Mitsubishi confirmed that the new 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which in July went on sale in Japan, will be unveiled in Frankfurt at the 66th International Motor Show (IAA). On the stage Mitsubishi will also present its rally version of the Outlander PHEV, which will compete in the Baja Portalegre 500 cross-country rally (after its  rally in Asia). The Japanese manufacturer for the very first time seems to willing to sell Outlander PHEV in Europe with optional V2H system (previously available only in Japan).
With ICE backup, and external V2H bi-directional CHAdeMO charger, the Outlander PHEV could supply power in emergency situations.
The new Outlander PHEV is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle capable of supplying electric power to the home, adding to its utility value even when parked. The Outlander PHEV was first launched in Japan in January 2013 as the world’s first plug-in hybrid 4WD SUV.
It is powered by Mitsubishi Motors’ Plug-in Hybrid EV system, comprising a Twin Motor 4WD drivetrain, with separate motors driving the front and rear wheels, and a high-capacity battery located under the floor that provides electric-only driving without gasoline usage nor CO2 emissions. The new-look fascia has been designed around MMC’s new Dynamic Shield front end design concept. The use of LED daytime running lights housed within the LED headlight module, together with a rear combination lamp including LED stop-lamps generate a modern and advanced appearance. The skid plate styling of the underside of the bumper gives expression to the dynamism and stability associated with the SUV genre.
Exclusive bumper extensions, side garnish and other decorative parts are keyed to the body color to create a high-quality, sporty and harmonious exterior design.
The Outlander PHEV also uses exclusive 18-inch alloy wheels with a two-tone machined and lustrous surface finish that add to the elegant yet sporty exterior. The new-look Outlander PHEV features a premium interior design that creates a high-quality and luxurious space. Seat upholstery design and material have been revamped; and in addition to the existing sporty black leather trim, Outlander PHEV is now available with luxurious brown leather trim. The instrument cluster hood gets accent stitching, the newly-designed large center console uses a finish mirroring the elegance of Japanese black lacquer used in traditional Japanese craftwork, and black stream patterns as well as lustrous accents are used in the dashboard and door trim ornament panels.
Engine, tire and wind noise have been substantially reduced by making over 30 improvements, including the addition of extra sound absorbing and insulation material, anti-vibration material and dynamic dampers. Acceleration and response from a full stop in urban environments as well as on the move has been improved after revising the Plug-in Hybrid EV system. Running stability and steering response have been upgraded by improved front suspension cross member and increased body stiffness. Running stability has been improved and the amount of vibration and noise transmitted from tires has been decreased by reinforcing the rear suspension cross member. Both cornering performance and ride comfort have been raised to new heights by increasing capacity of front struts and rear shock absorbers and using larger-diameter rear stabilizers. Ultrasonic misacceleration Mitigation System (maker option) advanced safety technology which mitigates possible accidents by controlling forward or backward starts when the accelerator is pressed inadvertently by detecting another vehicle or obstacle in the way. Multi-around Monitor offered on higher trim levels which assists the driver when parking or maneuvering in tight spaces by giving a bird’s eye view of the vehicle perimeter. Two-way electrical power supply capability using V2H*6 technology between an EV and the home already in use in Japan*7 will be rolled out in Europe with the new Outlander PHEV.
Moreover, when paired with solar and other forms of renewable energy sources the new Outlander PHEV also makes it possible to use electricity more environmentally-friendly and more effectively for the home. This is a great car, the Volt and Tesla are not sold in a lot of other counties outside the US.
I do like hearing about the V2H system availability… bodes well for Nissan offering it on next LEAF. It’s bold of Mitsu to do so, because they will not earn friends in the utility runners leage, with doing so. Well Mitsu will have a winner on their hands when it is released in the states, since all plug in enthusiasts have wanted something like this vehicle for years. Now for me, it wouldn’t be much use since it wont start my refrigerator in an emergency, but thats why I bought a 4000 watt inverter which will start it, and the solar panels can recharge the vehicle battery during the daytime, at a 120 volt rate. I recall in early days Mits wanted to keep the pricing with the PHEV close to the ICE version.
Access to a clean, reliable water supply is critical for the survival of humans and animals. The need to irrigate agricultural land efficiently, economically and sustainably is critical for food security. For homes with swimming pools, circulation and filtration pumps used to keep pools clean are typically the second biggest consumers of electricity. Solar power is important to meet targets for renewable energy, to reduce CO2 emissions and bring electricity to developing communities.
There's no way to be delicate when discussing the bathroom, so please let me off with some less than ladylike language in this post.
