Link to the complete PDF  Magnetic Amplifiers, another lost technology, by the US Navy.
The OMAC Project #3 ended with Maxwell Lord surprisingly speaking to a seemingly hypnotized Superman. Where The OMAC Project, with three issues still remaining, would go from there was anybody’s guess.
As The OMAC Project #4 commences, Brother Eye visually recalls the events of Wonder Woman #219, culminating with a calm Wonder Woman and a shocked Superman standing over a dead Maxwell Lord. As Brother Eye watches Superman confront Wonder Woman, they get a call from Black Canary in the Watchtower alerting them to the various threats we’ve just seen Brother Eye cause.
In prison, Sasha Bordeaux and Jessica Midnight hear screams from elsewhere in the building. In Rio de Janeiro, we rejoin Booster Gold and Guy Gardner, who are flying to recruit the super-heroine Fire, who joined the Justice League during their tenure. It’s a nice turn for the Giffen era of the Justice League, which has suffered so much from Identity Crisis onward. As she and Jessica make their way through the building’s corridors, Sasha aims upwards at the overhead gatling gun seen earlier.
In the Batcave, Bruce is still laid horizontal in bandages, getting updates from Black Canary about the various disasters around the world. As he continues to talk with Brother Eye, Batman understands that Max perverted the system’s purpose. On the final page, as Batman watches, the OMAC slashes deeply through Sasha’s chest, lifting her into the air as Jessica watches. One of the great disappointments of this issue at the time is the extent to which it focuses on Sasha Bordeaux and, to a lesser extent, Brother Eye. In terms of continuity, it’s worth noting that The OMAC Project #5 occurs over a period of about ten minutes of time.
As Batman watches a dead Sasha Bordeux held by an OMAC, while another tears off Rocket Red’s helmet, Brother Eye says goodbye to Batman. Over panels showing the Brother Eye satellite come out of cloak (or invisibility) in orbit, we see panels showing the computer scanning the various heroes. With these reinforcements, Brother Eye calculates that its chance of victory has gone from 0% to 100%.
Back in Checkmate HQ, with just under five minutes remaining in the countdown, Sashsa Bordeux lies dying on the floor, unable to help as she hears Midnight struggling for life against the OMAC in the room.
The voice in Sasha’s head responds to her mental questions, and thus we finally get some answers about the OMAC technology itself. In two seconds, she’s contacted Batman, still sitting at his computer in the Batcave.
It’s an illustration all the more pertinent when one remembers that the conclusion features some 1,373,462 of them being activated and sent on the warpath. Readers suspected, given that all of The OMAC Project is only prelude to Infinite Crisis, that the legions of activated OMACs wouldn’t destroy all super-heroes. Rucka had set up a great task for himself: he had one issue in which to deal with 1,373,462 OMACs.
Under this, we see images of OMACs killing metahumans: the D-list characters called Demolition Team, Fastball, the Batman villain Firefly, and the long unused Superman auxiliary characters called the Supermen of America. In Checkmate HQ, Sasha reaches out to Checkmate’s contacts outside those killed in Checkmate HQ. What Batman’s figured out is that the one hundred pounds of Kryptonite stolen from the Kord warehouse in DC Countdown, the investigation of which led to his death, was just a distraction. Back in Checkmate HQ, as the various wings of OMAC cause carnage the planet over, Sasha links with Brother Eye’s communications system.
Then the OMACs strike, filling the sky, and we see the assembled heroes for the first time. As the heroes fight the OMACs in the Sahara, a wing of OMACs descend on Alcatraz prison off San Francisco.
Over the Sahara, the Blackhawks protect Batman’s own plane with the EMP generator on its bottom. In Checkmate HQ, Sasha sees that Brother Eye has detected that she caused the communications shutdown and makes the Checkmate computers explode. After this brief wrap-up of events around the world, we return to Checkmate HQ, where Batman is talking with Sasha. It seems to be exactly what Wonder Woman feared in Wonder Woman #220: that the public would see her killing a human being and turn on her. And it’s nice that, whatever one thinks of the conclusion of the mini-series, it ends with yet another of the shocks for which it became so famous.
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In this instuctable, you will be able to learn how to find the area under the curve using integrals.
Make invisible gravitational waves, radio waves, sound waves, etc., graspable and more comprehensible with AR (Augmented Reality) robotics using a simple device I invented at the age of 12, in 1974. Sometimes to the detriment of the hedge fund managers and penthouse denizens on on the top floors, a skyscraper can wobble and sway due to wind and earthquakes.
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As the only turntable belt and phonograph specialist with the most extensive selection of turntable belts, we supply replacement belts designed for specific turntables. The art by Jesus Saiz is so superior to that of Wonder Woman #219 that it’s embarrassing. In the green text that serves as Brother Eye’s computerized thoughts, we learn that the BLACKKING protocol has two phases, each with separate stages.
