However the nation's oil refineries, which are powered by separate generator plants, were not affected.
The blackout struck at peak hours in Caracas, around 1:00 pm local time (1730 GMT), and also affected cities in Lara, Zulia, Anzoategui, Miranda, Nueva Esparta, Aragua, Trujillo and Barinas states, according to media reports and social networks. Various posts on Twitter said the Caracas subway service was disrupted by the power failure while outages also knocked out traffic lights, causing transport chaos.
The International Federation Basketball Americas Championship, or Campeonato Fiba Americas 2013, or Pan-American basketball tournament, which classifies for the world cup in Spain, had to be suspended for several hours. Two hours into the blackout, power was being gradually restored is some areas, Electricity Minister Jesse Chacon said. Venezuela said last week it had derailed a plot to kill Maduro, arresting two hit-men it said wanted to assassinate the populist leader on orders from a Colombian conservative ex-president. The government made frequent allegations of assassination plots against the late President Hugo Chavez and has continued to do so under Maduro, his handpicked successor. Caracas blackout, Fiba Americas 2013, Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela, Venezuela electrical coup. So the extreme right plunged half the country into a blackout and they gained what exactly? Maduro is not only a nervous, blithering idiot, I am beginning to suspect he has all the paranoid attributes of someone who self-medicates.
That is of course if they understand what a hot point is nevermind how to improve the system locally to eliminate the problem once and for all.
NEWSFLASH: Maduro has ordered the Venezuelan Armed Forces to wring the necks of all their carrier pigeons, in case they stage a coo. I don't think I have ever used it, even when designing small capacity single phase motors!
Commenting for this story is now closed.If you have a Facebook account, become a fan and comment on our Facebook Page! Substations convert the high-voltage electricity in transmission lines to lower-voltage power that can be used in homes.

The outage originated within the utility Florida Power & Light, a unit of FPL Group Inc. The president would spend at least $294 million for the Homeland Security Department to protect federal networks from hackers, including $83 million to deploy a program that monitors intrusions on federal networks. GE’s Power Conversion business will showcase its latest in electrical house (E-house) technology at Offshore Europe in Aberdeen, UK, from September 3–6, at booth 5B70. The new energy efficient E-house includes an anti-blackout solution, which is an advanced automation system that manages the electrical power availability and distribution for equipment on FPSOs.
GE’s technology will provide a robust and reliable power solution in extreme offshore environments that is both cost-effective and efficient. Posted on September 5, 2013 with tags Anti, Blackout, europe, FPSOs, GE, Latest, News, Offshore, Presents, Solution, UK.
SBM Offshore, the world’s largest FPSO supplier, will not be taking part in Petrobras' FPSO tenders. Cobham Life Support has introduced Survivor+™, a new class of maritime safety system, at OTC 2014 (Booth #6713).
Hear how companies such as Shell International, Engen Petroleum and ExxonMobil are exploiting new technologies and embracing the digital transformation.
Packed with inspiring keynotes, market trend analyses, industry updates, exciting demos, extensive customer and SAP presentations, vibrant  exhibition, networking opportunities and post-conference workshops, this is THE go-to international SAP oil and gas conference of the year. Do you attach great importance to quality and do you have an affinity with offshore projects? Maersk Drilling Norge AS was established in 1990 and employs a staff of approximately 1000 people.
A senior Energy Ministry official said a fault occurred in one of the national grid's major transmission lines, which caused power cuts in the west and centre of the country.
I realise the value of governments using social media to connect with the masses but allowing the mentally challenged leaders access is surely detrimental. EST, a substation experienced equipment problems, triggering a power outage throughout Dade County, which includes Miami, said Stan Johnson, manager of situation awareness at the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, or NERC.

The E-house distribution model is a fully integrated electrical distribution, automation and gateway management in one system as well as optimized with GE’s anti-blackout solution and latest in asset management technology allowing for maximized power availability for uninterrupted production. Discuss what it will take to survive in the current market, how organisations are reinventing themselves and how your company could become the next industry disruptor. Can their advisors not prise their fingers off their phones and replace them with bright, shiny baubles? In a statement, the company said it expects to restore service to most customers within about two hours.
An additional $39 million would be dedicated to cyber security programs at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. However, rude or foul language, discriminative comments (based on ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or the sort), spamming or any other offensive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
Much of the funding for the administration's cyber security initiative is part of the classified Intelligence budget. Just like the name suggests, it gives you an extra 10 minutes of power so you can save your work!
Like the name suggests, the 8light takes its… Shares 585 Shares 294 Never mind Asphalt, Sandstone Roads Asphalt has been used for the last 80 years. It greatly contributes to the urban heat island effect, reaching peak temperatures of 48–67°C. The SaY mobile phone was designed quite a while back but somehow the design looks still fresh and in sync with today’s needs.

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