Shielding effectiveness of OurSure textile products was tested by accredited institutes and verified to have up to 30-35 dB shielding effectiveness for 25%-35% metal blend fabrics .This dress top reduces risks of everyday RF radiation. A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world. Only for members of this.This is the armory where you get to showcase, draft or explain what your nation uses! The Ares-class heavy battlecruiser:The Ares-class heavy battlecruiser is the main capital ship of the KRN and is at the core of every battle group. Intrepid ClassActivated Intrepid Class Meta ArmorThe Intrepid class Battlecruiser is the backbone of the UEFP Fleet and the class was first commisioned in the year 2301 during the vexil invasion of the Milky Way galaxy.
Kreanolthan Mass Acceleration Cannons:Early on, Kreanolthan scientists realized that if a slug of metal could be launched fast enough a slug as small as one pound could be extremely powerful, rendering explosives unnecessary.
I'm only going through Early FT-PFTEarly FTThe technology in space warfare was just being created.
Imperial StarfleetImperial Starfleet is the main space military arm of the United Federation of Terra and commanded by group of ten admirals, however they are all answerable to one Grand admiral who serves as Commander-in-Chief of both Imperial starfleet and MACO and only answerable to Monarch himself. EFT to FTnadak class fighter functions on an electromagnetic repulor in atmospheric conditions while switching to a high efficency chemical propulsion in dpace combat. Last edited by The canardian republic on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:19 am, edited 4 times in total. Velociraptor-class Star DestroyerOne of the ship classes that forms the backbone of the Saurisian fleet, the Velociraptor-class is a longtime veteran having been in service for decades yet is still capable of punching a hole in enemy ships. You may explain as much as you want, but remember, you are showcasing, drafting or explaining your military technology here, not your civilian. Follow the rules of not being stupid and you are good.This thread is for the display and description of your military weapons, ships, teachnology, and tactics. The UCSAV is equiped with Dual Advanced Impulse engines giving it extreme mobility, as part of the IECS program for the UEFP military each of its soldiers has a TACMAP that can control one of these drones per soldier.
It has four hundred meters of crystalline titanium-A battle plate, a honey-combed internal bracing structure, a heavy energy shield, twenty heavy energy projectors, fifteen mass-acceleration-canons, thirty plasma lances, ten massive banks of heavy lasers, twenty large batteries of plasma torpedoes, and a tens of thousand missiles. The railguns simply fired powerful explosive slugs which detonated after getting about half way through the ship or device it was going through, rendering the target a wrenched ball of metal.
Like all star destroyers, it is a medium ship and is thus faster than a Star Dreadnought but is more heavily armed and armored than a frigate or corvette. Harnessing the potential of fortified smoke, vessels are able to gain access to this secondary dimension, and exceed the speed of light. Please feel free to describe all of you military junk in detail enough to make it seem slightly feaseable, or at least something that I would accept. It can travel up to 70% the speed of light under it twelve repulsor type sublight engines and at 70,000 light-years per-hour under its FTL drives. Many enemy vessels attempt to attack it and often resort to swarming in frustration, The Class is equipped with the Federations famous Temporel Drive and allows it to instantly traverse space. As energy weapons became more useful, as sheilding technologies began to render metal slugs useless, ion cannons were the new choice, though conventional lasers, as well as high explosion bombs were used to weaken enemy sheilds. It was built early on as a type of space taxi, but soon during a large war between a first contact species we had to change it. Either I am on the side of Life Victorious, or I am making a defiant but hopeless last stand against the all-consuming abyss. Similar to my inspirational techbase, it's based around small numbers of actual ships utilizing high technology to win the day.
Also like all star destroyers, it has a built-in hangar and thus contains its own contingent of fighters, bombers, and transports. Any vessel within the Astrum may view out into reality, although their sensors are badly degraded by the powerful interference of the tides and currents. It is recommended that your only posts here have to deal with detailing your military.Let it begin then!
Please sort out your technology into the different eras and techs so that nothing is confused. It is 15,000 meters long and carries ten fighter squadrons and a complement of 1,800 standard marines and 600 laconians.

