SAN DIEGO — A circuit breaker failure at a North Park electric substation temporarily left nearly 47,000 area homes and businesses without electricity Saturday. Please bear in mind, however, that a power outage can impact thousands of customers so the possibility of getting through may be limited.
Power outages can be caused by the upstream loss of the electricity supply to our community, equipment failure, weather conditions, tree contact, wildlife interference, or vehicle accidents.
Guelph Hydro supplies electric service via approximately 1,000 kilometres of overhead wires and underground cables to the customers in the City of Guelph and Town of Rockwood. When it is necessary for Guelph Hydro to interrupt service to our customers to maintain or upgrade the system, we endeavour to provide adequate notification by letter, door hanger or verbal communication. Detailed information about planned interruptions is located in our Planned Interruptions Information brochure. Guelph Hydro customers occasionally may need to temporarily disconnect their power supply from Guelph Hydro's network in order to upgrade electrical equipment or trim trees. To request an interruption to your service, please fill in an online Planned Maintenance Outage form.

The Smart Home Roadmap is an interactive tool that shows how Ontario's homes could evolve over the next 20 years. Residential customers - View the interactive 10 Smart Meter Lane educational tool that illustrates how Time-of-Use pricing works and the impacts of running appliances at various times of the day. Business Customers - View the interactive Time-of-Use Rates at Work educational tool designed to help small business owners understand Time-of-Use electricity rates and identify potential savings opportunities.
The Africa Sling Bag (NG A4567) protects your point-and-shoot or compact system camera, with small accessories.
All the products were in stock when your order was confirmed, but after your payment was confirmed, one of the products in your order went out of stock. In this case we will ship all the in-stock products that you have ordered first and for products which are out of stock, we will ship it to you immediately once the next shipment of stock arrives or we will refund to you for those items out of stock. If this is not possible, Guelph Hydro emergency crews are deployed rapidly to make repairs and restore power to customers as swiftly as possible. New technologies and services are emerging that will enable home consumers to use electricity in ways that better suit their needs and their budgets.

Users input basic information about their business and receive a tailored load profile and suggestions for savings opportunities. This bag is very small and comfortable for everyday use: it has two small pockets on the strap and an additional front pocket to hold your smartphone and personal belongings. The outage hit University Heights, North Park, Normal Heights, Center City, Balboa Park, Golden Hills, Kensington, Talmadge, College, Old Town, Mission Hills and Hillcrest neighborhoods, according to the utility. Many smart homes will be able to produce electricity to use within the house, or sell back to the grid.

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