Just got a cheque for £970 from BA for delays in 2009 thanks to you telling me about new legislation. Amazon Discount FinderInstantly find 75% off+ bargains, including DVDs, cameras, clothes & more. Spanish owned Scottish Power has a range of different business electricity and gas tariffs to suit businesses of any size. Scottish Power is part of the Iberdrola Group, a global energy company and world leader in wind energy.
Scottish Power operates a policy of fully fixing all elements of their fixed contracts; this includes all third party charges. Scottish Power however reserves the right to amend the terms of the contract in exceptional circumstances.
ScottishPower is signed up to the Energy UK Back Billing standards and currently limits micro business back billing to two years. Many suppliers have voluntarily limited their back billing rights to two years and in some cases a single year. However equally a number of suppliers are not signed up to the Energy UK Back Billing standards and therefore, under the Limitations Act, are able to back bill their customers for anything up to 6 years.
Scottish Power are therefore moving to a policy in line with the stronger suppliers in this area. In order to act on your behalf in securing your business a great energy deal Scottish Power require us to have a signed Letter of Authority from yourselves.
The fastest way to authorise us to work on your energy supply arrangements is to use our eSign service to agree our Evergreen Letter of Authority. Firstly, as the new occupier, if you use energy you will need to pay for it, regardless of your contractual status. Thirdly, you will need to field calls from sales organisations and the existing supplier themselves offering you contracts of varying lengths to continue or to begin to supply the premises. As a result as a new occupier you will need to agree a new contract either with the existing supplier or with a new supplier of your choice.
Not only that but you will need to inform the existing supplier as quickly as possible that you are the new tenant to prevent you being held liable for charges incurred by the previous occupier should they not have ended their agreement satisfactory.
It can prove a real headache knowing whom to trust – whether it’s the old tenant, the landlord the current supplier, the pushy salesman ringing, knocking and emailing, the prospective new suppliers. That’s where Business Juice comes in, by working on your behalf, identifying your existing supply arrangements, reporting your change of tenancy, ensuring you are not held liable for costs not incurred before your occupation and benchmarking contracts for your selection we can help you save time, money and a whole lot of stress. The fastest way to authorise us to work on your energy supply arrangements is to use our eSign service to agree our Evergreen Letter of Authority. We’ll take care of all correspondence, handle all the loose ends and enable you to focus on establishing your business in its new premise. And what’s more once your contract is in place we’ll manage your supplier relationship from beginning to end, all part of the Business Juice service. Always ensure that you take opening meter readings on the day, or as close as possible to the day, that you move into the premises to ensure that you only pay for the energy that you use. Your Scottish Power Invoice places the contract end date on the first page of the invoice, this is the summary page and the date is located at the bottom.
Scottish Power sends their renewal letter to customers around 60 days in advance of the contract end date.
Every Business Juice client receives a unique key facts statement detailing all there is to know about their energy contract including all the important dates relative to your deal. From 31st March 2014, Scottish Power allowed micro business’ termination to be served at any point from the start of the contact however this must be no later than 30 days before your contract ends. For non-micro business customers on a Fixed Electricity or Gas contract, Scottish Power require that you terminate within a limited 60-day window. Terminating your contract is key to gaining freedom of movement and having access to the best deals for your next business energy contract. Scottish Power stopped selling auto-rollover contracts for new micro business customers from April 2014 and for existing customers from 1st December 2014. However they operate a number of different options and policies depending on the circumstances arising. Whatever category your business falls into it makes sense to use Business Juice to ensure you are not stranded on uncompetitive rates even for a limited period. Any contract sold before this point and still running will be subject to an auto-rollover clause. For those customers if you fail to terminate your existing contract more than 30 days ahead of your contract end date you will be rolled over for a fixed term of 12 months.
By using Business Juice you can avoid the costly mistake of falling into the rollover trap and paying premium rates for 12 months. However by using Business Juice you can avoid the potentially costly mistake of being exposed to variable rates. If you terminate but do not switch away from Scottish Power or your switch away is delayed, you will be put onto these variable rates until your switch completes.
We would recommend using your rights to not opt in to a fixed price plan to enable freedom of movement at contract end. Scottish Power operate a policy of selling auto-rollover contracts for non micro business customers. If you have provided termination notice to Scottish Power and expressed your intent for freedom of movement at contract end but you fail to leave Scottish Power’s supply you will be placed on Scottish Power out of contract rates. Scottish Power operate a Monthly, Variable Direct Debit meaning the amount you pay directly relates to the volume of energy you consume in the month. Scottish Power also offer a quarterly variable option however this attracts a 5% surcharge.
