Aurora’s activities today in the Avenue are working towards Willow Court having a good supply of electric power along with others in the Avenue, by the photos this is very close to finishing.
Willow Court has a lack of electric power and security, but this last week and this week the Avenue will be closed while underground cables are installed. Electricity is a symbol of success or luck in spheres which cause the most interest to you. In addition, some of the manifestations of electricity actions can serve as an indication that your acquaintances or friends need your help.

It is very likely that you are trying to be involved in that area, where you do not have sufficient knowledge. It is recommended to maintain reasonable care.Electric shock is always a warning for the dreamer. It is possible that at this point you need to face a difficult situation in your life, which causes stress.Also electric shock can symbolize the collapse of all the ideas and plans.
However, you shouldn’t immediately run to the nearest casino: you won’t be lucky all the time, and winning a million dollars is not your story.

But meeting in the elevator with a charming girl and becoming friends is your possible luck.If you electricity was present in the form of continuous doorbell ringing, it means that you should contact with your friends. Later on, this person will remember your help and will answer in kind, and you will realize that you did well.

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