A new sensor system is under development that runs on electricity generated by ordinary trees! Trees could serve as “silent sentinels” along the nation's borders to detect potential threats such as smuggled radioactive materials—with the sensors powered by the trees themselves. The system produces enough electricity to allow the temperature and humidity sensors to wirelessly transmit signals four times a day, or immediately if there's a fire. While this maybe true, it seems like a lot of info has been left out, perhaps they (researchers) just don't want to tell all? The vision of the coyote running from place to place exploding, or a japanese sccientist with cell that charges with the skin and touches one such fixed tree and overcharges and go to the other and the same. I am happy to read your blog and admit the webmaster has done a very good job by putting all the information content at one place. People doesnt know how many things we can really do with the help of nature, and Im not talking about only trees!
Yes the electricity from trees and from aluminum panels can produce enough energy to charge batteries for small devices.
As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. City Power will continue its fight against people using illegal electricity connections, the utility said on Tuesday, 5 August 2014.

Spokesman Louis Pieterse said employees were intimidated and chased by some members of the community in Lenasia in the south of Johannesburg when they visited the area to disconnect illegal connections on Monday. Pieterse said illegal connections posed extreme danger to users and put the grid under undue pressure resulting in outages due to overload. Illegal connections also put lives at risk as there was inadequate protection against the illegally connected live wires, resulting in a higher risk of fire and electrocution. South African operators continue to battle criminals who are wrecking mobile networks, and leaving people without communication services. At least six government departments have been red-flagged for underspending or slow spending of money allocated for key programmes. The more urgent issue for Gauteng motorists is a need to resolve the ongoing impasse regarding payment or non-payment of e-tolls, the AA said on Tuesday.
They could also prevent forest fires, among other applications, by sending early reports to the authorities. Forest Service says that manually recharging or replacing batteries in remote automated weather stations, which usually have to be located in hard-to-reach places, makes things impractical and costly.
Each signal hops from one sensor to another, until it reaches an existing weather station that beams the data by satellite to a forestry command center in Boise, Idaho.
Yet no one knew exactly how the energy was produced or how to take advantage of their capacity to generate power.

The team also ruled out the source as due to coupling to underground power lines, radio waves or other electromagnetic interference.
Je, ok seriously, these could be very important for the future, as a low battery energy generator. Nun bin ich also auf dieser tollen Homepage gelandet und muss sagen: Der Besuch hat sich gelohnt! But to an wicaan empathic with the trees that would be criminal, what would she feel a tension or humming?. The problem is that nowadays there is not interest in saving the nature, but there are interest in destroying it! They also constituted a significant revenue loss to City Power and the City of Johannesburg. The new sensor system would bypass this problem by tapping into trees as it’s very own self-sustaining power supply.
Each sensor is equipped with an off-the-shelf battery that can be slowly recharged using electricity generated by the tree itself.

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