gymnastics squad a€” got stuck Friday night.
Chris Christie said minor to moderate flooding had occurred during Sunday morning's high tides, mostly in Atlantic and Cape May counties. Jersey Central Power & Light says roughly 3,300 customers were without power, with outages concentrated along the coast from Long Branch to near Barnegat Beach.
Other fiberglass companies that do a pretty good job are Trilogy Fiberglass Pools, Leasure Fiberglass Pools and Viking Fiberglass Pools. The huge backup happened after trucks couldn't climb through the mountains toward the Allegheny tunnels in what would become 35 inches of snow.But one day of sunshine wasn't enough to clear many other roads. Our company works with over a dozen swimming pool companies from Eastern Pennsylvania and throughout New Jersey. There are some good pros on building a fiberglass pool which other types of pools don’t offer such as having a smooth, non porous wall which will prevent staining and make it easier to clean.
We have the perfect fit for all of our customers when helping chosse the right pool builder that works best. Most Fiberglass pools can be installed and operating within 2-3 days unlike the 6-8 week process for gunite pools. Gunite pools, Fiberglass Pools and Liner Pools are the 3 types of inground swimming pools we specialize in.
The only down fall of a fiberglass swimming pool is you are limited to size and shape which plays a big role when designing a pool. If you asked me which one is the better choice when designing, I would have to go with a custom shaped gunite swimming pool for the simple fact that it is more fun to design around.
Airports resumed limited service in New York City, Baltimore, and Philadelphia, which said it got an entire winter's snow in two days.
Washington-area airports remained closed Sunday after the punishing blizzard.Major airlines also canceled hundreds of flights for Monday.
Along with clearing snow and ice from facilities and equipment, the operators of airlines, train and transit systems had to figure out how to get snowbound employees to work.Amtrak operated a reduced number of trains on all its routes, serving many people who couldn't get around otherwise, spokesman Marc Magliari said. The official 3-day total of 17.8 inches measured at Reagan National Airport was impossibly short of accumulations recorded elsewhere in the city. Joining the fun, Jeffrey Perez, of Millersville, Maryland, climbed into a panda suit and rolled around in the snow, snagging more than half a million views of his own.Mother Nature was less deadly this time than human nature.
A beloved Capitol policeman joined a grim list of people suffering heart attacks while shoveling snow. A man who tried to shovel out his car in Muhlenberg Township, Pennsylvania, met a similar fate after a snowplow buried him inside.

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