These were all common emergency situations for which they had trained extensively — indeed, a Boeing 767 has the capability of flying around for many hours on a single engine if it was absolutely necessary.
As the two pilots lined up the B767 at Gimli, without sufficient hydraulic pressure, they tried a gravity drop of the landing gear.
As speed and altitude bled off, however, hydraulic power dwindled, making it difficult to control the plane.
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Horrible maintenance situation – Happened that aircrafts have been recorded as fixed already just before the plane actually arrived.
Once an aircraft was in such bad habbit (loss of instruments) that the crew refused to fly that aircraft. To save fuel costs, the amount of fuel was reduced to a minimum several times, just to reach the destination.
During windy conditions landing got not aborted, following in a tail strike literally braking the plane. Despite that, they were forced to fly during nighttime through areas of dense cumulus and cumulonimbus clouds.

The Passengers were left wondering till they found another crew to fly, without any fixes made. There is no telex, the ONE excisting photocopier has to be shared with other departments (including sales and ticketing).
Instead it was moved into another aircraft again flying with reduced N1, for serveral weeks, till it gave up completely.

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