Mother Nature hit the Mother City and Winelands with a vengeance on Friday evening, with torrents of rain causing flooding and massive damage to tourist areas, which are closed for repair. Accompanied by thunderstorms, the heavy downpours went on for hours, and the accumulated waters caused flood damage to many homes and businesses.
In Cape Town the storm damage was concentrated on the Atlantic Seaboard, with significant damage caused on Chapman’s Peak due to rockfalls, mudslides, and sections of the road having broken off (photograph above).
We salute all volunteers, and the City of Cape Town Rescue Services, for all their hard work in trying conditions in the past 24 hours, working on mopping up buildings and in making roads passable again.
As life is, this morning Camps Bay was blessed with the beauty of a most unusual low rainbow over the beach!

We also saw this photograph on Twitter, taken from Hout Bay, showing the mudslides from Chapman’s Peak. The Sweet Service Award goes to the organisers of the Two Oceans Hermanus Whale Festival, Kfm, the sponsors Distell marketing Two Oceans Wines, and the staff of the Hermanus Tourism Bureau, for the most successful Hermanus Whale Festival hosted in twenty years. The Sour Service Award goes to Eskom, and the City of Cape Town, for a city-wide power failure 10 days ago, due to a fire in the Acacia sub-station. Somerset West was worst hit, as the Lourens River burst its banks, flooding nearby houses, and the town received 200 mm of rain. The sponsorship by Distell created massive exposure on Kfm, the radio station reaching the Cape Town and environs catchment area, which is the most important source area for Hermanus.

The work on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 South African License. It gets worse on the Hout Bay side of the Twelve Apostles, and it appears that Victoria Road will be closed indefinitely for repairs to be done. The events organised for the Festival were fresh and different, and a greater focus was placed on pairing foods and wines.

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