This guide will hopefully give some insight into the MEC class and the different characteristics and abilities they can obtain. Introducing Big Daddy MECWith the expansion of Enemy Within just being released it calls for a guide on the newest class, the MEC. Cybernetics WorkshopSure, it is labeled as Cybernetics Lab, but it counts as a workshop for an adjacency bonus, while the Genetics Lab is counted as a Labratory. Harsh Times Call for Permanent ChangesAfter the facility is built, you need to select a soldier to Augment before anything else can be done. Have Your Cake and Eat It TooOnce the soldier augmentation is complete you need to build your MEC.
Tier 2 has increased cost of Meld and requires research to be done before the ability to upgrade existing MECs is unlocked. Hard Work Pays OffOne thing to keep in mind is that MECs have a seperate growth pattern for stats compared to soldier classes. Collateral Damage Ability Effectivity Cool Down Total Uses Activated Ability 1 Turn due to ammunition reload requirement for additional uses limited by ammunition This ability will always be the first ability of each MEC trooper.
Advanced Fire Control Ability Effectivity Cool Down Total Uses Passive Ability None limited by Overwatchcan only occur once per round This ability removes the usual Aim penalty of -10 from any shot taken while in Overwatch.This makes Overwatch even better for terrorizing the enemy as they try to move in on your soldiers' positions. Vital-Point Targeting Ability Effectivity Cool Down Total Uses Passive Ability None None Who wouldn't want additional damage against an enemy? Jetboot Module Ability Effectivity Cool Down Total Uses Activated Ability 1 Turn Unlimited This ability allows the MEC to jump to heights that are not normally allowed.
Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
The information within will help you decide which route to go when selecting your MEC and its training.
This is the heart of MEC manufacture, development, upgrades, and soldier alterations to transform them into the ultimate interface for the MEC suit. The augmentation process will take about 3 days total to accomplish (your first augmented soldier yields a cutscene many people will enjoy) and costs 10 Meld per soldier you want to augment (a max of 3 soldier per augmentation session).
Prior to processing the order to build the MEC you will have to select one of the two modules in Tier 1. Tier 2 will start to show how your MEC is going to unfold and what role it will typically assume on the battlefield. It comes with a Meld price tag equal to Tier 1 and Tier 2 combined and requires research prerequisites. Luckily the Minigun comes standard so you won't have to spend extra resources once you Augment the soldier and manufacture the suit.Just like the MEC suit itself, the weapons also have 3 tiers.
Overall their stats will increase to lower stats compared to stat increases from the soldier classes, but the added bonus of the armor and weapons involved with the MEC class fills that gap.
In the early stages of the game, using this ability will deplete the entire magazine of the weapon in use. Automated Threat Assessment Ability Effectivity Cool Down Total Uses Passive Ability None limited by Overwatchcan only occur once per round Automated Threat Assessment is another Overwatch based ability. Activating the ability lasts for the rest of the moves for the MEC.This is an extremely handy ability on a majority of the maps you encounter during playing. A detail worth mentioning before moving on: If you have a high ranked soldier who is wounded for more than 3 days and you need them for combat sooner than that, you can place them into Augmentation to become a MEC. There are six Modules in total across three Tiers, with Tier 2 and 3 requiring research prerequisites in order to unlock the upgrades.
It is a benefit from the added damage, and it also has a cool visual on the MEC trooper, both in the barracks and when this ability is activated and executed.Damage Control Ability Effectivity Cool Down Total Uses Passive Ability None None Furthering the defense theme across the board for MECs, when you take damage from an enemy this ability will reduce all other damage by 2 for 2 turns. Once activated (it can be activated prior to moving or you can activate it prior to taking your second move) it allows you to reach any surface at any height.
