My Patriot Supply has set the industry standard for delicious tasting and nutritious survival food.
Our low-heat dehydration method seals in flavor and high-nutritional value, and each recipe comes packaged in convenient and lightweight 4-serving Mylar pouches. John makes a good start listing some necessary foods, but there's a lot more needed to have a nutritious, well-balanced pantry.
TIP: Be sure to pack and store these foods properly to keep them viable for years instead of months. With the news being so cheery lately, all of us are concerned about putting some control back into our lives. Dried fruit - Dried fruit like bananas, apricots and raisins last a long time in proper containers. We are happy to offer the fantastic Food For Health Vegetarian Emergency Food Supply 275 Servings Up to a 20 Year Shelf Life Weather Proof Bucket.
For this reduced price, the Food For Health Vegetarian Emergency Food Supply 275 Servings Up to a 20 Year Shelf Life Weather Proof Bucket is highly recommended and is a regular choice with many people. Easy to Prepare # Up to a 20 Year Shelf Life, Must have water and heat source, 275 servings - 47 pouches per kit. Food Supply Kit includes: Vegetable Stew 20 servings, Cheddar Broccoli Soup 20 servings, Cheesy Rice Casserole 16 servings, Veggie Alfredo 16 servings, Creamy Potato Soup 20 servings, Bean Chili 15 servings, Tortilla Soup 16 servings, Brown Sugar Oatmeal 70 servings, Non-fat Milk 40 servings, Instant Orange Drink 32 servings.
The theme of this year’s National Preparedness Month is “Pledge to Prepare,” and if there’s one thing we’d admonish you do to prepare besides having a supply of foods that will sustain you through an emergency, is putting together an emergency kit. If you already have an emergency kit such as a 72-hour kit, it’s important that you not only update it, but know what’s in it. If you need help building the perfect kit for your family, check out our Emergency Planner! So whether you’re shopping for a kit or updating the one you already have, creating and familiarizing yourself with your customized emergency kit will ensure that if the time comes to use it, you’ll know where to go and what to do. Simple and easy to prepare: just boil water, pour in the food, simmer for 10 to 15 minutes and serve up a tasty meal. I emailed my patriot supply and they sent me food to stay in line with their deal they were running!! The shipment arrived out in the middle of nowhere, where I live, 3 days earlier than the earliest projected arrival date.
Use our FREE Deyo Food Storage Planner to help you plan what you need and how much you want to store.
That means making sure we have the basics covered in these trying times including food and the ability to feed our family.

Many of the foods contained in these packages can be obtained by anyone and stored similarly; its not rocket science.
Get the twenty five or fifty pound bags, put in plastic five gallon buckets and store in a cool, dry place. Honey has been known to last for hundreds of years as it has been found in tombs and forgotten stashes.
They can be eaten as they are or served with hot cereal, in a dessert or rehydrated with water for a side dish. For starters, large quantities of wheat such as hard winter red is not available at the standard grocers or the warehouse club. Buy the largest bags you can find at the grocers or warehouse and store in five gallon plastic buckets. Oats are easy to get in large containers from the grocers and you should have several pounds on hand at all times. Textured vegetable protein, cheese powder, powdered eggs, dried vegetables, and dried meats. Go to the grocery store or warehouse club with the list above and buy some of each item, store in proper containers, and start building a real food insurance plan. The Food For Health Vegetarian Emergency Food Supply 275 Servings Up to a 20 Year Shelf Life Weather Proof Bucket is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase. With all-new recipes made from high quality ingredients, all 275 servings burst with flavor and nutrition. It’s a good idea to go through your kit at least once a year to familiarize it and replace any items that may have gone bad. It’s easy to buy a kit and throw it in a closet without even looking inside it, but it’s important to make sure your kit has the right amount of supplies for your family and the right type of supplies for all the emergencies that are a possibility in your area. It allows you to build a completely customized kit—just enter the number of people in your family, the length of time you’d like the kit to supply you for, and the type of kit you’re looking for.
Simply plug in the number of family members and how many months of food you want to have, and it automatically figures the amounts you need.
By using this planner, acquiring food "insurance" will be easier than you ever thought possible! Here are a list of foods you can buy today at the grocers or warehouse store to build your food storage plan with. Dry milk has no fat so it lasts longer and will not go rancid like canned or perishable milk. Store in five gallon plastic buckets and your oats should stay fresh for months if not years.

Savor the comforting essence of Creamy Potato Soup or the family-pleasing Veggie Alfredo Pasta for lunch or dinner, or start the day off right with a heart-healthy bowl of oatmeal. It’s wise to keep a contents list with your kit that details the names and quantities of all the items inside it. You may want to build your own kit to customize it for your family size and the situations you might need the kit for: a family of three living in a 6th-floor apartment in New York will have vastly different needs than a family of six living in a hurricane-prone area in Florida. You can select add-ons for categories for anything from earthquakes to volcanoes to urban unrest. Soup bases must be stored in an airtight container and put in a cool, dry location free from moisture and humidity. Some stores sell honey in the big buckets, but make sure that the honey is real and not corn syrup with honey flavoring.
The best bet is to find a grain supply source nearby rather than paying for shipping from one of the big outlets like Honeyville.
The best part is these products come in long term storage containers which are easy to store and have on hand. If your kit is large or has several different pockets, sections, or containers, it can be helpful to also include the location of each item. The Emergency Planner will create a kit to your specifications, and you can edit it manually to individualize it further.
Along with the enhanced flavors, Food for Health has also increased the nutritional value as well.
This way in an emergency you won’t waste precious time during dangerous situations looking in the wrong place or searching for something the kit doesn’t contain.
Each entrée is high in protein and offers no hydrogenated oils, trans fats, or added MSG. It’s also a good idea to read the instructions of all the tools in your kit so you’ll know how to use them if the time comes.
But that is where those things come from and having the knowledge to cook and use whole grains is crucial. Grain lasts literally for years in storage (remember the grain story from the Bible with Joseph and the Pharaoh?).
Although recommended for daily use, the 275 serving Food Kit is still the best choice for any outdoor activity and stocking your shelves with a long-term food supply.

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