I figured it'd be an interesting twist considering most everyone else seems to be using swarms of warships. Some ships have specially built sensors that permit them to peer through the oppressive fog of interference, by only partially exiting the dimension. Do not godmod, flame, troll, or do anything unacceptable by my terms, which are extremely lax.
With the ability to operate in any environment including space and planet atmosphere it is extremely versatile.
Despite this, it is currently nearing the end of its lifespan as military advisers have finally convinced the council that the Perseus-class should be decommissioned and replaced with a newer design that nativity incorporates the newer technology.
The Terraforming cannon has became unique over the years as the federation began perfecting terraforming and found a way to do this with a cannon. After the first use of railguns in space proved to be exceedingly destructive, sheilds quickly turned to magnetic or plasma sheilding, attempting to either fling matter away or turn it into the sheilding. As time went on, armor became thicker, and the slug had to move faster be become heavier to break the armor down until the slug weighed over one hundred tons and moved at nearly .05c.
The Fortis is the embodiment of the Adventian doctrine of precise, long-range missile barrages, calculated to take advantage of orbital trajectories to stope hostile fleets dead in their tracks. No computer, intergalactic race or animal will defeat the zakesh race? as long as we have this fires in our hearts burning!"quote from Zer'kesh the defender. First entering service in 2617, it was one of the first fully-indigenous classes that was not based on a Saurorean design.
Peering into the Astrum is nearly impossible, although there are some highly specialized and primitive forms of detection equipment that can do so, in a limited manner.
Armaments include high powered Dual phasers and 2 Quantom Torpedo launchers onboard, housing at least 30 torpedoes.
So in essence the Intrepid class can terraform dead planets in about a week, giving the amount of power that is allocated to the cannon at the time. Active energy sheilding became a must have for all ships, so that their chances of survival would be drastically enhanced. Via sophisticated deflection mirror arrays, these X-rays can be focused into a coherent beam. Its versatility and overall cheap price compared to other ships of its class ensured that the Velociraptor-class remains in service and is a common sight in fleets, orbital defenses, convoys, and exploration units. A more reliable method for detecting ships traveling in the Astrum is to spot the distinctive wake they leave in reality.
Its defensive capabilities are still classified, but what i can tell you is that it has Extremely powerful shields that are normally found on Recon starships of the federation. It has two meters of crystalline titanium-A battle plate, a light energy shield, two mid-power energy projectors, three light mass-acceleration-canons, three plasma lances, several lasers, a couple large batteries of plasma torpedoes, and a few hundred missiles. With a length of 600 meters and weight 2,000,000 metric tonnes the class is relatively a mid sized Starfleet vessel.
Unique rotary hull design allows the ship to fire a maximum number of missiles while still maintaining a maneuverable shape. It can travel up to 60% the speed of light under it two repulsor type sublight engines and at 60,000 light-years per-hour under its FTL drives.
The Meta Armor is a new armor developed by the Federation, first pioneered on the Discovery class.
Advances in technology allowed for slugs to be fired at over .95c and for slugs to weigh over 10,000 tons.
Fortis class vessels are essentially designed to be self-sustaining, with onboard missile and munitions factories that are completely automated, and mining drones capable of procuring resources from nearby asteroid belts. It is 1,000 meters long, and it carries a single squadron of fighters and a complement of 3,000 standard marines and 1,000 laconians. This Armor is about 8 times stronger than Ablative armor and as such able to withstand a wide array of punishment. At this time Zeus-class battleships and Sparta-class orbital battle-stations can fire 12,000 ton slugs at .99c.
It's current speed is over 2,300 MPS, it is run by 4 quad core duo Laser Acquitted engines.

Festina-Class: The destroyers of the Adventian fleet, designed for 'mop-up operations' after an effective barrage, also equipped to fire long range missiles in support.
At either a pre-programmed distance-to-target or via command from the parent, the vehicle will activate its shaped cutting charges and shed its outer dust shield; revealing ten independent missiles. Cautious captains strike from hiding with their torpedoes, dropping fast moving missiles into reality with a suddenness fit to stun even the most well trained crew. The class is equipped with a scientific suite along with reconnisance and is a very capable explorer. At these weights and speeds that can lay waste to most shield tech and more forms of armor in little more that two or three shots, a number far lower than the amount of cannons carried by many classes of ships. These missiles will then launch, each independently targeting the designated target and pursuing on a high-acceleration, low-endurance plasma rocket.
Bold skippers will emerge from the Astrum, bringing their single powerful deck gun to bear on vulnerable targets.
Defensive capabilities are naturally classified, but is strong enough to traverse a star's corona and could remain there indefnitly to take detailed scans.
The missiles carry various warheads.Antiship X-ray – Rather than detonating and “pumping” a series of lasing rods as previous generations, Cetelak X-ray warheads siphon high-energy plasma from their own drive system to emit a coherent X-ray tight beam from the missile's nose. Roughly a thousand of these per battle group, most housed in Fortis class vesselsHasta Class: Essentially a military shuttle, also outfitted as a deep space cruiser for small crews. Each vessel is built with a set of dorsal and ventral turrets, containing powerful mass driver cannon to accelerate their shells to high velocity.
The most modern vessels fire guided rounds that can actively track their targets, increasing hit probabilities. Functions as the workhorse of the fleet, rescuing downed pilots and performing munitions resupply runs.
Heavy antiship missiles focus an incredibly powerful thermonuclear reaction into a laser-like beam width, for the first time in Imperial Republic history making the holy grail of charged particle weaponry remotely feasible.Type 16 “Duvoir” Missile – Too large to be deployed by any but the largest capital ships, and too expensive to be used except in the most dire of circumstances, the Duvoir takes advantage of the smallest continuous wormhole drive ever developed.
Turrets come in several configurations, though the most common are single, double and triple, some quadruple turrets do exist.
Completely without any sort of warhead, the Duvoir instead takes advantage of the unique physics of wormhole space to exit close to the target at high relativistic velocities. By disrupting the quantum state of matter within its “blast” radius, quantum busters can generate runaway cascade reactions in contiguous pieces of baryonic matter; collapsing them and converting them into energy. If deployed against an inhabited world, it would render the world sterile in a matter of days.Advanced Quantum Buster – Developed in response to the threat of devastating, Quantum Buster-fueled solar flares, the AQB is a variant on the Quantum Buster meant to survive in the incredibly hazardous conditions of a stellar body.
Were it deployed against such a body, the effects on any world in the star's habitable belt would be disastrous. Their secondary cannon are between four and six inches in diameter, and fire cruiser weight shells. For some time these unarmed and lightly armored ships were seen as too fragile to be useful, but with the improvement of the Draussenbootes, carriers have become a practical option once more. Strikes are launched from within the Astrum, and it is only when their weapons have been expended that the carrier will emerge, recover its charges, and slip away to safety once more. In addition, they usually mount fewer guns, both in terms of main armament, as well as secondaries and point defense.
They make up for it by carrying deadly torpedoes, and astrum charges with which to engage Draussenbootes. The shells are all fairly large, and each one contains within it a large store of antimatter, inside a thin shell.
Reaction with the shell and the targets hull converts the antimatter and real matter into energy, for a large scale energy release. They can be fired either within the Astrum, or in the real world, and accelerate rapidly toward targets under their own power.

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