To start with, you need to to have the available cash and Meld to alter your soldier, as well as build the MEC suit. It is included in the cost of building the MEC suit and is a rapid fire weapon only equippable to MECs.TIER 2-RAILGUNPrerequisites Required Heavy Lasers research Effective Range Base Damage Critical Chance Critical Damage Medium 6-8 10% 11-13 Manufacturing Costs Cost $4016x Alloys10 Engineers The Railgun is a good update to the firepower of your MEC. With your MEC rank only at Corporal, it starts to show that the MEC class is a defensive juggernaut.
It can meet the needs of combat through using the high vantage point on roof tops with the assistance of the Jetboot Module, or, if you like to play it safe, it can have the advantage of terrorizing enemies in hiding with the Collateral Damage ability.
Gain ability to select new skills from the MEC trooper skill tree that are of the same rank as the soldier was prior to AugmentationRegardless, it is a worthy trade off when making your first MEC.

Just like training perks within a soldier's tree, once you select the module, it is permanent for that MEC, so choose wisely.TIER 1Tier 1 is the base design specs for a MEC and is immediately available once the Cybernetics Lab is built. 1 initially, 2 on upgradeSince MECs do not have inventory space, they can't carry around Medkits to heal allies. When activated, you free aim to where you want the mine to land and then initiate the launch. It also has the chance to deal 34% damage to any enemy using that cover, and has no chance to cause a critical hit if an enemy takes damage from this attack. When you are up against 20 EXALT operatives who like to target a single MEC, this ability helps out more than it would appear at face value. With Tier 2 becoming unlocked, you gain the ability to assign a MEC the Restorative Mist Module. It has the potential to ruin an alien's day (maybe even two if you have the Overdrive ability).
If you have a higher ranked soldier that is Augmented, the stats will vary with each additional rank up to Colonel. The usual damage from this attack ranges from 2-3, which isn't a lot, but the purpose of the ability is to eliminate cover and expose the enemy. Ebb, Flow, and MeldThe MEC would not even be possible without a little substance called Meld. Each class carries an added bonus that stems from what their job was prior to Augmentation.CLASS SPECIFIC ABILITIESAssault ClassThe assault class gains the ability called Shock-Absorbent Armor. This module grants the ability to heal nearby allies with a sprayed mist that covers a spherical area around the MEC. TIER 3-PARTICLE CANNONPrerequisites Required Heavy Plasma Research Effective Range Base Damage Critical Chance Critical Damage Medium 9-11 10% 15-17 Manufacturing Costs Cost $18923x Elerium23x Alloys25 Engineers The Particle Cannon is the king of the hill among the MEC weapons. So, in some cases, if you want a highly accurate MEC soldier, then you may want to wait to augment a Sniper class until they are ranked up a little bit. Meld also plays a vital role in Genetic Enhancement of soldiers, but that is another subject all together. With this ability the damage received from any enemy within 4 tiles will be reduced by 33%.
The explosion from a Proximity Mine will cause 8 damage to any enemies within the blast radius and the blast also has a chance to destroy the environment. It is also a spot on reflection of the total cost to produce and upgrade a MEC suit to Tier 3. The picture below is a repeat from this guide but shows that a MEC trooper can have at least 100 Aim by the time they reach Colonel. After Meld is introduction you are charged with two additional objectives in most missions: Recover Meld. This comes in handy against Chrysalids, Berserker Mutons, and other melee based enemies.Heavy ClassThe heavy class gainst the ability called Body Shield. It doesn't have a cooldown but is a limited use module, which makes it great for setting up a proximity mine field.There are two best parts to this module. It is a big leap in cost compared to manufacturing a Railgun, but the cost comes with huge stats. As the trooper gains rank through combat, they unlock the option to select abilities at each rank, just like a normal soldier. Each canister is set on a timer based on how difficult it will be to reach that given canister. You can tell it is active by the transparent, honeycomb style shields that are visible and hovering inches off the surface of the MEC when you come into an enemy's line of sight. Also, you have the opportunity to really lay into those tougher opponents (like a Berserker Muton) by dropping Proximity Mines around them and then detonating them with an additional explosive.
