The site itself is inviting and comfortable: patio furniture, patches of turf both real and artificial, trees for shade, and winding paths.
As the word spreads about Movement Festival, Detroit virgins have bought their tickets and committed to visiting the birthplace of techno.
I've been going to Detroit for a few years, having gone to school nearby and constantly hopping in for the weekends to party.
This will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth with its insanely wide variety of pastries, cakes, and nibbles. This recent hipster joint has great tacos and is open until 2am, ideal for post festival feedings. When you go to a Greek restaurant there are only two things you order…that's the lamb and the seafood.
If you're staying at the Westin and aren't too price conscious, then the Roast has amazing rosemary fries that are crispy and thin and go along famously with any dish you order.
It's literally a brick warehouse that used to be a gay club, that has maybe two lights total in its main room. Every year Bang Tech takes place on the Friday before Movement and features four floors of music. People of all ages come to bask in the sun and smiles, to be moved by the tepid rhythms, and to enjoy the company of friends and family. It's not surprise to see others venture north as DJs such as Cassy have mentioned that Movement is their favorite festival here in the US.
I'm used to vagabonding and sleeping on whatever surface is available to me just to get through the night. Typically taken over by Greeks, Coney Islands over all-American food mixed in with some of the most famous Greek foods like gyros or Greek salads. Stay away from any other meals (such as the salmon) not because they're not good, but the portions will be disappointing when compared to your friends' order of massive plates of pork paired with cornbread and seasoned in Slow's house made sauces - I believe there are five to choose from. I'm a very loyal eater of New York pizza and often have the elitist opinion that it is the best (better than Chicago deep dish which is a popular option here in the midwest).

I personally had the scallops and my friends had the steak, and we all left very satisfied. Detroit has a very high population of Middle Easterners, so even the smallest hole in the wall can deliver amazing shwarma or tabbouli.
Records like a clear vinyl Magic Mike, Todd Terry Project Remixes, and an original Kevin Saunderson are some of the gold mines I've stumbled upon here. It's those spots you can only dream of, where you seem to walk into an abandoned building only to discover hundreds of people dancing their ass off past a creepy corridor. The main courtyard when you walk in dons a massive Diego Rivera mural that depicts the industrial and automotive way of life that was predominant before the city was burnt down.
Homes decorated with records, sculptures of forgotten ovens stuffed with shoes, and front porches strewn with whole mismatch of things makes this a beautiful sight to behold. However, beyond the festival grounds on Hart Plaza and the Renaissance Center, where is there to go?
Keep your wits and your things about you, and don't let yourself look like a naive festival kid in neon, ripe for the taking. Since the festival allows you to walk in and out as you please, going back to grab a sweater when it got cold or take a breather was super convenient. When it comes to getting a great night's sleep, most beds don't make the cut being either too hard or uncomfortable.
They range from Apple…too Not too far from the downtown, this place is definitely worth the trek.
Get their surf and turf which should include the lamb, but replace the surf with their cold or hot octopus.
If you have a car and you're feeling like an adventurous foodie, head to New Yasmeen Bakery in Dearborn, one of Detroit's satellite towns. It reminds me of a dusty library except filled with an endless collection of records that are stacked, piled, laying whichever way, waiting to be discovered. Whether it's hanging out in the morning during the Circoloco party in the yard while there's a BBQ or inside the Red Room with Richie Hawtin getting technical or Derrick Carter tearing it up with soul.

It's teaming with creativity and colors, but each object holds down a little piece of Detroit history. A peaceful retreat only 5 minutes from downtown, the site offers a welcome alternative to the stifling concrete jungle of the city—without really leaving Montreal. Our Detroit Pro Tips has just the insider knowledge to take you to those great food and art spots that Detroit hides for those in the know. Well one fraternity date party excursion to Niki's blew my mind, and I wasn't talking about the boys.
You really get a taste of both small and big artists who come from all over to play - Iowa to New York City.
The Piknic Electronik aims to make quality electronic music available to the masses, with a special emphasis on showcasing the enormous talent found in Montreal’s electronic music scene.
Becareful if you invite friends because no one is allowed up without a key card, especially after hours.
As you walk through the door you walk into a backyard paradise with a wide lawn where at 8am people lay out blankets - or hotel room sheets - and recuperate from the night they had just finished.
The staff is a bit stringent when the festival finishes and everyone piles back into the lobby. Deep house grooves float in the air and people are buying beers, meeting up with different circles of friends. With eclectic musical programming that ranges from the typical to the audacious, and original combinations of artists and sounds, the Piknic Électronik has something for neophytes and hard-core electronic music fans alike.
You're legs are stuck you can't move but you still manage to pull yourself up and dance as the beat quickens over the hours. I almost missed my interview with Kevin Saunderson last year because of Old Miami, where the fun times never end.

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