We’re told that Martian Manhunter went to Moscow to handle the OMAC attacking Rocket Red, while Green Lantern John Stuart, Hawkman, and Flash are taking care of the power outage. Elongated Man’s wife may have been killed in Identity Crisis, Blue Beetle may have been killed and Maxwell Lord may have been revealed as a villain in DC Countdown, and Rucka may have just killed off Maxwell Lord.
And in Moscow, with Martian Manhunter smoldering, the OMAC begins to crush a prone Rocket Red’s helmet. After all, the cover features a battered Batman beneath a flying and fighting Superman and Wonder Woman, themselves beneath the Brother Eye satellite.
Superman is carrying Lois back to Metropolis, apparently following the events of Adventures of Superman #643. Mary Marvel and Metamorpho whisk Martian Manhunter away while Guy Gardner and Booster Gold begin to blast the OMAC. He tells Rocket Red that he remembers from his time in the future that someone died here, but he can’t remember who. It just so happens that all three OMACs are clear of the heroes, and Rocket Red tells Guy to create a bubble around the four of them with his ring.
In the broken glass of a computer monitor, she sees her face, metallic with a glowing red eye. The OMACs are created by nanotechnology derived from B-13, the technology that transformed and has since plagued Metropolis.
Sasha allows her fingers to extend into mechanical tools, reaching into the machine to interface. Here, Richards and Wiacek get the sequence in which Sasha activates in her new form, and a good deal is lost.
Their Batman is fine enough, even if the Batcave background, like that of Checkmate HQ before it, looks a little sketchy. The death of Rocket Red is handled well enough, and the fact that the heroes were unable to prevent the death of the person they came to rescue, after all, serves to illustrate the OMACs power. He admits his mistake in creating Brother I and he knows that people will die as the OMACs go after the planet’s metahumans.
Batman dismisses the idea of jamming Brother Eye’s broadcasts, saying the computer will merely reconfigure its transmissions. He tells them to take as many heroes as possible to a barren section in the Sahara Desert, south of Mount Totamai. Booster seems to regret not having remembered enough of his history from before he left the future to become a hero in the DC Universe’s present. The nanomachines in Sasha, that tell her they are her, apparently have no control against harming their fellow, more primitive nanomachines.
Wonder Woman’s dressed in her warrior garb, complete with a golden helmet, axe, and shield.
Though Sasha and Jessica survive, Brother Eye begins communicating again with the surviving OMACs, withdrawing them to the Brother Eye satellite. The heroes are evacuating what is doubtlessly hundreds of thousands stranded in the Libyan Sahara, many of them injured.
On the famous enormous video monitors, it broadcasts footage of Wonder Woman killing Maxwell Lord, and the crowd below is horrified. While it might be resolved at a later point, many important heroes were absent at the stand-off in the Sahara. Over a million people have found themselves in the remains of OMAC suits, most of them far from where they live. The whole plot with over a million OMACs feels rather obligatory — a blow-out conclusion to a best-selling mini-series. Balancing a chemical equation is important because there must be the same number of atoms on the initial side of the equation as well as on the final side of the equation. Our goal is to democratize the Hyperloop project through open-source collaborative design and development.
It's basically a jar filled with salt water with aluminum foil around the outside of the jar. Neither article explains what cellular automata are, why they are interesting, or how one can implement them in code. In short, a Schlieren system leverages the principal of refraction, and some clever optics to allow for the visualization of differences in density of transparent media. It has many uses and a lot of them are descibed on the Internet, some of them also on Instructables. Stand out from the crowd at your next get together with these 3 super simple science tricks to make water glow!For all of the following you will need a UV black light. We do not force fit a generic or OEM belt and size to a turntable—sadly a very common practice today. So Superman heads off to take care of the nuclear missile and Wonder Woman to hand the tsunami heading for Seattle. Fire was a sex symbol during her tenure with the League, but she points out that she worked as a spy for years prior to her time as a super-hero.
In the wake of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, sentient computers have become a commonplace, though one often illogically executed.
The pages illustrated by Cliff Richards and Bob Wiacek, however, leave something to be desired, especially in juxtaposition to Jesus Saiz.
Wonder Woman is pulling a battered semi truck out of a disaster area, apparently that caused by her crashdown during her fight with Superman. Brother Eye can see that it’s going to lose, so it activates two other OMACs in Moscow. As it begins, the red eye of the OMAC satellite goes dim and a countdown starts with seven minutes and 34 seconds.
But the other two OMACs arrive suddenly, immediately targeting the most powerful heroes: Guy Gardner and Mary Marvel.
He wants to get the OMACs together, briefly extend his force field around them, and detonate his own power supply. Before it can deliver the killing blow, it’s tossed to the side and stabbed in the chest.
Her battle with the OMAC is much more minimalist than Saiz art, much more in line with standard super-hero art than the fine art standard Saiz has set.

