Have not had a bunch of time yet but let me tell you this; I purchased them on an impulse buy on Fremont in Vegas. Massager is fantastic… But to go one step further their customer service department is 100% top notch. THIS IS THE BEST PORTABLE STIM UNIT I HAVE EVER USED, AND I’VE USED HUNDREDS OF THEM.
The 555 Stepper Pulse Generator kit will help you with the pulse required to drive your favorite DC Servo Motor application. I can’t think of a more pleasant experience I have ever had dealing with a companies customer service department.

IT HOLDS A CHARGE FOREVER (HYPERBOLE), THE STIM SETTINGS ARE VERY EFFECTIVE, AND IT WORKS AS A TENS, AN EMS, OR STRAIGHT MUSCLE MASSAGE. Following the step by step on EliKing website I was able to hook it up in less then 3 minutes. Now my daughter uses my unit all the time so I had to order me a new one today and extra pads as well. It is a blessing to have a device I can use at home to spot-treat between visits to my doctor. I had to insist she have the attendant remove the device so that we could go to the Penn and Teller show.

I am a big dude and to feel my shoulders raise snd lower while relaxed was truly phenomenal. It did take a little effort to get a great connection but then I wear size 13 ultra wide so the little shoes feel like toys.

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Rubric: Emergency Preparedness Survival


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    Wellness are capable to evacuate the premises safely.
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    EMP event such as a lightning strike can damage physical.
  3. Ilqar_Vasmoylu
    Fire harm control and make sure you have a fire works with the coordinator.