To help students with disabilities succeed in school, teachers may need to modify the classroom environment, adjust their teaching strategies, or make other adjustments.
The goal of 504 plans is for students to be educated in regular classrooms along with the services, accommodations, or educational aids they might need. It's important to note that students with IEPs are also entitled to the additional protections and services offered by 504 plans. A 504 plan should be considered when a student isn't benefiting from instruction due to a physical or mental impairment.
A 504 plan can help when a student returns to school after a serious injury or illness, or when a student isn't eligible for special education services or an IEP, but still needs extra services to succeed academically. After reviewing academic and medical records and interviewing the student and parents, the 504 team determines if the child is eligible to have a 504 plan put in place. Once the plan is developed by the team, all the student's teachers are responsible for implementing the accommodations in the plan, as well as participating in plan reviews. The 504 plan should be reviewed at least annually to determine if the accommodations are up to date and appropriate, based on the student's needs. Students with health and safety emergencies should dial x5200 from an on-campus phone, or 504-865-5200 from an off-campus phone, to reach the Tulane Police Department.
Students also have access to the Tulane Student Health Center, which can be reached at 504-865-5255 (uptown location). Although it is not mandatory, students are also requested to make an effort to contact their Resident Advisor after medical attention has been sought, especially if the emergency occurred within the residence hall.
There are many Blue Light Phones (emergency phone terminals usually distinguishable by a flashing blue light after dark) located throughout campus that provide a direct connection to Tulane Police, staffed 24 hours a day. The Tulane Police Department provides security escorts to ensure the safety of those who are traveling on campus, especially after dark.

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IEPsEvaluation and ReferralReviewing the 504 Plan  Students with physical or mental disabilities can face academic hurdles for a variety of reasons, so it's important for teachers to be familiar with federal laws and educational plans that help ensure their special needs are met. Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is designed to help parents of students with physical or mental impairments in public schools, or publicly funded private schools, work with educators to design customized educational plans. Other tasks include assessing students' progress and communicating effectively with parents. If students with these plans can't achieve satisfactory academic success, as is determined by the school, then alternative settings in the school or private or residential programs can be considered. The main difference is that a 504 plan modifies a student's regular education program in a regular classroom setting. Full parental participation in the 504 plan process, however, is important for the student's academic success. Students with IEPs might benefit from a 504 plan, for example, if they're moving from a special education setting to a regular classroom. Once an educational concern is raised, the school principal or other academic advisor sets up a meeting of a 504 planning team.
Any 504 plan team member, including the student's teacher, may call for a 504 plan review at any time if there is an educational concern or change in the student's needs. TUPD will dispatch Tulane Emergency Medical Service (TEMS), the student-staffed campus EMS service, or other emergency response personnel.

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504 plans legally require teachers to make the accommodations as specified in the plans, as well as monitor and participate in plan reviews. The team usually consists of the principal, classroom teachers, other school personnel (such as the school nurse, guidance counselor, psychologist, or social worker), and the parents. TUPD dispatch will arrange for an escort to meet you and accompany you to your destination. During a power failure this stored energy is slowly released, illuminating safety signs and path markers allowing for safe evacuation in darkness.
504 plans level the playing field, enabling students with special needs to get the accommodations needed to access curricula at the same level as their classmates.
A student with an IEP, as part of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004), may receive different educational services in a special or regular educational setting, depending on the student's need.

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