Aurora’s activities today in the Avenue are working towards Willow Court having a good supply of electric power along with others in the Avenue, by the photos this is very close to finishing. Willow Court has a lack of electric power and security, but this last week and this week the Avenue will be closed while underground cables are installed.
Both electric current and electric potential are measured differently.  The electric potential is measured with volt, while electric current is measured with amperes. The life of human being depends much on electricity.  The flexibility of your life is determined by the presence of electricity.
The most traditional way to produce electricity is by using hydropower system.  The electricity is produced by spinning the turbine of water to move the generator. The war of current occurs between two major scientists, Nikola Tesla with his AC and Thomas Edison with his DC. Benjamin Franklin has a major contribution to the field of electricity by making a lightning rod. If you want to know one of the developments in technology, you have to check Python Programming Facts. Mitsubishi Electric's unwavering commitment to research and development is helping us create the next generation of groundbreaking technologies. Our extensive research activities, advanced R&D centers and culture of innovation keep us at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. Learn about some of our amazing technologies that are making a big difference around the world. This course is designed to introduce delegates to the basic principles of electrical theory, covering key aspects of the subject including electromagnetism, ohms law, circuits, electrical resistance and much more. We reccomend that delegates who have little or no experience with the background theory of electricity will find this course invaluable. Although this is a non accredited course, we can provide delegates with an optional short examination. This course is subject to vat and is  inclusive of all course materials, examination fees and refreshments. Terms and conditions apply - Price match will be given once a like for like written quotation is received and is within a 30mile radius of our training centre in Harlow, Essex. Calls from mobiles may incur extra charges  - please contact your service provider for details. On a diesel-electric locomotive, a diesel engine provides power to an electric traction motor that turns the unit's wheels.
Electrical transformers are commonly used to reduce electricity flow to devices such as laptops. Atoms consist of a nucleus containing positively charged protons, with negatively charged electrons orbiting around it.
Electricity is useful both in itself and as a means of transferring energy over long distances. When a conducting material, such as a copper wire, is moved in a magnetic field, a current is generated.
The volt is the unit of electromotive force, or the amount of energy that is transferred per unit of charge, or coulomb. Most electricity is generated by devices that convert rotational motion into electrical energy, using the same principle as an electric motor, but in reverse. The electricity generated at power plants is generally in the form of alternating current (AC). Electrons in the outer band can become free of their orbit by the application of some external force such as movement through a magnetic field, friction, or chemical action. I found this to be very help ful to the students of e e, to understand the basics of electricity. Electrical Corner StoreCheck out our new #Electrical Corner Store with selected Electrician's Books, Testing and Safety equipment and other electrician's stuff! Science at GlanceOur mission is to be the leading provider of scientific information in the field of power and engineering in general.
With the exception of hydro electric which is 90% efficient,  most ways to generate it are at best 40% efficient.

As the story goes in 900 BC a Greek shepherd  named Magnus was walking across a field with some strange magnetic rocks.
Then in 1269 Petrus Peregrinus of Picardy , Italy discovers that natural magnets called loadstones will align a needle along the longitude lines of the earth. Michael Faraday wondered if electricity could make magnetism, why cant magnetism produce electricity. In 1920’s The Connecticut Valley Power exchange started to connect all the local utilities together. Proof was confirm by Chein Shiung Wu and starting a revolution in physics in the late 50’s Yet for some reason this is not mentioned in any current electrical engineering or physics book out there.
You can use it to power TV, microwave, oven, computer, radio, and many other electronic items. The lightning bolt is high in power because it can reach the temperature around 54,000 F or 30,000 C.
Through our research centers around the world, we're taking on the challenges of technology to contribute to a better society in the future.
It is particularly aimed at those who have little or no electrical theory knowledge, or anyone who is considering becoming an electrician.
All delegates receive a certificate of attendance with successful delegates passing the optional examination, receiving a Total Electrical certificate with a credit towards their next booked course with Total Electrical Training. If two electrically charged objects are brought close to one another, they will experience a force.
Protons normally stay put in the nucleus, but electrons can move from atom to atom, allowing them to flow through materials, such as metals, that conduct electricity.
It is essential to various industrial processes, telecommunications and the Internet, computers, televisions and many other devices in common use. Early arc lights depended on an electrical discharge across a small gap to heat the air to the point where it glows — the same principle as lightning. Conversely, a current flowing through a wire will, if it experiences a magnetic field, produce movement. One volt is equivalent to one joule of energy being transferred for each coulomb of charge. For this reason, generating plants use devices called transformers to increase the voltage for transmission.
A free electron leaves a void which can be filled by an electron forced out of orbit from another atom. Electrons flow along a copper conductor to provide energy to an electric device such as a radio, lamp, or a motor.
Every day, the generation and usage of energy produces more pollution than any other single industry. In 1600 an English Scientist and Court Physical to Queen Elizabeth William Gilbert discovers that the earth is a giant magnet, just like the little loadstones. To supple electricity to those first bulbs Thomas Edison set up the Pearl street station in Lower Manhattan. Their strong prediction of broken symmetry of opposite charges, like a common bar magnet was responsible for extracted tons of energy from the environment all around us. AC current flows back and forth with the voltage  going from positive and negative 60 times a second. Then you could have smaller little devices that we can run your cell phones, computers and other toys.
It compares this amazing technology to our current forms of polluting and non polluting sources of energy. Electricity manifests itself in natural phenomena such as lightning and is essential to life at a fundamental level.
If the charges are the same — both positive or both negative — the force will act to push the objects away from one another.
A place with an excess of electrons over protons will have a negative charge; a place with a deficit will have a positive charge.
It can also be converted into other forms of energy for use in a variety of other applications.