To find out if your business is eligible for paying the reduced rate of VAT on your business energy bill visit our Guide to VAT Declaration. Scottish Power operate a policy of billing their customers on a monthly basis however they do also offer the option of quarterly billing albeit at a 5% surcharge. Scottish Power provide online billing functionality as standard within all of their contracts meaning the end of paper invoices for their customers whilst providing convenient access to their account data. Your Scottish Power Invoice  places the meter point identifying S Number on the third page of the invoice, the S Number is located on the middle left hand side underneath the “Energy charges this period” section and opposite the “Total electricity charges” subtotal.

Similarly your gas meter point reference number, the MPRN, can be found on the third page of the invoice, located on the middle left hand side underneath the “Gas charges this period” section and opposite the “Total gas charges” subtotal. Scottish Power does not however currently install smart meters for Profile 03-04 customers and gas customers consuming less than 732,000 kWh per annum. Also Scottish Power will inherit smart meters of some types and will continue to operate the meter with its full smart functionality.
For more information on Suppliers’ policies on smart metering visit our Guide to Suppliers & Smart Meters. Scottish Power currently only offer new connections and upgrade services to customers in their host regions when they take out a new contract. If this doesn’t suit your requirements, to find out which suppliers meet your connections needs call us on 0800 051 5770. Scottish Power does not currently support meters supplied via IGT networks (Independent Gas Transporter). This means whatever metering system you have, as long as it is not supplied via an IGT network, Scottish Power can support it. By selecting a supplier with a fuel mix that suits your business’ environmental credentials you can gain access to a renewable solution without paying premium green prices.
If so call now on 0800 051 5770 or alternatively the fastest way to authorise us to work on your energy supply arrangements is to use our eSign service to agree our Evergreen Letter of Authority. We take the research, negotiation and paperwork off your hands and help you switch to a better deal with your choice of new energy supplier.
Our team of energy experts can help you determine whether Scottish Power is going to be the right supplier for you. The service we provide is independent and impartial, making sure that you get exactly the right deal for your business.
By providing these details and submitting this form, you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. The rate at which electrical appliances use the electrical energy being carried to them by the charge is called the power of the appliance. A 100 W light globe is brighter than a 60 W light globe because it uses energy at a greater rate.
Many electrical appliances display the power rating in watts so you can determine which appliances are cheaper and more economical to run. This is a (somewhat rambling) description of our residential, 4 kilowatt, grid-tied, photovoltaic power generation system.
A 40-page "Consultant report" for the California Energy Commission:A Guide to Photovoltaic (PV) System Design and Installation.
A 20-page consumers' guide from the US Department of Energy Brochure titled, "Get Your Power From The Sun" that introduces PV power concepts and gives some useful info for assessing your site's suitability for a PV power system.
With photovoltaic (PV) panels installed, however, you don’t need to buy as much expensive power from the utility grid.
By installing solar panels today, you enjoy immediate utility bill savings—and thus, immediately higher profits.
This is because utility rates keep trending upwards—even with oil prices at historic lows and natural gas capacity at an all-time high. This can be a powerful competitive advantage—especially if you operate in an industry with narrow profit margins. Most companies operate during daylight hours, with computers, lights, and HVAC systems running at full blast.
As a result, installing panels on your commercial property can offset a much larger portion of monthly electricity bills than if you installed those same panels on your home. Compared to homeowners, businesses often have to invest in much larger PV systems to cover their electricity requirements. Moreover, there are numerous incentives designed to make going solar even more affordable than it already is. With net metering, for example, you can sell excess solar electricity to your utility provider in exchange for credits. But what if you don’t have the disposable income—even with the help of federal and state incentives? PACE financing, sponsored by state and local governments, offers the same benefits as a solar loan. No matter which financing approach you use, going solar can help you save money and boost the profitability of your business. In the meantime, schedule a free energy evaluation with us today to learn more about commercial solar savings and incentives. Top Line – the first 8 digits of the S Number displaying Profile Class, Meter Timeswitch Code and Line Loss Factor. S Number (Supply Number) – a unique identifier used in the electricity market to define the supply point for a meter and its generic characteristics.
In the business energy market prices and contract are struck on a bespoke for each business based on set criteria.
This criteria is based on your metering configuration, consumption, credit score, location, business type, demand profile, contract length and payment method. A crucial element of this is the M Number in the gas industry and the S Number in the electricity industry.
As a result the S Number and M Number are critical pieces of information that help get your business the best deal on your energy.
Gas Meter Point Reference Number, MPRN: Second Page, in the “Details of Charges” section, Top left hand side.
Gas Meter Point Reference Number, MPRN: First Page, Upper left hand side above the supply address. Gas Meter Point Reference Number, MPRN: First Page, Middle left hand side, below the supply address.
