Johannesburg – Newly appointed Nelson Mandela Bay ANC Mayor Danny Jordaan has not been billed for electricity by the municipality for the last seven years, according to a report on Saturday. The Weekend Post said it was in possession of a document stating that Jordaan’s Summerstrand household had not been billed for electricity usage since 2007.
Roxanne said, however, a standing debit order which included electricity, water and municipal charges had been going off their account every month during that period. Jordaan has been accused of delaying progress in the metro since his appointment in the midst of the FIFA scandal in which South Africa has been implicated, News24 reported on Wednesday.
On Tuesday, Parliament’s portfolio committee on sport decided there was no reason to summon Jordaan to come and explain the bribery scandal. LET US GET THE CORPORATE KILLERS AND THEIR COMMUNIST MOBSTERS  OUT OF OUR GOVERNMENT AND OUT OF OUR COUNTRY! The energy usage monitor uses SOC technology(Only one chip which finish ADC, MCU and LCD Driver functions).
SM64 type single phase inductive electric energy meter is designed for the South East market. HCG02 Gauss meter is a portable model of magnetic measuring instrument using high sensitivity, high precision, and exchangeable hall sensor probe. DD862 Single Phase Energy Meter is induction meter which is appliable to measure the rated frequency 50Hz and power loss in electrified wire netting.
DDSY256 series single phase electronic prepayment electrolnic energy meter is a kind of new-style meter which purchase electricity by IC card and adopt SMT techniques.

DDS2 type of single-phase electronic energy meter (LCD) is to adapt to our single-phase electric metering requirements, design and development of the intellect Power Meter.
The In-Home Display (IHD) Units are good solution that helps to control energy usage by providing home owners with real time feedback on energy consumption. We are working with world brands of smart meters, solar inverters and smart home systems by providing our wireless monitoring integration. We are able to integrate the IHD into various applications based on various communication protocol, including 433MHz, MBus, ZigBee, and etc. For integration project, the IHD need to be customized according to the exact requirement of project.
Sailwider-SmartPower is the original developer and manufacturer for the home energy management system (HEMS) with strong R&D background and rich production experience. You may send us your own appearance design and tell us what you want to display on the LCD screen for the wireless energy monitor, then you'll get your ideal products from Sailwider-SmartPower, your most reliable manufacturer and developer from China. Secure mid spec Smart Energy in-home display, the Puffin 511 informs and empowers the consumer through easy access to data about energy consumption in the home.
Electricity usage information is displayed via a large high resolution graphical back-lit touch-screen display. By forming an in-home network and linking with remote communications options, the Puffin can link with back-office systems to create a complete Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Although the Jordaan’s faulty electricity meter was fixed last month, they will have to pay for the years they were not billed.

In his second open letter written to Jordaan, Democratic Alliance MPL Athol Trollip on Wednesday called on the SA Football Association boss to come out of hiding and account for the allegations that a $10m bribe was paid for South Africa to host the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Jordaan and former Safa boss Molefi Oliphant had reportedly signed letters giving instruction that the $10m be channeled to accounts managed by Jack Warner, deposed FIFA vice-president.
There are 2 types: The single phase watt-hour meter ADL-100 and the 3-phase watt-hour meter ADL-300. Is a specialized company to produce all kinds of watt-hour meters and their test equipment. It works together with the smart meters, or solar inverters or other home information center system. Roxanne Jordaan has also complained about the criticism her husband has faced since taking mayoral office. US authorities allege that this payment was a bribe to help secure the World Cup bid for South Africa. It even provide convenient control function by communicating with smart grid and smart home system. At the time of his appointment, Jordaan, who is also the (high flyer) president of the SA Football Association, came into the spotlight over allegations that South Africa bribed its way into hosting the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

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