Every week, we feature a nonprofit or organization doing remarkable things in its local community. Give Your Local StoryEvery week, we feature a foundation, organization, or nonprofit that’s giving back to its community in remarkable ways. The Emergency Food Assistance Program is a federal program that provides monthly food packages to individuals and families who meet income guidelines set by the federal government (see below).The Food Bank administers the program and distributes USDA-provided food to nearly 100,000 individuals at more than 90 distribution sites every month throughout San Diego County.
To see if you qualify for the program, dial 2-1-1 on your phone to reach the county’s social services information hotline. After signing up, you will be entitled to receive a monthly food package from the nearest distribution site within your zip code on the allocated food distribution day every month. The SFSS Emergency Food Bank Program is intended for students in a state of need and is meant to replace a physical, traditional food bank. There are a limited number of certificates available but we encourage all students who are facing hunger or serious financial pressures to apply. To obtain a $25 Emergency Food Bank Program certificate, you may register through the Websurvey below, providing only your student number for complete confidentiality.
Staff at the SFSS General Office will prepare a sealed envelope containing the Emergency Food Bank Program Certificate, with only your student number visible. All Undergraduate students at SFU will be able to apply for the SFSS Food Bank Program for a maximum of three times per semester.
The last day the SFSS General Office will be opened this year is December 18th, and will reopen on January 4th.

But even in the bad, there’s always good, a sliver of hope.That’s what Everly Inong, Community Relations Manager at the Emergency Food Bank, tells me when I ask about the local community. Participants on the program receive food once a month at a local distribution site in their area. If you qualify for the program based on the income guidelines outlined above, the 2-1-1 operator will give you the location of your nearest food distribution site based on your zip code. A typical EFAP bag will include: canned vegetables, canned soups, canned fruit juice, canned fruits, canned meats, spaghetti, rice, beans and frozen food items. Students may pick up their vouchers at the SFSS General Office in Burnaby, the Registrar's counter at SFU Surrey (for the nearby Safeway) or at Nesters Market at SFU Woodwards location. At the till, the cashier will also check your student ID card for the correct student number - no information will be recorded.
To pick up, simply let the General Office Staff know that you have an envelope to pick up, and provide your student ID card. Para presentar una queja por discriminacion, escriba USDA, Director, Oficina de Adjudicacion, 1400 Independence Ave, SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 o llame al (866) 632-9992 (voz). Las personas con problemas de audicion o impedimentos del habla pueden comunicarse con el USDA a traves del Servicio de Retransmision Federal al (800) 877-8339 o (800) 845-6136 (espanol). It’s a tough economy, which is why we’re so grateful for the support we get.If people can’t give monetarily, they come volunteer.
That makes a wealth of difference as well.”The challenge is well met by Everly and the team at the Emergency Food Bank.

They’re always looking for and thinking of creative ways to raise support and were excited to learn about Give Local America.“I was just doing an Internet search to expand our fundraising efforts and came across Give Local America. It was toward the end of March, so I was afraid we’d missed the deadline.“But the Give Local staff told me the deadline had been extended [for nonprofits unassociated with a community foundation] into April and invited us to come on board. We really just wanted to see if the local community would embrace the concept, especially with our own ‘go green’ giving initiative. We’re trying to encourage supporters to move away from mail-in donations to our online portal.”Social activities included Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We just have to figure out how to balance the message with the visual.”The Emergency Food Bank continued its use of social throughout the 24 hours of giving. It didn’t matter where you were from or what you were advocating; everyone was just encouraging people to give local. We’re glad you were able to join Give Local America and be a part of the larger community of giving.Want to help out at the Emergency Food Bank?

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