A brilliant compact piece of kit for use in combat, field sports, camping, hiking, walking or even in the car. Even though we hope no one ever needs it, here’s our emergency kit for rabbits in case of accidents, sudden illnesses, or natural disasters! Ask your vet for additional items to complete your kit, such as metacam (a prescription pain medication), and for first aid instructions.
Please note that we are no vets and all items included in the kit are simply collected as options in case of emergency. Bunny Approved is not responsible for the correct use of the products and we recommend that you go over the contents of the kit with your vet.

Tagged as aid, animal, Approved, Bag, Bunny, emergency, first, kit, pet, products, rabbit, Shop, small, store, Supplies. If you purchased each item yourself, online or at local stores, you’d actually end up paying more for everything.
And let me tell you, it took me 3+ weeks to track everything down, choose the right product, the best source, and get everything over here.

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