Like the bedroom, Maltese bathrooms don't tend to have a closet or any storage space built in. We are RUNNERS UP in the Go with Oh blogger competition and have won a three night stay in one of their fantastic apartments in Europe. CONGRATS to Leah of Leah Travels on winning the big prize - a month's stay in Europe this autumn. Other foods that are more common in Malta than Canada are marrows (like round zucchini), prickly pears, capers, and figs. In the week leading up to the airing of our episode of House Hunters International in the U.S.
In the Maltese bedroom you will also typically find an air conditioner, and quite often a small terrace used for air flow or hanging laundry.

And so useful in a place like Malta, where we don't even have Streetview, let alone official public transit routes on Google Maps.
Last weekend we started a dog training course for the pups (specifically, this PET scheme).
Last weekend we went for a drive to Ghar Lapsi, a quiet little corner in the south of the island where Mike has gone rock climbing. On Sunday evening my oldest childhood friend is coming to visit and we are whisking her and her friend off to the St. On a completely unrelated note - can you identify this teeny-tiny mystery flower we saw at Ghar Lapsi?
A local's tip to Marsaxlokk: go very early on Sunday morning (like 8 am early) to avoid the crazy crowds of tourists.
If you're interested in Maltese textiles, or textiles and fashion generally, head over to my friend's blog The Warp and Weft, where today you can read about Maltese costume in her ongoing Mediterranean Costume Series.
As our long time readers know, we volunteer with a cause in Malta that is both special and important to us - the SPCA. La Ruelle restaurant, Marsaxlokk, Malta - sponsoring the SPCA Malta's upcoming Supper Club series! Volunteering as an expat also provides good insight into the workings of non-profits in your new home country, and sometimes provides an opportunity to interact with more people than you might come into contact with on a daily basis. We'll be at the SPCA Spring Fair at Palazzo Parisio on Sunday, April 22nd from 10 am - 6 pm. You can keep up-to-date with the SPCA Malta's other events - including an upcoming Supper Club at LaRuelle restaurant in the fishing village of Marsaxlokk - on Facebook here. The interior brings an enhanced quality feel while improvements to the body, chassis and powertrain see a significant advance in interior quietness, acceleration, handling and stability, ride quality, environmental performance and other aspects of driving performance and quality. Now exported to 48 countries including those in Europe, it is the world’s fastest selling PHEV with cumulative sales of some 70,000 units. The black central section of the fascia, suggesting power and performance, is embraced by wrap-round bumper end styling to create a shape which gives expression in a dynamic and powerful way to the front end’s function of providing protection for both occupants and car. The seats themselves use styled padding and trim lines which follow the shape of the occupant’s body to provide an outstanding fit. The smooth, fine quality leather cover gives a comfortable grip, while the silver steering wheel-mounted controls have a chrome finish.
Improving the noise insulation performance when moving or stationary has achieved a more comfortable cabin experience. This improves the quality feel about the vehicle as well as a reassuring sense of toughness. Its V2H capability also gives it new value in being able to supply power to the home when stationary from electricity stored in its drive battery. There are lots of PHEVs out there but few with AWD…and even fewer with decent range on electric. With 2 leafs in the garage the potential for banking my own energy production is very good news. The electricity situation in germany and neighboring countries is shouting out more than loud for additional storage. A blackout is something that really really nearly ever occurs here, so the possiblity that it might makes us really afraid of renewables… However we are facing the situation that renewables may be shut down by the grid operators (the same companies which are running the coal and nuclear plants) so that we loose a significant amount of renewable based electricity. However utilities still can be happy, as EV’s in general relief their problem of declining electricity demand, which they are facing over the last decade. Personally I would rather have all-wheel-drive but won’t take anything less than a six seater. Bidets used to send me into fits of giggles, but I've come to realize they can't be that weird if a good portion of the world's population uses them. Fans are pretty standard in North America to move air around and (a lucky side effect) cover up bathroom noises.
But it is quite normal to see Maltese bathrooms tiled floor to ceiling, which is a less common (pricey) feature in North American bathrooms. We had a lot of fun participating in the competition and can't wait to continue working with you.
She wrote a great post about Florence and created a creative photograph campaign - her win was well deserved. Ovens generally have hoods on them, and stovetops can be electric (ceramic or metal) or gas. I also haven't seen a chest or deep freezer in any flats I've been in, but I can't say I've seen many in Canadian apartments either.
Food in Malta is generally much cheaper than in Canada, and availability is much more dependent on seasons.
Plus you'll find food here that is practically exclusive to the islands - Hobz, gbejniet, Maltese honey (great article about it here), and olive oil (great article about it and other Maltese foods from a traveller's perspective here).
Anything with alcohol content is significantly, significantly, cheaper to purchase in Malta than in Canada, where alcohol is highly taxed and sold at government controlled stores known as liquor commissions.
