A changeover switch transfers a house's electricity input from commercial power lines to a generator system in the case of an outage. Choose a system to wire into the changeover switch, such as your living room lighting or your furnace.
Lift the first pair of red and black wires that extend from the switch; usually, the wires are labeled to match the switch label.
The right supplies and tools are essential to the safe installation of a changeover switch.
The switches, which are also called transfer switches, connect to the generator, the main power supply, and the house. Run the switch wires through the exterior of the electrical panel box, cutting a hole in the side if necessary.

Locate the main circuit breaker, and follow the line to the branch circuit breaker that controls your chosen system.
Remove the system wire from the branch circuit breaker, and tie the red wire to the circuit breaker in the same place. On eBay, you can find and purchase everything you need, all from the comfort of your home or office.
To start, type the name of a supply into the search bar that sits at the top of the eBay home page, and click the Search button.
The switch is particularly useful for the continued operation of systems that are wired directly into the house's power system, such as well pumps and furnaces. Look for the filters to the left of the search results, and click on individual links to refine the results by category, color, brand, and more.

The type of wire and the wiring procedure varies by switch; check the product documentation for specifics.
If you are working in a location with a framed wall and exposed installation, mount the switch on a piece of plywood and use a cordless drill or a hammer and nails to attach the plywood directly to the studs.

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