Gas Meter Point Reference Number, MPRN: First Page, in the “Invoice Summary” section, far left hand column, described as “MPR”. Gas Meter Point Reference Number, MPRN: Third Page, half way down, Left hand side at the bottom of the “Gas charges this period” section, opposite the “Total gas charges” subtotal. For more help in finding your MPAN or MPRN or for advice on any aspect of business energy simply give us a call on 0800 051 5770, we’d be happy to help.

About Business JuiceWe help businesses get a better deal on business electricity and business gas. Business Juice is the first UK independent energy broker to be an accredited ‘Living Wage Employer’ and is committed to an ethical style of business, setting high standards in the industry.
I receive compensation as a result of ads, affiliate links, and endorsements on this website.
There a many reasons why knowing how to read an electric meter can be a great skill to have. Our plan was initially to just identify the rogue appliance that was using so much electricity. Most electricity usage meters will be the old analog type that have either four or five dials with a pointer on each dial.
The image below is a good example of when you would have to look at the dial to the right to find out if you should record the number that the pointer is on or if you should record the lower number.
Remember, you read the dials form right to left but the actual kilowatt hour reading that you get is read from left to right. Let’s imagine that when you receive your electric bill, the number 39,803 is listed as the electricity meter reading for the last time your meter was read.
Once you have that information, you just need to get a current electric meter reading and subtract the current reading from what the reading was when the power company last read your meter. Here’s a short video that will show you just how simple reading an electric meter actually is. Now that you know how to read your electric meter, take a minute and read my article called: You Don’t Have To Give Up Your Computer To Live Off The Grid.
To get the most out of the site and to ensure guides display correctly, we suggest upgrading your browser now.
This is a market leading position and means that when you agree a contract with Scottish Power you are safe in the knowledge that the price will remain at the level agreed throughout the contract. Whilst the existing supplier is obliged to continue to provide energy to the new occupier, the occupier is not obliged to take out an extended contract with that supplier. In addition the date by which termination is required to ensure freedom of movement at contract end it also presented in this section. This is to be no earlier than 90 days before your contract ends and no later than 30 days before your contract ends.
It pays to always be aware of your termination obligations so as to ensure that you act as soon as conditions allow in order to help you get the best out of the business energy market. Or better still sign up for our evergreen letter of authority and we will terminate on your behalf well ahead of time and provide you with a range of market leading options at the right time to suit your business.
At least however you can be safe in the knowledge that if you do make a mistake and fail to contract properly the cost of your error can be minimised.
By working with Business Juice you can be sure of receiving a range of market leading options at the right time to suit your business. If you fail to terminate your existing contract between 90 and 30 days ahead of your contract end date you will be rolled over for a fixed term of 12 months.
By using Business Juice to manage your energy contracts we will terminate and manage your new contract seamlessly to ensure you avoid penalty rates. Go one step better and by appointing Business Juice to manage your energy contracts you can take advantage of our smart meter offers. Go one step better and by appointing Business Juice to manage your energy contracts you can take advantage of our management fee free new connections and upgrades offer.
If your gas supply is delivered via an IGT network then Scottish Power cannot offer you a gas supply contract. By using Business Juice we can match up your needs with appropriate the fuel mix and enable your business to take support renewable initiatives.
Whether you’re balancing a family budget or a company ledger, the rising cost of grid electricity can be a substantial drain on your bottom line.
And with lower business expenses, you’re able to keep a much larger portion of revenues as profit. This approach makes solar an investment—one that pays for itself in the form of higher savings and profits. In addition to the federal solar tax credit, you can also take advantage of incentives at the state and local level.
And you use your company’s monthly utility bill savings to pay down the loan until you have 100% equity in your system. The upfront cost is $0, and you only pay for the low-cost solar electricity generated from your rented panels.
The main difference is that repayments are made through annual property taxes instead of from corporate earnings. In the next installment, we’ll look at how installing PV panels can enhance your corporate social responsibility efforts. The ‘bottom line’ of the S Number, the first two digits of which signify the PES Region within which the supply point is based. These references identify the metering configuration, location and demand profile of the customer and enable accurate pricing to be executed.
We work with businesses of all sizes and from all industries; whether you’re a start up or have a chain of businesses, we can help you make sense of the market and get the right deal. Once done, when your contract comes to an end you will automatically be put onto a fixed term contract for 12 months. If a smart meter has not been provided by Bglobal Metering, Scottish Power will not support the meter’s smart functionality.
While some may struggle to keep up with rising grid prices, you’re able to tap into an abundant energy source that helps shield you from future rate increases. But as a commercial solar customer, you often receive more from your green investment than residential customers do. It will however not be the most competitive price available in the market as the renewal letter is designed for customers who don’t use an energy broker and as such are priced at a higher level than can be obtained in the market. We would not recommend this option as it will not be the cheapest available on the market and restricts your options at contract end.

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