Person applying for food box for one household, must have an ID and proof of address in order to receive an Emergency Food or Baby Box. Any Government issued ID, birth certificate, I-94, shot record, school ID, social security card, or mail. Community Information and Referral (Rental, Utility, Food, Furniture and other Assistance)at:Need Help! Shopping sprees sponsored by Alliance Beverage brings in more than 1500 pounds of food for St. At the first location, members of the Los Bomberos from the Phoenix Fire Department lined up with two shopping carts and after the horn sounded, they swiped canned food items into the carts from the shelves of the Ranch Market on Grand Ave in Phoenix. Later in the afternoon, more members of the Phoenix Fire Department assembled at the Food City on 7th Ave and Southern. Alliance Beverage donation Food Bank Food City Ranch Market Shopping Spree St.
We’d like to give a big thank you to Pei Wei, our presenting sponsor for Hunger Action Month! Faculty and staff of the Arizona campus volunteered their time and services at the Desert Mission Community Center.
The Indiana campus partnered with MedVenture for a community service project to benefit the homeless. The Kansas City campus contributed to the community by helping out at the Rose Brooks shelter for battered women.
At The College in Ottawa, Kansas, students and community members attended a special MLK, Jr. The Community Kitchen is a life skills and food service training program for those with barriers to employment.
CK Catering is staffed by Community Kitchen students who are learning the catering business while working alongside our chef instructors.

One in four children in Arizona lives in poverty and is at risk of going to bed hungry in our community tonight.
October 18, 2012 - This donated food sits in the warehouse of the United Food Bank waiting to be sorted by staff and volunteers. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance was the beneficiary of two shopping sprees at local grocery stores on Dec. After the 60 seconds was up, they had filled two shopping carts to overflowing with non-perishable food items. Thank you to the firefighters, Ranch Market and Food City for their participation, and to Alliance Beverage for their generous support of our mission to alleviate hunger in Arizona! Today they not only fed 600+ children at Loma Linda Elementary, but also came to our warehouse to pack emergency food boxes AND present St. Day was used by Ottawa University campuses as an opportunity to contribute to their local communities. Originally a food bank, the center has expanded its services to assist with the health and social needs of struggling families in the Phoenix area. They closed their campus on the following Friday for students to engage in community service at the Oak Creek Public Library. The goal of this project was to secure food and warm clothing for a group of homeless people that were forced to relocate when construction began on a bridge at their previous location. The 16 volunteers from the campus helped organize the shelter’s clothes donation area, cleaned throughout the shelter, and organized toys for their toy drive. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance offers an array of programs designed to help those in need receive food and other types of assistance, and offer opportunities for individuals and organizations to get involved, make financial donations, and volunteer their time, effort and resources. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance distributes Emergency Food Boxes, at no cost, to individuals and families in need. A majority of those receiving Emergency Food Boxes includes the elderly, children, working families and the homeless.
If you’re planning a party, sit-down lunch, or an elegant dinner—and would like to help your community in the process—count on CK Catering.

Mary’s Food Bank Alliance recognizes and honors organizations making an extraordinary impact in our community through gifts of volunteer time, food drives, and cash donations. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance location for emergency boxes, so we have expanded our efforts to bring the Food Bank to them. Food is then packed and delivered to community partners who distributed to needy families in the form of emergency food boxes.
The bill came to nearly $1,500 of exactly the kind of items the Food Bank needs – peanut butter, tuna, soups, rice and chili. They too focused on the top items that the Food Bank needs for its emergency food boxes – beans, canned vegetables, canned meats and the ever important peanut butter. The food donated will go directly in the over 30,000 emergency food drive boxes that the Food Bank gives out every month. The Phoenix, Brookfield, Jeffersonville, Kansas City, and Ottawa campuses all took time on MLK day to honor the spirit of making the world a better place as Martin Luther King Jr. The center now includes a learning center, children’s dental clinic, adult day care center, community health center, behavioral health center, and a community revitalization program. Afterwards, students took part in community service at COF, KVC, Habitat for Humanity, Hope House, Meals on Wheels, and Prairie Paws Animal Shelter.
As the amount of food donations decreases, food banks such as the United Food Bank strive to keep up with hunger relief needs of 1 in 5 (20%) of Arizonans who are living in poverty and, based on figures of the Department of Health and Human Services. The shopping sprees were sponsored by Alliance Beverage and raided the shelves of a Ranch Market and Food City in Phoenix. The volunteers from the university helped to pack dental hygiene kits for students, interacted with adult day care residents, and packed emergency food boxes.

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