The Australian is gentle with his customary putting hold that constructed so many enchanting moments final year, and one day on a wrong side of a cross-handed bill opposite Jordan Spieth and new modify Rory McIlroy isn’t going to prompt that kind of transition.
For a record, Spieth took low needle-mover honors with a 3-under 69, followed by McIlroy during 1 underneath and Day during even standard on Thursday. But afterwards a “Big 3” have won 4 out of a final 5 majors, and Frazer and Piercy are a total 3-for-4 in cuts done during those same majors.
The unvarnished takeaway from Day 1 during a WGC-Cadillac Championship was that it was a comparatively still eventuality for a marquee with a most. The world’s tip 3 players were interconnected together for a initial time given final year’s Players Championship, nonetheless even after a three-ball all birdied a day’s initial hole (No.
McIlroy looked some-more during palliate tee-to-green though indispensable 33 putts and, he conceded, some-more time operative out a kinks of a new putting grip. But it was Jordan Spieth who exited pale Doral with some cocktail in his step after relating his best turn on a golf march that’s never seemed to be his crater of cafecito. If all this doesn’t accurately live adult to a expectations innate from pairing a world’s top-3 ranked players, it shouldn’t. In 2005, behind before this South Florida stop became an disdainful bar with a WGC pedigree, 144 players collected during Doral though it came down to usually dual – Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Mickelson, who was ranked fourth in a universe during a time, began that demoniac final day dual strokes transparent of then-second-ranked Woods and shot a shutting 69.
Fate, not a mistake pairing, brought a game’s titans together that day, and if that ’05 Ford Championship is any beam a healthy volume of happening is also required, and happening always favors a prepared. Woods arrived during Doral that year dual weeks private from winning during Torrey Pines, Lefty was uninformed off dual triumphs on a West Coast (FBR Open and Pebble Beach), and a vast tumblers delivered a classical mano-a-mano finish. By contrast, nothing of a so called “Big 3” seem to be in quite good form streamer into a year’s initial World Golf Championship. This is not an complaint of a game’s best, usually a impractical expectations of an early-week try to make something epic.
Even a crowds seemed to clarity a eminence between a weekend pull that has all a makings of an present classic, and, well, fabrication.
And honestly, as interesting as these Thursday-Friday pairings might be, aren’t things always improved on a weekend?
The words No Power in red letters in front of an electrical outlet and an unplugged cord to symbolize an electricity outage or energy failure. As a result, the Governors are tied for ninth heading into Tuesday’s final day of the event, being played at The Country Club of Spartanburg. Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) will host the 2016 Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) workshop June 3rd-5th the in Crossville at the Clyde M.
The relaxed atmosphere of the BOW workshop is primarily aimed at women, and is an opportunity for those 18 or older to learn outdoor skills usually associated with hunting and fishing.