Following European recipes is an adventure when you are used to cooking with cups, teaspoons and tablespoons. So after a year of sleeping on a rock hard bed we gave in and purchased a mattress topper.
Like the rest of the Maltese home, the walls in the bedroom are constructed of rock and covered in a thin layer of plaster.
Google Map Maker allows you to add points of interest - businesses, roads, bus stops, apartment buildings, hospitals, banks, universities, cafes, restaurants, gyms, theatres, you name it - to their map service. I've added three bus stops already, and your local knowledge could be valuable in helping others navigate the ins and outs of this lovely little island.

We climbed to a rocky plateau and sat to watch the waves crash against the island of Filfla. Besides going to our dog training course, we'll be at the Amitex Holiday show at the Malta Fairs and Convention Center on Saturday, and the SPCA Malta Spring Fair at Palazzo Parisio on Sunday. Go for the fabric with linen in it if you don't want to iron your tablecloth (you can tell it's linen because it won't be pure white). The Society for the Protection and Care of Animals does great work on the island to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, advocate for animal welfare, and care for abandoned and stray cats and dogs.
First, it's a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people - locals and fellow expats alike. There will be homemade cakes, face painting, clowns and games for the little ones, and an animal garden. In addition, accent stitching is used both in the seats and door trim; the door trim inserts are now padded. In addition, by linking up to a Home Electricity Management System (HEMS) it enables more efficient use of domestic power supply by reducing wasteful usage of electricity. There is a quite significant discussion ongoing over the expansion of the high-voltage grid (in response to overproduction due to added renewables, while some tend to critizize that those planned lines will mainly connect existing or planned! And if you ever find yourself staring down at a sink-meets-toilet contraption in a European bathroom, here's how to use it.
But showers in Malta don't tend to have shower curtains installed - we bought this Canadian comfort ourselves. We were absolutely blown away by the response we received from our readers, friends, and family, all over the world.
A lot of great content and connections were generated through your contest - your choice must have been a very difficult one. And we've made it easier than ever - you can now also find our blog on Facebook and 'Like' us to get new posts delivered directly to your news feed.
Microwaves aren't a standard feature of a Maltese kitchen, and unlike in Canada where you can pop over to Walmart and grab one for $20, the cheapest we could find a (tiny!) microwave for here was €100! In our last flat we had a mini freezer, the size of a mini fridge, but in this flat we just have a teeny freezer built into the fridge. In Malta we can wander over to our grocery store, a local confectionary, or a kiosk on the side of the road and get affordable drinks practically any hour of the day (not that we do). In Malta (and Europe) everything is done by weight, which was a great excuse to buy a snazzy new kitchen scale. What's the strangest kitchen difference you've ever noticed while traveling or living abroad? We've slept like babies ever since (seriously - get one!) In North America there are Single, Double, King, Queen, and California King sized beds. Making them absolutely impossible for hanging paintings on, even for a former gallery girl like me.
We are currently working with them to create a new web site and do a little rebranding, and we also lend a hand at events like the San Grigor festival in Marsaxlokk, pictured below. Its a wonderful opportunity to do a little good and explore the palazzo and its stunning gardens. I suspect bathrooms are a thing here in Malta, as I'm sure the ratio of bathroom stores to grocery stores here is 5 to 1. You probably have one in each of your bathrooms, and they contain a limited amount of (precious!) hot water for your uses. I can't tell you why flying or shipping a can of tomatoes across the Atlantic somehow ruins their taste, but I think it just might. Here, bed sizes are measured in actual numbers (centimetres) which you would think would make the whole bed system easier. Apparently they are the best tablecloths in the world and you don't ever need to iron them. As we get older making friends comes with all kinds of new challenges - especially in a world of web 2.0.
But volunteering also gives a sense of normalcy to an expat life that might feel anything but. They can be turned on and off using a normal electrical switch on the wall, whereas in North America generally all of the hot water in a house comes from one water heater that runs constantly. We're eating a lot more fresh food, and I can't stash four tubs of ice cream away in there. Many of us are stumped about where to make valuable new connections, and volunteering is a great place to start. In newer North American homes you don't really need to worry about running out of hot water in the shower.
In Malta, we are fortunate to have both Continental European and British bed and linen sizes. It's gotten to the point that outings with Ellie are less than enjoyable, and we are really looking forward to learning about why she does this and how we can help her. And unlike Canada, where we can't grow anything from October until May, in Malta produce grows all year long and we are spoilt for choices with fresh, local goods. Oranges and lemons in the dead of winter?
And just when you think you've figured out what a British 'double' bed size is, you buy Continental 'double' sized sheets.

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