Later, the filament light bulb was introduced: this relies on the current causing a thin, coiled wire to glow white-hot. It is, however, usually more convenient to think of electricity in terms of power, which is energy divided by time, or the rate at which it flows. It can be regarded as a quantity of electrons — 1.6 x 1019 — since all electrons have the same, very small, charge. Power, in watts, is equivalent to volts multiplied by amps, so a five amp current at 100 volts would be equivalent to 500 watts.
Commonly, heat, often generated by the burning of fossil fuels, is used to produce steam that powers a turbine to provide the rotational motion. This does not increase the energy or power: when the voltage is raised, the current is reduced and vice versa. They always generate a direct current, and therefore have a negative and a positive terminal. An insulator around the outside of the copper conductor is provided to keep electrons in the conductor.
We are using magnetism to pull electricity right out of thin air and can achieve efficiencies greater than 100%. This heat boils water to produce steam, and then this steam flows thru a turbine to spin a generator that produces electricity. The ability of humans to generate, transmit and store electricity is crucial to modern industry, technology and, in most countries, domestic life.
Since opposite charges attract one another, electrons will flow from a negatively charged area to a positively charged one if allowed to do so, creating an electric current. For this reason, copper wires and cables are commonly used to transmit electricity: when heat is produced, energy is lost, so a good conductor minimizes energy loss. Modern, energy-saving light bulbs pass a high voltage current through a thin gas, causing it to emit ultraviolet light, which strikes a fluorescent coating to produce visible light. These devices consist of an arrangement of magnets and coils of copper wire such that when a current flows through the wire, a turning motion is produced.
This gives the possibly more familiar unit of the watt, named after the scientist James Watt. The ampere, usually abbreviated to “amp”, is the unit of electric current, or the number of electrons that flow in a given amount of time.
Some industrial processes, however, require direct current (DC), which flows in one direction only. Long distance transmission of electricity takes place at many thousands of volts; however, it cannot be used in homes at these voltages.
Where as the Dc current is like a battery such as a  cell phone or regular double AA battery. There will be no internet, computer or TV to access.  The life will be miserable without electricity. This repulsion or attraction is known as the electromagnetic force, and it can be harnessed to create a flow of electrical energy.
Materials that conduct electricity less well produce more heat, so they tend to be used in electric heaters, cookers and ovens, for example.
Electric motors are widely used in industry and in the home, for example in washing machines and DVD players. For example, the manufacture of certain chemicals uses electrolysis: the splitting of compounds into elements or simpler compounds using electricity. Local transformers reduce the voltage to around 110 volts in the USA, and 220-240 volts in Europe, for domestic supplies. This requires direct current, so these industries will either require AC to DC conversion or will have their own DC supply. As Afghanistan is the Heart of Asia , a cross-roads for all Asian countries let, we engineers as human being regardless of any ethnical differences or, no matter where we live must share the technological advances among our scientific forum and mutual advancements.

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