With apologies, this is the same picture from Netivot that was in this blog yesterday (source Haaretz). On the Gaza border this morning, the IDF (unbelievably) is processing Israeli goods and humanitarian supplies being sent to Hamas through the Kerem Shalom Crossing into Gaza. The simple fact is that citizens here in the South are now forced to spend their lives in or near bomb shelters because the IDF is afraid–and that is unbelievably pathetic. For almost a year now, your humble servant has been blogging about the absurdity of Israel (or anyone else) bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities. One reason I have felt this way is because of scope and depth of the Iranian nuclear enterprise–dozens of nuclear facilities buried far underground in hardened bunkers. And of course, all nuclear facilities would fried in an instant–as would all rocket launching capabilities.
Last month, in an opinion article largely overlooked by the public in The Israel National News, Dr. A daily feature of this blog is the recognition of those of you who support Israel by donating to this website.
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Detonating such a bomb at 25 miles would probably not create EMP effects over a wide area because the atmosphere is still quite dense at that altitude and would tend to damp out much of the effect.
Now if you were able to boost that same weapon up a couple of hundred miles, well clear of the atmosphere, it would create what’s known as the Compton effect, because the Gamma radiation from the weapon hits atoms in the lower atmosphere and fires their electrons straight down at something like 90% of the speed of light. Some of the missile tests Iran has conducted over the past couple of years have been identified as potential tests of an EMP weapon because of their flight profiles. Wouldn’t such a weapon have to be nuclear, since there wouldn’t be enough oxygen to support conventional high explosives? Any group or country that would give these chia-pets a dime for anything deserves the screwing they get.
I think I understand what you’re saying, but are you describing something that can be boosted on a missile??
I don’t think the majority of people really understand what an EMP detonated in the outer atmosphere would do. EMP weapons based on conventional explosives have a limited range due to the limited energy they can emit. OK, I assumed that the Nork EMP device is non-nuclear, but only for the political reason that no non-nuclear bomb, no matter how powerful, would trigger the kind of geostrategic response that deploying a nuclear bomb, no matter how small, would do. A lot of apparently well informed posts have pointed out the limitations of non-nuclear EMP pops.
I think a lot of damage will be done but a lot of technologies will still exist and the nation will pull to- gether.

Agreed instead of a ballistic missile just drive it right down the damn street in front of the New York Stock Exchange,Chicago Merchantile exchange,HQ Federal Reserve Bank,& the government plant that prints all the various govt checks.
I think I understand what you're saying, but are you describing something that can be boosted on a missile?? That, and the State Department has proven themselves to be more gutless than I’ve seen it in my lifetime. Now if you were able to boost that same weapon up a couple of hundred miles, well clear of the atmosphere, it would create what’s known as the Compton effect, because the Gamma radiation from the weapon hits atoms in the lower atmosphere and fires their electrons straight down at something like 90% of the speed of light. Solar winds and flares can play with magnetic fields, the curvature of the earth and atmosphere create a lensing effect that will be more intense at the center of an emp blast but filter out at the edges. Electromagnetic Wave Pulse Foot Massager (Alat Pijat Kaki Elektrik) Adalah Alat Pijat kesehatan yang di rancang secara detail dan teliti oleh ahli terapi kesehatan dengan gabungan ilmu teknologi gelombang elektromagnetik dari barat dan teknik akupuntur dari cina.
Electromagnetic Wave Pulse Foot Massager (Alat Pijat Kaki Elektrik) Merasa santai seperti Anda tidak pernah memiliki sebelumnya dengan kaki yang pijat elektromagnetik. Membantu membersihkan dan menghilangkan racun dan limbah keluar dari tubuh Anda, dan meningkatkan fungsi organ yang sesuai. Menggabungkan pijat tradisional tenar dan barat-gelombang listrik perawatan, perangkat merangsang daerah refleks tenar dan langsung menembus ke kaki, lutut, dan paha.
Membantu meredakan rasa sakit di persendian, Meruntuhkan pembengkakan dan mengobati penyakit di kaki. Memberikan khasiat luar biasa dalam mengurangi rasa sakit di kaki akibat berdiri dan mengenakan sepatu hak tinggi. Peralatan ini mengadopsi fungsi material ABS berintensitas tinggi, desain strukturnya berbasiskan ilmu pengetahuan mesin, bentuknya bagus dan modern. Generator plasma dengan penyetelan di dalamnya akan mengubah struktur kuman dan mentransform energi di sekeliling Anda, yang berfungsi untuk mensterilisasi, membersihkan asap dan debu, menghilangkan bau yang tak sedap dan meningkatkan kualitas udara, sehingga menjaga kondisi kesehatan Anda. Peralatan ini memiliki fungsi panas infrared, yang meradiasi titik-titik tubuh Anda yang saling berhubungan, sehingga memperbaiki susunan tulang, melancarkan sirkulasi darah. Prinsip kerja ilmiah, fungsi unik, pengoperasian yang sederhana membuat Anda dapat menggunakannya dengan aman dan terpercaya.Dengan control otomatis mikro komputer, semua fungsi akan menjadi jelas dalam sekejap. Pengaturan waktu otomatis, waktu yang ditetapkan dapat ditambah secara terus menerus, waktu terlama adalah 90 menit tiap kalinya. Ada 56 macam mode pemijatan untuk telapak kaki dan badan.Setiap mode dapat menganalisa dan menghilangkan lemak tubuh dan racun dengan tepat, yang akan memberikan terapi yang efektif ke area reflelksif telapak kaki.
Peralatan ini berfokus pada terapi fisik, terapi magnetis dan fungsi pijat, yang dapat melepaskan kelelahan dan sakit yang disebabkan ketegangan, memulihkan energi Anda dengan segera.Meningkatkan imunitas dan kemampuan menyembuhkan diri. Barang yang sudah dibeli tidak dapat ditukar atau dikembalikan, kecuali jika barang diterima dalam kondisi yang tidak layak atau rusak.
Your humble servant just cannot understand how the Israeli government allows its citizens to be bombed everyday. Any attack on Iran would almost certainly bring about the firing of 170,000 to 200,000 rockets at Israel from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza. Imagine a situation in which cars would not start, telephones would not operate, heating and air-conditioning systems would not work, food could not be shipped, hospitals would close when their back-up generators ran out of fuel–every electrical device from a computer to a refrigerator would simply turn off and never turn back on. Korea Disrupts Current Military Maneuvers With Russian Device To Jam GPS By JOOHEE CHO SEOUL, South Korea, March 9, 2011 North Korea appears to be protesting the joint U.S. Anything large enough to disrupt vast areas would be too cumbersome to achieve proper altitude. Those electrons wreak havoc on anything that it can induce a current in, like any non-hardened electronic device.