The Governors return to the road after winning an Ohio Valley Conference series, 2-1, against Southeast Missouri over the weekend.
Clarksville, TN – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an inmate death that occurred Monday morning. Tawnya Smith, 31, was booked into the detention center on Monday at 12:15am on two counts of child abuse and neglect, simple possession, and unlawful drug paraphernalia.
Jail Deputies discovered Smith unresponsive in her cell at 11:10am during routine hourly security checks.
Crews will begin work to install signage reflecting its new identity in the days to come as the University and Fortera prepare to celebrate a new era.  A celebration will take place Saturday, April 23rd at the home entrance of the stadium, following the final day of spring football practice. Clarksville, TN – Achieving a successful retirement requires not only planning for what you want to go right, but also for what might go wrong. Many investors have found that retirement can bring on unwelcome surprises, some of them significant enough to derail a retirement plan.
Healthcare Costs: Expert estimates of what a couple spends during retirement for healthcare range from $400,000 to well over $1 million.
Clarksville, TN – Clarksville Gas and Water has turned off water service on Rubel Road and Briarwood Drive for fire hydrant repair. 15mCriminal case filings in Ripley County were up 17 percent last year, the prosecutor said during his first annual address.Ripley Co. The Black Tuesday on July 31st marked perhaps the greatest power outage in world history: the blackout occurred in 20 of India's 28 States and affected 3 of its 5 grids (Northern, Eastern and North-eastern).
However, T&D losses and power theft still represent close to 20% of production, while capacity expansion falls systematically below the country's needs.
Indeed, Tata and Adani have recently put on hold several GWs' worth of new coal-fired projects due to a lack of clarity for both coal supply and the regulatory environment around coal prices.
India is turning progressively to imports to ensure its supply: with sky-rocketing coal imports, India joined the world's top 3 largest coal importers (India outranked Germany in 2006 and South Korea in 2011), and the share of imports in domestic consumption grew over the last ten years from 6% to 21% in 2011.
This situation is a key challenge for a country with an expected economic growth of 7-8% over the next decade (source: IMF). India is struggling to sort through a complicated situation mixing economic empowerment, access to energy, industrial policy and environment, as it moves towards its 12th Five-Year Plan (2012-2017) and beyond. It should also be remarkable all 3 trailed front-runners Scott Piercy and Marcus Fraser on a Doral large board. Thursday’s resigned vibe is accurately because this form of constructed organisation never lives adult to a hype. McIlroy and Spieth both missed a cut in their final starts and Day is personification usually his fourth eventuality of 2016 and is understandably rusty. Clarksville Online covers local news, events, and sports for the Clarksville-Montgomery County area - Local news, events, information, opinion, and politics for Clarksville Tennessee.

In the first meeting, March 16th, Austin Peay (6-25) lost a 6-0 decision to the Blue Raiders at Cheryl Holt Field.
The 25-year, $2.5 million agreement will see the home of APSU football be renamed Fortera Stadium. Some residents who did have electricity were not getting cable TV, internet, or phone service. With an estimated 600 million people without electricity, 50% of the population, this large-scale incident reveals the stress the Indian power system has been experiencing over the last decade. Power prices have been greatly subsidised for agricultural users and low-income households and tariffs have not increased significantly to cover for increased costs of fuels (and salaries) 1. The objectives fixed in the Five-Year Plans are rarely met: for the last three Plans, planned capacity fell short of estimated needs and the effective capacity installed dropped the realisation rate to 50%. Coal production expansion has failed to meet rising demand from the power sector, hampered by issues of bad domestic coal quality, limited coal washeries capacity, transportation infrastructure bottlenecks, large distances between production and consumption, and disputes between producers, IPPs and the Government over the regulation of coal prices amidst higher international prices. In Indonesia, Australia and Africa, Indian companies are facing fierce competition with Chinese, Brazilian and other companies to ensure their coal supply. It is expected that the electricity demand will rise at an average rate of 5.5% over the next 20 years, which translates into a need of 420 GW of additional capacities for the power system, of which one third should be coal-fired plants - thus increasing coal demand for power by 50% to reach 760 kt in 2030 2. The Festival features five stages of music and entertainment, arts and crafts, marketplace, food vendors and activities for all ages. This issue coupled with high transmission and distribution losses and low power plant load factors, have left India's State Electricity Boards with a difficult financial situation for a long time.
Presently, over half of the world coal trade occurs in the top 4 countries, all of which are in Asia. 18) to get things relocating in a wrong instruction with dual discerning bogeys usually before a spin and never looked gentle on or around a greens. The State has been pro-active in implementing a liberalization policy since 1991, implementing laws on vertical unbundling, encouraging the creation of Independent Power Producers, lowering taxes to attract foreign investment and favouring "fast-track" generation projects. Efforts to relaunch power service could take two to 12 hours, a Ministry of Electricity official said in a video posted online late Thursday afternoon.Shortly before the reports of the outage, the ministry said on its Facebook page Thursday that militants had hit part of a power-generating station with rockets in the western city of Hama. This has led to significant changes in the power sector, with the emergence of several large IPPs in recent years, often linked to industrial groups: Tata, Reliance, JSW, GMR. Delays are often due to long lead times and disputes over obtaining environmental clearances, but they are increasingly due to fuel shortages.

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