The USS Enterprise from the Star Trek universe utilizes electromagnetic 'deflector' shields to protect itself from space-borne hazards. Two related concepts, the Electrostatic Defense Field and the Plasma Shield, will be discussed in their own articles. NASA is also currently looking into integrating active electromagnetic fields into spacecraft hulls to shield them from radiation hazards. The more powerful you want the field, you either add more wires coils or more current, within limits.
These fields work best against metallic objects, but fields of sufficiently immense strength would be able to deflect almost any kind of normal matter. This technology is usually associated with spacecraft and space stations, mainly because of its previously mentioned potential use in protecting such assets from radiation. Besides physical threats, such fields can also potentially deflect charged particle beams and plasma weapons.
One of the big drawbacks to using these fields defensively is their potentially enormous energy drain. Another big drawback is the effect the field will have on both operating personnel and nearby electronics. Electronics will suffer short-circuits, and glitches as their circuits pick up stray charges from the field.
Such defense fields may also play havoc with communications, but this can be at least partially bypassed by extending a shielded radio mast or antenna out past the field. Finally, there is the consideration that in combat, an active electromagnetic defense field would show up like a bright star on enemy sensors, pretty much drawing a large metaphoric bullseye around the target vehicle. We are being exposed to radiation from cell phones, computers, video games, and other electronics on a daily basis. What does this do to us? In a report in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility, Argentinian scientists describe how they got semen samples from 29 healthy men, placed a few drops under a laptop connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and then hit download.
Four hours later, a quarter of the sperm were no longer swimming around, compared to just 14 percent from semen samples stored at the same temperature away from the computer. The Design is Laser etched into the aluminum top sheet so that residual radiation vibrates into a harmonic field! The Shield Blocks the EMF Radiation from penetrating into the body and resonates through the geometry creating a new harmonized energy!
Although our tests demonstrate an effective block of radiation of around 90-95%, we recognize that there remains a very small amount of signal that manages to get reflected back through the shield, and also trickles through the underside. Entering our 8th year of helping customers live healthier lives, we are the original innovators of our market. As independent testing has shown, HARApad blocks the full frequency spectrum of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) which includes Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Radio Frequency (RF) emissions.
That means your health won’t be affected by using cell phones, tablets and laptop computers when used with a HARApad.
HARApad was the first to introduce technology that reduces harmful EMF radiation exposure to virtually undetectable levels. We’re exposed to extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation every day from sources like portable media devices, computers, mp3 players, televisions and even power lines. However, a laptop and mobile phone are among the few electrical devices we use in direct contact with our body, consequently exposing us to the full effects of the radiation. Don't be fooled by our competitors who have copied our products, instead buy the real, tested, certified original radiation shield from Harapad. HARApad develops innovative products combined with industry-leading knowledge to help our customers live the healthiest possible lives while embracing Mobile Technology. The most important thing to consider is the effect of this radiation on children, who are still developing. My wife and I are struggling with some infertility issues, and we think laptop radiation is partially to blame. Technology has taken over every aspect of our lives, so unless you are riding your bike in some rural area, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re at risk of exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) generated by electronics. If you check out the product manual for your smartphone, whether is a LG, HTC, or Samsung, the fine print about safety will require the user to use accessories to keep that handset at a minimum of 1 centimeter away from the body.
Do you want to be informed about the information regarding Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) safety?
We share the newest research and information how to protect yourself from effects of Electromagnetic Radiation. Extensive selection of conductive and shielding fabrics.Variations of corrosion resistance, weight, color, bio-compatibility. In particular Sulphur, high Fluoride, and low pH will react strongly with Silver and destroy conductivity and shielding performance. Washing will eventually degrade all fabrics with Silver fibers and reduce shielding performance.

If you require un-creased materials for your application, please add the "roll charge" option and we will ship your fabric rolled on a core. Minors defects (such as small pulls, small holes, or minor discolorations) are a natural part of the production of these high tech fabrics. Special recipe detergent preserves the shielding performance, saves the environment and is suitable for many allergy sufferers.
After many years of experience with shielding fabrics we found out that some laundry detergents are bad for the shielding attenuation.
It contains no fragrances, coloring agents, complexing agents, preservatives, enzymes, genetic engineering, petrochemicals, and all ingredients are 100 % biodegradable.
6-foot long ground cord, alligator clip on one end bites onto fabric, 3-prong-style plug on the other end plugs easily into your grounded outlet. With this conductive thread, you can add conductivity to any fabric, make conductive traces as easily as sewing, even use it as un-insulated low voltage wiring. With conductive thread, you can add conductivity to any fabric, make conductive traces as easily as sewing, even use it as uninsulated low voltage wiring. This flexible polymer exhibits extraordinary electrical resistance change when deformed by squeezing, pulling or twisting. It is claimed that electrons ‘pass’ through the insulation by a process called quantum tunneling. QTC™ can be used as a solid state switch - in the "off" state it is a good insulator and in the "on" state it is as good as a metal conductor. Engineers know that you can measure surface resistivity from one point on the surface to another using an ordinary ohm-meter. More consistent results are obtained by measuring the surface resistivity between two bars. Order of electromagnetic protection maternity clothes is all the same fabric square cutout at its may. The design is a special geometrical transformation of NASA’s ‘Sound of The Sun’ recorded vibration.
