Safety equipment for hazardous operations with rocket propellants at test sites and launch pads.
Our range of personal safety equipment includes air breathing systems, communication systems, chemical resistant splash suits & SCAPE suits.
The emergency portable breathing system provides a temporary air supply allowing full mobility of the operator whilst disconnected from a main air line. Compressed air purification system that removes particles, oil vapours and carbon monoxide. Communications system for maintaining continuous dialogue between the operator and the control room during hazardous operations. From personal hand held single gas monitors that measure H2S, O2, SO2 or LEL to multi gas detectors with a variety of user options. Gas detection and monitoring equipment, systems and support that you need to keep your people safe and your operations profitable. Respiratory protection for a variety of industrial applications, hazardous materials handling, and confined space operations.

Rent modern tank cleaning equipment of various sizes for removal of built-up sludge or for preventative maintenance. Tank cleaning machines are designed to eliminate confined space entry, use less water, save time, and clean effectively. Mobile emergency supply air and respiratory protection for a variety of industrial applications.
All of our High-Pressure Breathing Air Cylinders are filled with fresh, ambient air compressed to the Grade D standards of the Compressed Gas Association, and tested to CSA 180.1-00 Standards.
If a fall does occur, fall arrest systems will stop you in free flight to decrease the chance of injury. All customizations are provided with belts with built-in brass eyelets and stainless steel buckles.
We've assembled the best collection of industrial safety equipment for rent in Slave Lake, Alberta. All rental fall protection products meet OSHA requirements as well as ANSI, CSA and CE standards.

We are a Work Safe Alberta Best Performer; if you are looking to rent safety equipment in Slave Lake, talk to us today! Special hinge on the waistcoat is used for cable fastening in case of emergency diver lifting.
Metal D rings are designed for additional equipment mounting and expand possibilities during the underwater operations with tools. Harness system is supplied with the steel panel for cylinders installation and reducer’s protection buckle, fastening belt for cylinder.

Emergency kits for elderly instruments
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Iso 14001 emergency preparedness and response institute

Rubric: Canada Emergency Preparedness


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