Store your one-year food supply with your parents or children or close relatives who live in a country area. If an emergency were to occur unexpectedly and you had to provide for your family until the emergency was over, then you should have enough fresh drinking water and enough food stored ahead of time to get you through the emergency.
If the electrical power is off, then cooking a meal from scratch would be far more challenging than simply opening a can of food, heating it, and then serving it to your family. The food item should have a reasonably long shelf life, preferably at least five years or more.
The food item should be a complete meal in a can that includes meat, vegetables, and a few vitamins. The last column in the above table is the important column because it shows the total number of Calories in the entire Can. In my opinion the following food items are ones you should consider for your 30-day emergency food supply.
I strongly recommend that you purchase one can of each of the following foods and serve it to your family during normal times to determine if they enjoy it. Note: All costs, package sizes, and nutritional data in the following table were obtained on January 1, 2014. If you do not want to cook then omit the rice and potatoes and buy more of the complete meals in a can (Chunky Soups, Pasta, Chili with Beans, Beef Stew, etc.).
The powdered milk and the cocoa powder may be used to make either chocolate milk or hot chocolate.
If you don't like Kool-Aid or Tang and you prefer soft drinks or beer or wine then buy them instead. Armour Roast Beef can be converted into a "Mexican" meal by combining it with approximately one-half package of Taco Mix and then serving it with either Refried Beans or Black Beans. Chef Boyardee Macaroni and Cheese may be eaten as a side dish by itself, or it can be converted into a casserole by adding canned tuna, or canned chicken, or sliced Vienna Sausages, or diced Spam.
Pork and Beans can be made into "Beanie Wienies" by adding sliced pieces of Vienna Sausage. The Vienna Sausages may be eaten as a simple meat item, or converted into "mini corn dogs" if you have some cornmeal, or into "pigs in a blanket" if you have some flour. The candy could be hard candies (peppermints, spearmints, butterscotch disks, or cinnamon disks), or caramels, or tootsie rolls or any combination your family prefers.
Note: If you use a standard Vacuum Food Sealer to vacuum seal some of the above items (candy, vitamins, white rice, instant milk, sugar, cocoa powder, and quick oats) then you could extend the normal shelf life of these items by a multiple of approximately five.
To prepare a meal from scratch normally takes more time, more fuel, and as the food slowly cooks it emits a stronger aroma than when you simply open a can of food, heat it, and then immediately eat it. Therefor, having canned foods that you simply heat and eat means you will need less cooking fuel and you will be keeping your cooking aromas to the absolute minimum. Supper could be more like a normal meal such as boiled rice or instant potatoes or beans or vegetables, plus a meat item from a can, such as salmon patties. However, whenever possible it is advisable to heat your food to at least 185 degrees Fahrenheit (85 degrees Celsius) to kill any potential harmful microorganisms that might be in the food.

It would also be a good idea to put a lid on the cook pot or skillet when you are heating the food. It should also be noted that some foods emit a powerful aroma while they are being prepared, such as coffee and bacon.
Would a cup of instant coffee be okay if it did not attract any attention to your location?
Or would you prefer for everyone within a half-block radius to be knocking on your door and asking you to please, please share some of your fresh brewed coffee? There may not be very much to do during a short-term emergency and everyone in your family will be truly looking forward to each meal in order to relieve their boredom and to satisfy their hunger. It is okay to talk about unpleasant topics at other times during the day but each member of your family should understand that all discussions at the dining table will be about pleasant topics. I have tried the Overstuffed Ravioli, and the Giant Meatballs, and the Regular Ravioli, and the Mini Ravioli and the Mini Spaghetti with Meatballs.
In my opinion the Mini Ravioli and the Mini Spaghetti with Meatballs are better than the regular pastas or the giant pastas.
The "mini pastas" contain more sauce, and all the food heats more evenly in less time, and the overall taste is superior.
Therefore I strongly recommend the "mini pastas" instead of the regular pastas or the giant pastas. However, since taste is a very individual experience, your family may completely disagree with me and there is nothing wrong with that. If you have young children then they will probably prefer the Chef Boyardee "ABC" and "Dinosaur" pastas because they are significantly more fun to eat. Some people have not yet purchased a one-year emergency food supply because they simply cannot afford it.
For approximately $801 you could purchase enough food to feed one adult for one year at the rate of 2,000 calories per day. The food would have a net weight of approximately 508 pounds (food only without the package). Or this same amount of food would last two adults for one year if each adult only consumed 1,000 calories of food per day.
If you add an additional 5% for the average weight of the package that contains the food, this would be approximately 533 pounds of packaged food. But each family will need to modify the above list to accommodate the tastes and preferences of their individual family members. If you do not like the taste of one of the above recommended foods then eliminate it from the list.
If you really, really like one of the above foods then purchase more of it than the list recommends. If your family likes a food that is not on the above list then add as much of it as you believe is appropriate. When you are finished making changes to the above list then you will have a list of foods that is just right for your family and those will be the foods you should purchase for a future emergency situation.

If you eat the same foods during hard times that you ate during normal times then this will help to prevent appetite fatigue, weight loss, and poor health. If your family is looking forward to each meal then this will also help to maintain a more agreeable atmosphere within your home during hard times. Basic Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Honey Cookies, Pudding, Chocolate Cake, Pie Crust, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream. Sweetened Condensed Milk, Baby Formula, Gatorade, Hot Chocolate, Vanilla Milk Shake, Chocolate Milk Shake. The above recipes, plus a lot more, are also included in my cookbook Grandpappy's Recipes for Hard Times. For approximately $494 you could purchase enough food to feed one adult for one year at the rate of 1,800 calories per day.
The food would have a net weight of approximately 446 pounds (food only without the package). Or this same amount of food would last two adults for one year if each adult only consumed 900 calories of food per day.
If you add an additional 5% for the average weight of the package that contains the food, this would be approximately 469 pounds of packaged food. There was also a reduction in the amount of instant milk and in the sweet items, such as sugar. Most of the recommended foods are dry foods, with the exception of the canned meats, the tomato paste, the olive oil, the honey, and the vanilla extract.
Dry food normally has a longer shelf life than water packed food because the moisture has been eliminated from the food.
If something unexpected happened and you were forced to abandon your current location, then all three of the above advantages would be very important to you.
More information about some important factors to consider when purchasing emergency food is on my website here. Most of the above recommended foods are dry foods and they must be prepared for human consumption using water.
I strongly recommend that you have a least one good gravity fed water filter element in your emergency food storage area so you can provide clean water for your family during a serious hard times event.
Tomato paste is preferred to tomato sauce because tomato paste has less water than tomato sauce. The original food list includes four of the major food groups (dairy, vegetables, grain, and meat) but the only fruit it contains is tomato paste. My personal experience with canned fruit is that the cans do not last very long in storage. More information about #10 cans of dehydrated fruit, tomato powder, complete instant potatoes, and milk is on my web site here.

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