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The resistor's ability to reduce the current is called resistance and is measured in units of ohms (symbol: ?). Primarily, resistors (like other electronic parts) can be divided into two types depending on the way they are mounted on PCBs. The resistance measurement mode of rotary switch is marked by a ohm symbol as shown in the image above. On a printed circuit board, an outline pattern is drawn to help you correctly mount the resistors.

As it is clear from the image that it has two holes on the either sides to insert the legs of resistor. Their are two types of symbol widely used to represent a resistor in an electronic schematic (circuit diagram). Resistors are one of the most basic and widely used electronic components so we start our series on components with Resistors.
I am reviewing and recommending this book here,because I am getting tons of comments from newbies in electronics asking where to start,what to study, how to etc. But you can buy the hard copy of the book online by clicking on the link and you can receive it in your billing address. The amount is not too much for me but how to make the payment and the assurance of having when paid is where my problem lies.
They opposes(or resists) the flow of electric current through them, that is why they are named resistors.
Since the look depends on type and specification, it is not possible to provide a single image.

By generalised we mean that we are free to make any kind of circuit as we wish using this PCB. EPE is the worlds premier hobbyist magazine for electronics and computer enthusiasts, with construction projects for beginners and experts.
This makes it useful for small scale production of electronic devices and also for testing out new ideas before production.
You really need to go through some books that gives you some basic knowledge of the industry and science.
If the sample of resistor being measured has resistance greater than 200 ohms, the screen of DMM will show 1.
I recommend this book to all guys who are new to Electronics world and really interested in knowing what it is?

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