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I remember the first time I tested the emergency bag’s claim of “keeping you warm” in cold weather. The Emergency Sleeping bag is ideal for the glove compartment of your automobile, your backpack, and your emergency kit. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Waterproof - can be used in rain and snow, reusable, lightweight and very compact for easy storage.
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The emergency sleeping bag is specially designed to reflect up to 80% of radiated body heat to help preserve crucial warmth and keep you dry.

These are the pocket-sized, lightweight, bags or blankets that help you preserve your body heat in cold, challenging circumstances. It was a cold winter night with temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees outside, plus the added chill of the blowing wind. They’re ideal for the glove compartment of your car, your backpack, and in your emergency kit. We were preparing for our annual winter (Klondike) camp-out and I decided to test these bags. I told the boys that we were learning about keeping warm in the winter and the activity was testing an emergency sleeping bag.
EU regulations mean we have to point this out, hence the annoying message, which will only appear on this first visit. Contains all the items currently recommended by authorities to aid in the safe evacuation of staff and guests for contingency planning. This bag is large enough to cover from head to toe, yet small enough to fit in your pocket.

They were dressed as you would expect for 12- and 13-year old boys: shorts and a lightweight t-shirt or something similar.
To make things easy we will assume that you're happy to receive cookies but you can change settings any time by using the Change cookie settings link in the Special menu. I had them stand outside and climb into an emergency sleeping bag and stay there until they got too cold. This bag is large enough to cover from head to toe (84" x 36”), yet folds down small enough to fit in a pocket.
You may wish to hold several grab bags stored at different locations, in case access is not possible to your primary bag.

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