To provide Command Staff and other incident management personnel with basic information for planning for the next operational period. Issued by the Situation Unit personnel for posting information on Status Boards or circulating as required.
Preparation: The IMS 209-G is prepared by the Situation Unit Leader or Planning Section Chief. Distribution: The IMS 209-G may be scheduled for presentation to the Planning Section Chief and the other General Staff prior to each Planning Meeting and may be required at more frequent intervals by the Incident or EOC Commander, or the Planning Section Chief. After reading this White Paper, available free for download, you will be able to gauge if your current ENS provider is the best fit for your organization in lieu of the past year’s trends in criminal behavior and advancements in technology. Purpose: The Claims Log is used to provide a summary of information related to the tracking of incident-related claims.

Preparation: Completed by the Claims Unit Leader in the Finance and Administration Section.
Dispatch protocol systems, whether read off of a handheld cardset or through a computerized system, are meant to provide a standardized, approved level of care in call processing, avoiding ad-libbing or questions based purely on the calltaker’s level of experience. This article was part of a comprehensive overview of Score-Based Quality Assurance in Dispatch Operations.
It should contain the most accurate and up-to-date information available at the time it is prepared. Additional hazard or discipline-specific versions or sections may be developed or used as required. A copy of completed logs should also be submitted to the Documentation Unit for record purposes.

Clawson then concentrated on developing protocols to standardize how EMS resources were deployed as related to type (ALS vs. The IMS 209-G is duplicated and distributed to the Incident or EOC Commander and staff, all section Chiefs, Planning Section Unit Leaders, and organization dispatch centers. Continued access of this portal and system implies consent to the above statements and those maintained on the Terms of Service.

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