The 12 employees and five refrigerated trucks at the Huntington Area Food Bank have been working overtime, expecting to distribute nearly 200,000 pounds of food, water and supplies by the end of this week — 20 times the amount they move in a typical week. In the 12-county service area of the Huntington Area Food Bank, there are at least 80,000 people still without power, according Frasure. The biggest challenge has been getting enough supplies into the area, arguably the 12 poorest counties in the state, where many are on low or fixed incomes. In addition to power outages throughout the east, Feeding America and its affiliates has been active in responding to wildfires in Colorado and floods in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Community Food Bank of New Jersey is one of the half-dozen food banks that serve as a staging point for Feeding America. In New Jersey, the food bank has been working with state representatives and sending water and food to its South Jersey location, where The Salvation Army will prepare it for people still without power there, McCann said.
The American Red Cross Muskingum Valley Chapter has been operating three shelters in the five counties it serves since Friday night. Aside from problems related to the 110-degree heat index, water access in the Muskingum Valley has been a challenge, especially since many residents use wells for their water. Nationwide, the American Red Cross has opened 38 shelters in eight states, with about 1,000 disaster workers staffing them, due to the power outages. The Red Cross’s response to the power outages has been greater than both Tropical Storm Debby in Florida and the wildfires in Colorado. The power outages have also forced the cancellation of dozens of blood drives, and as a result the Red Cross is down nearly 2,000 units of blood and platelets. The American Red Cross West Virginia Region reported almost 1,000 overnight stays in Red Cross or Red Cross supported shelters since Friday’s storms and distributed thousands of bottles of water.

Sponsored PodcastsWelcome to the Raise & Engage podcast, a filters-off series for nonprofit professionals hosted by Blackbaud's straight-shooting expert Danielle Johnson Vermenton. Episode 4: Apps and Hacks to Stay (Mostly) Sane, is all about tips, tricks and tools for sanity. In episode 3 of the Raise + Engage podcast, Danielle Johnson is joined by Chris Geady and William DaSilva, two IT experts in the nonprofit space, to talk technology integration for NPOs: when you need it, when you don’t, and how to do it successfully.
And William shares a story about a nonprofit that may or may not have still been using a typewriter. According to Danielle Johnson, straight-shooting host of the Raise + Engage podcast series, if your staff members aren’t the number one advocates for your cause on social media, you’re failing. Violent thunderstorms that struck Friday have knocked out power to large swaths of the East, stretching from southern Virginia, Washington, D.C. He estimated about 96,000 pounds will have been distributed in less than a week; the food bank distributes about 10,000 pounds in a typical week.
For those on the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), some of their perishable food in refrigerators and freezers may be restored through a special program, said Frasure, but many who don’t qualify for this assistance will need help. For example, food, water, diapers and MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are within 100 miles of areas that are prone to hurricanes. Each 50-cot shelter has seen between 40 and 45 overnight stays per night, and Red Cross staffers have served about 500 meals. In response to the fires, the Red Cross has opened seven shelters staffed by 600 workers providing about 45,000 meals, with 1,600 overnight stays. During this open-mic session, you’ll hear honest advice to help YOU do more for your cause.

Blackbaud’s own interactive product marketer, Julia Lenz, joins host Danielle Johnson to share some high tech. In the most recent episode, Danielle is joined by Blackbaud’s own social media guru Madeline Turner to discuss overcoming social struggles and creating a social ambassador program at your organization.
The group talks organizational culture, problem employees, why its important to celebrate and how to shake things up this year and build a better more authentic team that gets stuff done! Donations were coming in almost as fast as they were going out, not sitting for more than hour, or the time it took to inventory them. Feeding America also prepares staff, said Fraser, with some people from the San Antonio food bank in Colorado Springs to help with sourcing and moving food, as well as finding and structuring volunteers, in response to wildfires.
More than 25,000 people are still without power in the counties served by the Zanesville, Ohio-based chapter. In Florida, there are 12 shelters and 650 workers, with 44,000 meals and nearly 1,000 overnight stays. This entertaining and insightful duo dishes on the importance of making your social media presence human, making the case for a formal social program to leadership, how University of Michigan turned a one time social media campaign into a long term social program, and how Madeline's mom unknowingly became a social ambassador on #GivingTuesday.
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