For more information about the electronics repair course in Malaysia do visit the link HERE. The participant from USA is leaving today and the participant from Italy is leaving tomorrow. Thanks for the articles you've always sent to me.just wanted to know if am interested in the training course what do i need to do,and how much can it cost. Please mote that am an Electronic technician so I would to take an advance course in electronic with you.

When the training is complete I would also like you to list most important tools and equipment that I should buy for effective maintenance and repair work. Could you please advise on the type of testing equipment worth purchasing before the course started including freight to Christmas Island please.
Just completed today the Basic Electronics Troubleshooting and Repairing Course for 9 participants. I'm a former subscriber of your website on my previous employer.Now on my current company I'm working as Pre Sale Engr.

Tomorrow morning I will be bringing them to Jalan Pasar (Electronics Center) to buy electronics related stuff.

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