If that’s the case then you would be happy to know that tinfoil hats are no longer the only solution to your problem. This is not tin-foil-hat thinking, just an acknowledgement of the critical need for EMF protection. The HARApad® laptop radiation and heat shield is a unique product that provides ultimate safety while using today’s modern mobile technology. We’ve been duplicated by various other competitors because we still have the best product available to protect you from harmful EMF radiation. Further, whether it’s an automobile, boat, plane, or train, all these transport options are also sources of EMR. The FCC radiation standards were formed in the 1990s, so it’s quite difficult to see how it could possibly cover the devices in the market today. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, simply notify us and we'll issue a refund. In addition, customers who suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity syndrome) reported some brands cause an undesirable odor. This nontoxic, solvent free and water soluble material spreads easily and dries quickly to form a conductive bond between most surfaces. In-house samples demonstrate that the material can last years if treated properly and kept dry.
In practice, QTC™ can be connected in quite simple ways to create anything from switches to force sensors.
In classical physics, the electrons cannot pass through an insulating barrier, but according to quantum theory a wave can – and this is what happens in QTC™. It can be used to detect even very small changes due to compression, tension or other stresses and it can carry significant currents allowing for the direct control of loads.
This soft 39 inch fabric potentiometer is perfect for controlling the brightness of an LED or the changing the tone of a buzzer to make cool sound effects. Conductivity is important for joining shields, connecting ground cords, and determining if the material will be good for Earthing. For simplicity, two parallel bars of equal length are placed exactly 1 length apart on the surface to be measured. HOWEVER, we value the effects of sacred geometry and it’s applications in technology in todays world, and so we have Laser-etched a very sacred symbol into both the upper and lower surface of the LaptopShield. A couple of Slovakian entrepreneurs have developed the world’s first signal proof head-wear that has been designed to impart protection to your brain by reflecting electromagnetic waves.As per the Kickstarter campaign that is being run by Shield Apparel, the hats are comfortable and stylish while offering protection from signals that are being emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves and all sorts of waves being transmitted by electric gadgets. Medical Journals have published numerous articles proving that EMF radiation is indeed harmful to your body.

Incredibly durable and functional by design, it offers comfortable and convenient EMF protection. A lightweight computer, tablet or phone pad designed to protect your body against the effects of heat and electromagnetic radiation.
What’s worse is that we are also travelling surrounded by powerlines which increases the risk of exposure to EMFs. In this booklet you get swatches of each fabric, along with specifications and application suggestions. This new laundry detergent, developed in cooperation with a prestigious manufacturer of eco-detergents, will not react with our Silver or stainless steel shielding fabrics which are washable.
Just squeeze a little bit onto your fabric, embed the bare copper wire lead into it and wait about an hour.
Also can be used to create conductive pathways on surfaces or add shielding to cables and flexible conduits.
In its normal, uncompressed state, QTC acts as a near perfect insulator, but as it is gradually compressed it will allow more current through until it is nearly a perfect conductor. Another way of describing the quantum tunneling effect is to say that a non-zero probability exists of electrons one side of the insulation barrier appearing on the other side. Kit includes 1 meter of knitted conductive tape, instructions for a simple circuit using a Lilypad Arduino (not included), and a metal ring.
But this method yields very inconsistent results, especially with surfaces that are not perfectly homogeneous.
The makers claim that ‘It is the most comfortable and functional headwear you have ever worn.’The founders of Shield Apparel are a couple of Slovak cousins who stayed up one night discussing about how the lack of sleep might be attributed to cell phone or Wi-Fi signals. Because we provide solutions to problems that are often ignored, our product is the only one that blocks all three types of electromagnetic radiation. Use it to create re-sealable flaps, tubes, and seams in shielding fabrics, plastics and foils. Fun to experiment with and great for turning anything with a screw-in battery compartment into an effective dimmer switch! It doesn't matter how long the bars are, since longer bars will be placed proportionally further apart. The group decided to do something about it and gained their inspiration from the tinfoil hats. Note that Electric Paint is water soluble, washing with soap and water will remove any paint which has been applied. The conductivity of Electric Paint increases as it dries, therefore wait until it is completely dry to test your projects. Can also be used between layers of conductive fabric to make variable switches and variable resistors or capacitors. This handy meter uses two parallel 2” conductive rods, mounted right on the back of the meter to make solid contact with the surface you are testing. The resistance measured between the two bars in Ohms is the resistivity of the surface in Ohms per square! They were lucky enough to soon find out what they needed precisely – a special silver fabric that is employed by army for covering its tents to keep them hidden from satellites.
If you need larger pieces for your testing, you can order as little as 1 linear foot of any material (see above).
If you want to make it more durable, you can use waterproofing spray to protect the surface of the fabric.
The cousins said, “We ordered the first sample from the factory for the production of this material and we tried it on a mobile Wi-Fi router. Silver kills a number of bacteria, including those that cause odor, has excellent thermal properties, is nontoxic and is perfect for those suffering from diabetes, arthritis and sensitive skin. When we covered up these devices, the signal was immediately lost.”They worked with Chinese manufacturers and designers for about 6 months before they were able to come up with a successful prototype that exhibited anti-radiation, anti-odor and anti-bacterial features. Silver also allows Smartphone or other touch screen use while wearing gloves knit from the yarn. Display also says one of the following: CONDUCTIVE, STATIC DISSIPATIVE, INSULATIVE, so there is no question about what the numbers mean.
The traditional beanie has been created using high-quality cotton and silver fabric that is perfect for winter and somewhat warmer days as well.
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