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The coaxial cable between a VHF Marine Band radio and its antenna is a transmission line conductor, and the characteristic impedance of the cable is an important consideration in the overall radio system.
The least attractive method, although perhaps the one most used by boaters, is to install two PL-259 connectors and mate them with a UHF-Barrel or dual female connector. The Mini-UHF connector is another connector available in both male and female gender for cable end use, but they are difficult to acquire in small quantities. If you've never installed coax cable connectors before, I strongly suggest you find a pro to do it for you. I just went through this and used the Shakespeare gold-plated Centerpin Solderless PL-259-CP-G, against the advice of those on this forum. Balls of solder sitting on top of the holes is typical and is a clear indication of an improper solder job. Our well-trained workforce specializes in lean manufacturing technologies with an emphasis on building quality systems into every process.

Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world.
I agree that you should avoid doing these types of connections but it is done almost universally on sailboats that have their VHF antenna on top of the mast. A well executed solder will be bright and shiny as this example is, but will be concave as opposed to convex. Historically, my connections have been successful, but I am wondering if I am at a disadvantage because of the soldering tool I use, which is the Portasol pictured here.
You because you don't know to use a soldering iron with a lot more power, and the tool because it doesn't create enough heat to solder something as large and heavy as a PL 259 connector. The braided shield of the coax should wick the solder down into the hole creating a concave appearance (same goes for the center conductor) like the one in the first photo below. Each assembly and assembly process is analyzed to maximize efficiencies and minimize setup. These are real resumes created by LiveCareer subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder.
Since these transmission lines are usually quite short, typically 20-feet or less in length, the whole line is replaced in preference to making a splice. The connection is done near the mast step so the mast can easily be disconnected for removal.
My VHF range is minimal now so I am going have to do it all over again, this time I will do it the right way. The idea with soldering is to get the joint hot so the solder flows in to the joint easily. We cover virtually all manufacturing needs – simple manual component assemblies to complete finished products that are tested, packaged and ready to ship. The advantage of the BNC-series is that you can easily obtain both a male and female connector for cable ends.

Listen to Fairbank56, it may be easier to hire a electronic person as he suggested because this job is a pain in the ----. You need to use an iron that has lots of mass so that the heat of the iron is not instantly and significantly reduced when you apply it to the connector. PL259 connectors are readily available in male and female variety as are mini-uhf types, even in small quantities. The problem with many types of connectors that may be an option is that they require special tools for installation that the DIY won't have, don't have experience with or want to pay for. A continuity check will only tell you that maybe one small portion of one of the fingers is making contact, and just because there is continuity right after you install it, doesn't mean it's going to maintain that contact. I'm a professional in this business and the number one problem I find in DIY communications equipment installations is faultily installed coax connectors. In a true crimp connector, the cable shield gets sandwiched between two pieces of metal with one of them getting permanently crimped with a specially sized die in a crimp tool.
There are also issues with the centerpin connection to the center conductor of the coax cable. Installing this type of connector will be the easiest solution for you but it will most likely cause problems in the future. The second shows the center pin not going into the center of the coax center conductor, but going off to the side distorting the cable. Iv'e got a box full of used centerpin connectors along with one inch pieces of coax showing why these connections fail. geobee
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