This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. With the Pocket Patch, quickly and easily turn any pocket into a radiation shield for your reproductive organs, protecting you from damaging cell phone & WiFi radiation. Cell phones emit a type of radiation that can damage your reproductive organs, affecting your fertility and virility.
The Pocket Patch is made with an advanced combination of silver and copper, woven into comfortable, high-quality cotton. The Pocket Patch was tested for shielding effectiveness at the UCLA Center for High Frequency Electronics. You never need to remember your radiation protection, because it's always right in your pocket.
This portable kit includes a single, four-compartment pill box that holds one day of medication.
The waterproof DryBUDS SPORT with microphone is the newest waterproof headphone from DryCASE. Listen clearly - Sleek noise-canceling WindStop microphone delivers superior audio quality in windy environments. The Ztylus ZGS-4 Case features a tripod mount, interchangeable lenses, and a hand grip that will turn your Samsung Galaxy 4 into a better camera. The Ztylus ZGN-3 Case features a tripod mount, interchangeable lenses, and a hand grip that will turn your Samsung Note 3 into a better camera. Each Pocket Patch is designed to be quickly and easily applied on to the lining of any pocket to deflect up to 99% of cell phone radiation away from your body and reproductive organs.
The SYB™ Pocket Patch (Patent Pending) turns any pocket into an EMF shield, protecting you and your reproductive organs from harmful cell phone & WiFi radiation. Multiple scientific studies have linked this type of radiation with infertility, damaged sperm and even impotence. The Pocket Patch uses an advanced combination of cotton, silver and copper to reduce your personal exposure from your cell phone, deflecting up to 99% of cell phone microwaves.
After hearing about the dangers of cell phone radiation I decided to do some research on how I can protect myself (specifically, my man parts) as I always have my phone in my pocket. Since I read about the harmful effects of having the cell phone in your pocket, I did some research and came across the EM Shield Pocket Patch.
This is an easy and non-intrusive way to add some protection from harmful cell phone radiation.
We all have heard by now the dangers of cell phone radiation and how harmful it can be to a person. He can now be assured that he is protected, his phone is protected, and I will remain happy not worrying about if he will be able to give me more children down the road. These pocket patches are awesome especially if you are aware of the dangers of radiation and cell phones.

After reading the results from UCLA that it does in fact deflect 99% of Cell phone radiation.
I’ve always had my cell phone in my pocket without caring about anything possibly happening to my man parts.
We plan to run additional tests to see how many times the Pocket Patch can actually be washed without losing effectiveness. So, the Pocket Patch is only designed to be ironed on to pockets where you carry your phone. The reason is, the Pocket Patch is designed to be used covering only one side of the phone— the part between the phone and your body. And so, not only does the phone still work, but unlike other phone shielding products, the Pocket Patch does not increase the drain on your phone’s battery. Q: I tried wrapping my phone in pocket patches and it showed no reduction in signal strength and was still capable of recieving an incoming call.
In response, first I would say that wrapping the phone in our Patches is not a suitable test, for two primary reasons.
This is what makes the Pocket Patch comfortable against the skin and hypoallergenic, while still deflecting up to 99% of cell phone radiation. It features a sliding desk that turns your work, reading, or gaming time into a healthy part of the day. I cut it to size and placed it inside the phone cover which I position towards my body when I carry the phone in my pocket or clip. I’ve read some horror stories about cell phone radiation and decided this was a must purchase to protect myself! Definitely a great investment and you are protected 99% which is even better since our phones are always next to us. After our cancer ordeal with me I am more perked up with health dangers and try to find ways to protect my family. After reading the dangers of having the cell phone in your pocket (We never knew that) My husband is an Electrician his phone is in his pocket ALL day. But I came across a random link online that told me about all the harmful affects my cell phone’s radiation could have on my private parts. 1) Because the way cell phones are designed, if they have trouble making a connection to a cell tower, they will continue to increase the power of their emissions to compensate. This is because our Patches shield on only one side-- the pocket lining between your phone and your body. On their site they reference tests conducted at UCLA that show that the patch blocks up to 99.1% of the radiation emanating from my cell phone.
I usually have my phone facing the inside so the camera lens isn’t facing it, however regardless, I still know with this I am perfectly covered!
With all this radiation scare I do not want to take any chances so I went ahead and got these shield patches.

I carry my cellphone in my pocket while I work 8-10 hours a day and I feel a whole lot safer about my health and risk of radiation exposure. Once you turn the pants back on the right side, the patch will be against your body to protect your body from the cell phone radiation. I feel more comfortable walking around with my phone in my pocket knowing that this little patch is preventing any radiation from going into my body. And if you stick it on the back, you would actually deflect more radiation into your head when speaking on the phone. This deflects a big chunk of the phone's radiation emissions away from your body, but allows the phone to continue operating normally because it can still communicate in all other directions.
I immediately went to their store to see how much these patches cost and was shocked to see that they were only $20 for a pack of three so I purchased a pack to test. They are touching our hand, ears, and legs if you are like me and stick your phone in your pocket. As soon as I learned about this I stopped putting my cell phone in my pockets right away because I didn’t like the negative affects. Any pocket you can iron on the Pocket Patch is a pocket where the Pocket Patch can be used.
Application was a breeze, all I had to do was Iron the patches to the inside of my pockets.
Just iron them into your pocket, or whatever part of your clothing your phone is always on and have a piece of mind. It was easy to apply to his pants, all you need is an iron, the patch itself, and the pants. When I learned about this product I bought it straight away, it doesn’t even feel like I attached anything to my pocket and I love that I don’t have to be afraid of cancer and other issues like that! A lot of people carry on their hip, so you code iron it on the inside of your pants in that area. You are sent more than one pocket patch which is a bonus because you can apply them to additional pockets or you can have them on multiple pairs of pants. There has been many many findings of tumor growth right where the cell phone has been carried, unfortunately. I’m really happy that a company has come up with something so simple to help keep us healthier.
It might not protect everywhere else but its nice knowing that I’m reducing my radiation exposure.

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