The findings were shocking: 43 percent of US households (127 million people) are liquid asset poor, meaning if that if they suffered a steep drop in income like losing their job, they'd easily fall behind on payments and need to apply for public assistance such as food stamps or shelter. And they're likely turning to payday lenders, mortgage services and other nonbank services for a short-term fix, notedA Alexander Eichler in the Huffington Post.
To counter these issues, the CEFD proposes all 50 states and the District of Columbia take action by imposing income tax thresholds for single-parent head of households and incentivizing accountholders to put more away by having the opportunity to win prizes when they make deposits. DAILY NEWS New York News Politics Sports Entertainment Opinion Living Autos Search U.S. A Texas mother who was desperate over being denied food stamps shot her two children and then committed suicide after a seven-hour standoff with SWAT teams at a state welfare office, authorities said. Caseworkers took Grimmer to a private room, where the distraught mom pulled a gun and threatened employees, authorities said.

Police negotiators spent the next several hours trying to persuade Grimmer to bring her children out safely, but she refused, instead haranguing them about the red tape she grappled with while trying to feed her family, The Associated Press reported.
Finally, just before midnight, cops heard three shots and stormed the building, where they discovered Grimmer lying dead in a pool of blood. Authorities told the AP that Grimmer was denied food stamps because she had left some key information out of her initial application.
She and her children had recently moved to Texas from Ohio and appeared to be struggling to say on their feet. Grimmer had last contacted the agency in mid-November, but had fallen out of touch since then, Goodman said. Though the jobs outlook stinks, many of these families are among the "working poor," or those living check-to-check and never pulling ahead.

The CEFD foundA 65 percent of their households were liquid asset poor versus 34 percent of white households.
Monday when Rachelle Grimmer, 38, visited a state welfare office in Laredo to discuss a food stamp application she had submitted in July, police said.

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