I think it’s more detailed in the problems created by an EMP and I prefered the writing style. There is an enormous difference between low explosives that conflagrate or burn very rapidly, and high explosives that detonate when a sufficiently strong shock wave travels through it. But actually popping one as an act of war would set cataclysmic forces in motion against the one who popped it. If you think about it, the Air Force’s air born laser systems operate on the same priciple only converting instantaneous bursts of energy into highly energized guided coherent light. Given an EMP of sufficient amplitude and altitude the only things not affected will be those things buried under at least 6 feet of soil (with no attached land lines) or those things in a Faraday cage.
That’s why I get so nervous about guys like Tom Donilon calling the shots for Hussein on items like this one.
Those electrons wreak havoc on anything that it can induce a current in, like any non-hardened electronic device.Could this effect the human heart? Placement of the emp would have to be just perfect to get the bang you are talking about so there are no guarantees for any enemy employing the device that they could take out the entire CONUS and CANADA as well.
I think you have more threats concerning locally employed EMP devices for example one hidden in a camera case or backpack and set off on on a tall building over a city somewhere. Gelombang pulsa pijat kaki menggunakan pengobatan tenar luas efektif refleks untuk mengaktifkan sistem saraf Anda untuk dirangsang, sehingga dapat meningkatkan sirkulasi darah dan fungsi tubuh lainnya. Seven people were injured badly enough to be hospitalized, but who knows how many others are suffering from incalculable emotional trauma? Who can forget the pictures from Netivot yesterday of the houses which were bombed and destroyed?
Even they know the South would launch an instant Mad Minute across the DMZ and make the rubble bounce after that.
The terror from such weapon provide them with great leverage and is the source of their power.
Any electronic device would would also be fried so that even if you had a generator (which would also be fried if it had any electronics controlling it) nothing would work. It’s more a matter of whether their missiles can heft a big enough weapon to the altitude required over the desired target. The main work has been to produce longer transmissions of that light with shorter recovery times of the capacitor devices involved including cooling said devices. One house may have not had any damage whatsoever but another’s electronics are totally gone. Based on the science, thinking that things would be a little messed up but kinda ok, borders on disconnect with reality but I guess could also be wild optimism.
Menjadikan Health Protection Instrument sebagai produk yang paling besar manfaatnya untuk menjaga kesehatan tubuh.Sangat baik sebagai alat untuk mengobatai dan menjaga kesehatan tubuh. Magnets will not lose their magnetism and damaged electrical generators could still be made to spin again. Theoretically, a small version could be carried in a trunk, or even a piece of carry-on luggage.
These bags are made of the same material that the military uses to protect their electronics. Park confirmed that South Korea has also developed an advanced electronic device that can be deployed in times of war.

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