Guardian Water & Power is a leading provider of submetering and utility cost recovery services for multifamily and commercial property owners. Photograph by Vincent McDonald, CPS Energy CPS Energy Lineman Adrian Arredondo works high above the streets of Greater San Antonio, Texas, to ensure a steady flow of electricity to the utility's growing number of customers. NM Group, Phoenix Air Unmanned and the Unmanned Safety Institute are launching the “Utility Academy for Unmanned Aerial Systems.” The utility-specific training course is designed to cater for management through to subject matter experts. Western Area Power Administration and Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association will host the second Fall Protection Symposium, May 17-18, in Loveland, Colorado.
As Texas electric utilities prepare to comply with the Clean Power Plan, one company is ahead of the pack.
President Barack Obama’s climate change agenda is, first and foremost, a war on coal. That view is backed up by US Energy Information Administration studies which show that under various Clean Power Plan scenarios, natural gas power generation will grow faster than wind and solar until at least 2030, after which renewables will account for a larger percentage of new generation supply, while coal-fired generation will dwindle. CPS Energy is owned by the City of San Antonio and serves over 741,000 electricity customers and 331,000 natural gas customers. Garza says if there is one thing the utility wish the EPA had done differently it is to include nuclear. One of Beneby’s first decisions when the took over the helm of the utility in 2010 was to retired the two oldest coal plants by 2018, well ahead of schedule. CPS Energy has partnered with local San Antonio companies manufacturing solar panels and building tracking systems, for instance, that should help bring down solar prices in the long-term.

One thing Garza is adamant about is that Texas, not the EPA, prepare the state compliance strategy for the Clean Power Plan, which requires states to submit by 2018. Greenstone Electrical Services provides trained and experienced crews to install electrical utilities for private and public companies. We are equipped with a full -fleet of construction equipment and vehicles ready to serve a wide range of installation projects and electrical needs. We create value for our clients by minimizing property utility usage, maximizing recovery of utility costs, lowering operating expenses and increasing property values. At the end of January 2012, CPS Energy served more than 728,000 electric customers and 328,000 natural gas customers.
CPS Energy says it began moving away from coal eight years ago and anticipates no difficulty complying with the tough new regulations.
Coal-fired power plants make up 24 per cent of Texas power generation (natural gas is 56%, other renewables is 13%, and nuclear is 8%). For instance, while the state has plenty of natural gas production, the distribution network needs to be expanded. The utility’s fuel generation mix is nuclear power (35%), coal (34%), renewable energy (16%), and natural gas (15%). The utility bought an 800-MW combined-cycle natural gas plant the JT Deely capacity and signed a power purchase agreement for 400-MW of solar power. Not only that, they’re also industry certified and committed to keeping up with the latest advances in the field.

Low natural gas prices created by the shale revolution started the trend toward natural gas a decade ago and CPS Energy quickly jumped on the bandwagon, says Rudy Garza, VP of external relations. But beyond carbon reduction targets and renewable energy commitments, CPS is using a very old-fashioned tool to spur energy innovation deep in the heart of Texas.The tool?
With a $2 billion annual operating budget and the highest credit rating in the industry, CPS has dollars to spend on innovative technologies, and the company is leveraging its renewable energy and clean technology dollars to bolster local job growth, protect the environment and help its customers use energy more wisely. It also comes in the form of investment in San Antonio’s educational institutions.”In July 2012, CPS inked a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with a consortium led by OCI Solar.
The technology company is creating a “virtual peak power plant” through a novel home area network solution that captures small amounts of energy from thousands of homes across CPS’s service area during peak demand hours. Consert’s service is expected to reduce up to 250 MW of peak demand once the utility reaches its goal of 140,000 installations, easing the load on CPS’s system and reducing the amount of power it needs to generate.“We’ve taken our approach to fuel diversity one step farther,” said Beneby, “by incorporating PPAs for renewable energy, focusing on demand response measures like home area networks, and investing in a new, efficient gas plant that relies on a resource that is plentiful in Texas. Also, I have shared your web site in my social networksVice President, Clean Energy Jim Marston is the founding director of the Texas office of Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), located in Austin, where he has served since its beginning in 1988.

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