With a critical hit it has the chance to tear open a Cyberdisc like the MEC is an electric can opener and the Cyberdisc is a can of tuna.It is suprising that just having a Tier 3 Mec with a Tier 3 weapon in the field does not result in initial panic among the lowly Sectoids. As with the soldier skill trees, the MEC class training tree comes with some abilities that can be activated in battle. This ability effects the nearest visible enemy by causing a -20 Aim penalty, as well as removing the ability for that enemy to hit the MEC and cause critical damage.Sniper ClassThe sniper class gains the ability called Platform Stability. It allows your MEC to play medic for a turn and douse your entire squad in healing mist as long as they are surrounding the MEC. Below is two pictures of a recent play through where 3 Proximity Mines were surrounding a Berserker Muton and then a grenade was launched into the center of the mine field.

The only difference between a soldier and a MEC trooper is when you take a Lieutenant ranked soldier and move them in for augmentation. If you have a soldier that is right at the canister but lacks the moves to recover it, they will get caught in the blast and recieve damage.
Through this ability you gain the benefit of +10 Aim and +10% Critical Chance when your first shot is taken without moving first.
When that soldier comes out as a MEC trooper they will lose all previously held abilities, as well as any Psi-based abilities earned. As you advance in the game and gain rank on your MEC trooper, they have the ability to fire twice per turn as long as they do not move.
2 initially, 3 on upgradeThis is another module with no cooldown but has limitations on total uses.
All targets will suffer 5 damage from the Electropulse discharge, with the added bonus of disabling mechanical targets for one turn. With these abilities removed you now have open slots for each rank recieved as a soldier and you get to select the abilities that best suit the intended use of the MEC.
This ability just sweetens the deal even more.Support ClassThe support class gets the best defensive ability from undergoing augmentation. Just be mindful of who is in the radius of effect, because this module will damage and effect allies. The ability they gain is called Distortion Field (and is constantly visible in combat as a translucent circular area surrounding the MEC). If you managed to kill all of the alien scum before finding both containers, the remaining Meld that you have not found is collected automatically.
This ability grants +10 defense to all allies within the circular area of effect and are also in cover. It is back mounted on the MEC and can lob a grenade greater distance than a thrown grenade. Now that the basic information regarding the MEC's potential and the information about Meld is out of the way, it is time to jump into the process of creating one of these beasts.But a warning before moving on! This boost to defense is a huge help if you are having trouble with keeping your soldiers' health up in combat. Even though a soldier can be Augmented into a MEC trooper, they still have a human head so they are very much still at risk against Psionic attacks.
When activated next to a valid target, the MEC will pull his fist back, powerful rockets within the module fire up, and a punishing blow is dealt to the victim.
The attack from the module deals a constant 12 damage to all enemies you attack (Second Wave option for Damage Roulette changes this and can cause this attack to deal as little as 4 damage), and can be upgraded to increase total damage to a single target to 18 damage. Like the Flamethrower module, activating this ability will start free aiming of Kinetic Strike. Even though it may not kill any of the mid to late game enemies, it does a fantastic job of removing possible cover from the field to restrict possible options for enemy cover.
In order for this attack to connect with a target you must be one tile to the front, back, left, or right.
Also, if an enemy is in cover and you blow out a wall, it instantly will show to any soldier in visual range (especially effective with snipers who have squad sight). It has no range at all, but the impact of this is lessened by the boost to mobility from choosing this module. Depending on the enemy you attack with this module, a special animation scene will play out. For example, if you use Kinetic Strike on a Berserker Muton that will result in a killing blow, you have the chance to activate the animation where you pick up the Berserker, slam it against the ground, and then attack with Kinetic Strike. If you are on a roof when you strike and kill a target, it will send them flying over the edge of the roof and onto the ground. Sectopods explode at the point of destruction and deal 5 damage to anything caught in the blast.

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