This 2 story, 13 foot, tangle free, escape ladder is easy to use and quickly attaches to any window.
This 3 story, tangle free, escape ladder is easy to use and quickly attaches to any window. July 1, 2013 By Jelli 14 Comments Oh, how the tables have turned for the birth of baby Elijah. Although I did have some items packed away in case of an emergency with my homebirth, this time I must pack a hospital bag for the birth, lest I wind up in unfortunate circumstances leading to serious embarrassment.
About JelliJelli is a blogging veteran and avid baker who’s been selling sweets to feed her chocolate addiction for 5+ years.
I’ve never understood why people pack loads of makeup and outfits and whatnot for the hospital – I just wanted to be as comfy as possible and resting in bed, not doing my hair!
I’d also add to this a birth ball – it was a lifesaver for my 68 hour marathon labor! Obviously, your hospital might provide necessities that my free public hospital would never consider handing out, so be sure to check before packing more supplies than necessary.

When the polka dotted apron’s hanging up, she’s a full-time mama to two (plus one on the way!) tiny kidlets enjoying the crazy days of motherhood and pumping out brownie recipes from her thrice-dropped-barely-hanging-on laptop in sunny Costa Rica.
I know I won’t have room in my birthing room with 20+ moms to use one, but it sure would be nice. Hope you feel great for the remainder of your pregnancy, especially since you’ll be prepped and ready to go with your hospital bag already packed. With our first child a few friends gave us disposable diapers not knowing we’d decided on cloth. My great-grandmother told me this trick and it worked like a charm, plus it keeps Kamden’s bottom nice and smooth!!! I snagged the best guy around, birthed three tiny kidlets, scribble down too many dessert recipes, love Jesus, and grow veggies in my front yard. Plus, there's a nice 'when baby arrives before midwife' step by step instructions on what to do and I really appreciate that. When I pack for the hospital, you’d better believe I’m not going to miss a thing!

In fact, with Summer’s birth, I borrowed an exercise ball for the birth though never did wind up using it. As new parents it was easier for my husband to change with disposables the first two days or so as he played nurse to both me and the baby. I purchased a new set of pajamas (button-down shirt, long pants) right before and I’m so glad I had them, especially for breastfeeding. Since I had my son in the hospital this time around we went the disposable diaper route for his first day or two to make life simpler. And it also has a sticky on the outside that has all the contents laid out, which is definitely a bonus because not all kits would come with something like that. We may or may not use them for more than our time at the hospital, especially now that you’ve told me that our cloth stash will likely survive with no battle wounds.

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