I suspect that Sasha Bordeaux could have become a much beloved character due to the popularity of this series. Having seen the covers to the early issues of Infinite Crisis, they knew OMACs would still be around.
It was almost inevitable that any conclusion in which the OMACs were defeated would feel rushed to some extent. John Stewart questions Batman’s trustworthiness, and Wonder Woman calls back to the heroes behind her and off-panel. The heroes still can’t find the Brother Eye satellite, which seems to be lying low for the time being. Imagine all of the people in the Sahara, speaking different languages and in need of not only food, water, and shelter but translators in order to learn what’s happened to them. If its conclusion felt far more like standard fare, at least its final page gave us another of those patented surprises with lasting importance. After graduating magna cum laude from Lawrence University (Appleton, Wisconsin), he obtained his M.A. And if you thought tests were hard when you were younger, try when you're several million years old!
While glowsticks and other chemoluminescence patents were orginally for the US Navy (probably to party, okay maaaybe for emergency response), they have since sprung up everywhere.
What would happen if we found a way to add the third piece of this equation to our phone, the right lens.
The apparent villain of the mini-series, seen on top of the world at the end of #3, was visibly dead at the beginning of #4. Jessica throws her chain around Sasha’s neck, strangling the woman who defended Max during their verbal confrontation in issue #1.
As Sasha comes to consciousness, Jessica keeps her covered with her pistol, concerned that Sasha’s an OMAC.
Brother Eye’s pride in its conversation with Batman may well seem similarly illogical. Black Canary, working from the Justice League’s Watchtower, is talking with Flash and unable to locate Batman or Superman.
With a blast, Mary Marvel is transformed back into Mary Batson, who is then knocked unconscious.
I also suspect that, her transformation into BlackKnight I being what it was, this is far les likely.
And it seemed like too much work was done creating Brother Eye to simply destroy it, though this wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.
The first is to introduce a virus into Brother Eye’s communication systems, shutting down transmission with the OMACs.
The Green Lanterns throw a shield over the heroes in the desert, protecting them from the electromagnetic pulse. And it does so, if Brother Eye’s command line is correct, on every screen around the world. While some heroes’ presence at this dramatic moment will find comment in their respective titles, other heroes will never be shown reacting to these events that touched the whole world. It’s ironic that, in late August 2005, the United States was struck by Hurricane Katrina and saw a much-publicized refugee crisis within its borders.
Sound needs something to move through, and if you take away the air, then you take away sound's pressure wave. A heart dissection is a fascinating experience that is at the core of our circulatory system, and our body as a whole. This is a set of rock tests to bring Earth Science to life for the budding young geologist to the expert explorer. With a fan in the front and a sail in the back, you'd think it would be the perfect self-contained contraption. Guy Gardner is blinded, then knocked backwards by one OMAC as the other creates a fire extinguisher in its hand and sprays Fire.
In fact, Superman’s last appearance in the series is in his one-panel cameo during the opening sequence.
The second is to trigger an electromagnetic pulse to shut down the nanotechnology, but this means gathering the OMACs and creating a blast that would rival a nuclear device, thus endangering the OMAC hosts. This is just part of the inherent problems of having a worldwide event depicted in one title that, in fact, functions as just one part of an interconnected universe.
The logistical problems of refugees had thus hit home for most readers of The OMAC Project not long before this conclusion was published.
In an adjacent room, an overhead machine gun activates and whirs into life, gunning down some Checkmate scientists. Sasha confirms that she also rebelled against Max, and the two join forces to take down Max, unaware of the situation.
The extent to which its autonomy actually functions along perimeters programmed by Max Lord remains to be seen. Martian Manhunter saves Booster Gold from attack, but the previously defeated OMAC has apparently revived, and all three OMACs combine to blast Martian Manhunter.
The computer voice inside Sasha’s head guesses that this was done through hiding the nanotechnology inside standard vaccinations.
It’s a delicate sequence because it can either be read as a clever extension of the OMAC program or as a hackneyed sequence in which a major character discovers that she has miraculously survived by becoming a robot-human hybrid. As we see Brother Eye’s commands, we realize the computer is set to eliminate all life within its headquarters.
Though Jessica notes Sasha’s sudden unexplained strength, they table any such discussion under the circumstances. An OMAC somehow creates a force field around Metamorpho, changing the Element Man into a gas.
With the art of Richards and Wiacek setting a rather conventional super-hero tone, the effect is too much the latter. In 2011, he founded Martian Lit, which publishes creative work, including his comic book Martian Comics. Close-ups require as much detail as any other artwork, but there is a tendency here to skimp a bit on details.
One feels a bit as if one has stepped from a sophisticated story set in the DC Universe into a rather silly story about a robot girl.
The panel in which Sasha’s eyes glow for the first time is, quite simply, the worst panel in the issue.

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