Texas is one of the few states that have a majority of homes and business with smart meters. When you shop for electricity through Innowatts you get plans that meet your specifc energy needs. Create specific alerts to notify you when your comsumption reaches a set threshold for optimal savings, when to renew your plan, and when to pay your bill.
One-time enrollment so you can spend more time doing what matters most to you and less time worrying about your electricity bill.. Mounted to an exterior wall of nearly every apartment, home and business in deregulated markets are electronic devices known as Smart Meters. We take this data and configure it into meaningful data that home and business owners can utilize to gain insight into their energy usage. Using our customera€™s load profiles, we configure it into analytical data to create personalized energy products that meet your exact energy needs. Enter in a company you would like to search for and we will show you their complete profile. Based in Texas, it's our goal to help you shop & save on your monthly electricity bill. Depending on your role, create a damaging aura on your 2 closest enemies, or a healing aura on yourself and your closest group member. Drain ions from enemies or the environment to replenish yours and up to 7 group members' Health.
Electricity's Advanced Mechanic involves Electrified and Electro-Charge effects combined with Voltaic Bolt. Prior to March 31st, 2015, access to Electricity powers was included in the Lightning Strikes DLC pack.

Under deregulation, you can opt to purchase your electricity service from a Retail Electricity Provider (REP) that sources your electricity and sends you your bill.
Wea€™ve teamed up with mulitple providers across the country and have created an online energy market place where you have the power to choose from various energy products from providers in your area. Wea€™ll tell you how much you can expect to pay each month and how much youa€™ll be able to save each month per plan. Often referred to as an a€?Electricity Metera€?, these devices record site specific consumption data in hourly intervals on a daily basis for electricity and natural gas. Shop, monitor, and budget your energy needs in real time all with immediate excess off your phone. Innowatts utilizes this data to create load profiles that identify home and business owners usage history and usage habits.
Giving you custom pricing and products to help you reduce your bottom line and budget your energy consumption. Receive real time pricing for your specific usage, giving you the best deal and the most savings.
Non-members may purchase access in the Marketplace for either 600 Station Cash or 600 Marketplace Cash.
Group members are healed over time, protected from incoming damage, and each incoming attack will heal a small amount. If you or a group member is Bio-Charged, and your Health falls below 45% within the next 2 minutes, some of their Health will be restored. Here at Innowatts, you can compare offers from all of the top companies in Texas in seconds without having to make a single call. Find the best energy plan for your home or business off your smart phone, tablet, or desktop device.

With the data extracted from your smart meter, Innowatts builds out a profile specifically for your home or business. Passive damage and damage over time effects have reduced damage or duration when used against players.
Increases all damage by 45% until the hit counter resets.Regenerates Power when activated after an Electro-Charge or while Electrocute is active. Since the introduction of deregulated electricity in Texas, many new providers have entered the market, giving you many options. This is then pushed through our platform for customized pricing from all of the providers we work with. They also want to spread their electricity so they can do as much damage to groups as possible. In Healing role, all Health restoration and damage prevention effects you trigger are increased by 25%.
When your load profile is assessed by our backend systems, you instantly qualify for custom pricing and benefits.
In Damage role, triggering the Power refund advanced mechanic also triggers Interrupt vulnerability.
Our technologies identify your usage needs and habits in order to give you personalized plans and custom pricing. Giving every consumer who utlizes Innowatts the ability to break the mold and recieve a personalized energy product.

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