Blackberries have 74 calories per cup, blueberries 81, raspberries 60, and strawberries 45. All varieties; bell peppers, sweet peppers, and hot peppers store very well when dried in a food dehydrator. Tomatoes make one of the top on our emergency garden foods list to add and store with your emergency food storage items. Visit our How To Dehydrate Food Page to learn how to dehydrate your emergency garden foods, and also our Survival Garden Page to learn some basic steps on growing a survival garden. In any type of emergency situation, the person who is best prepared has the highest chance of survival.
Our product line from Wise Company has been featured on the History Channel, the Weather Channel, the Military Channel, Fox News, ABC, and a number of other major networks. Nobody knows when they will need a freeze dried emergency food supply, which is why all our long term food storage products come with a 25 year shelf life. Whether preparing to survive for a week or stocking a disaster shelter with enough food for a year, our freeze dried emergency food packages come in a number of different sizes.
From nutritious lasagna to healthy granola breakfasts and scrumptious desserts, our emergency food packages include a wide range of tasty meals. Freeze dried emergency foods are a long-term investment in the safety of yourself and your family.
Order freeze dried emergency foods today to protect yourself and your family from an uncertain future.
The Relief Foods 214-Serving Combo is the perfect addition to your food storage, providing separate breakfast and entrée options. We hand selected Legacy Premium food storage because we feel it's the best long-term food storage option available.
Legacy food storage products have been tested by a 3rd party lab and been verified to last 25 years.
No matter what option you use for a fire starter you need something to get these items lit. There are many different solutions to homemade fire starters, these are some of the highest reviewed and most logical. What are some of your favorite techniques for fire starters that you think everyone should have in their survival gear? You can’t place your emergency food stash anywhere and expect it to stay fresh for long periods of time. If you live in a flood-prone area, then you may not want to keep your food in the basement.
Others may document the specific nutritional data of every food item to ensure they’re preparing for a healthy, balanced diet.
Whenever you add or subtract items from your stash, make careful note of it in your record-keeping system. Everybody’s record-keeping system is different, but the most important thing is that you’re keeping track of which food goes in, which food goes out, and which food is about to expire. Emergency Foods are happy to stock the fantastic Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack (104-Serving).
For this great price, the Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack (104-Serving) is highly respected and is a regular choice with most people. Whether you have an underground doomsday shelter or a basement with a few jugs of water, our freeze dried emergency foods can easily be stored in any emergency shelter.

Don’t let the simple cooking instructions fool you: these meals are surprisingly nutritious.
Survival seeds or non-hybrid seeds, are the best choice for planting a more self-sufficient garden for your food supply. They can be added to your favorite recipes or ground-up for your own supply of flavorful seasonings.
From the sealed Mylar packaging to the sturdy buckets, all emergency food kits are designed to be as durable as possible.
Dried fruits provide a healthy dose of Vitamin C, while freeze dried vegetables ensure a complete dose of Vitamin A and other important nutrients. Other people buy freeze dried emergency food for other reasons – like preparing for a hike in the woods. Compare Legacy Premium against the competition and you'll quickly see that Legacy offers the lowest cost per calorie.
Whether you’re sitting in front of your fire place at home or a fire pit outside, starting a fire can be tricky. One by one, either submerge the cotton balls into the jelly or work the jelly into the cotton balls with your fingers. If you take these pine cones and apply some melted wax, you have yourself a fine fire starter. It is always a good idea to have a lighter but they can run out so having waterproof matches is a great alternative. Always remember to practice the utmost of safety around fire and in general, keep small children away from the flames as much as possible. These ideas could be the difference between life and death in an emergency and they’re guaranteed to help protect you and your family. Some people store food in their garage, while others use a basement, tornado shelter, or other parts of the home. Instead, they take food that’s about to expire and cook that food during their weekly meals.
Your comments are subject to our Terms of Service and the privacy policy and terms of service of your social network. The Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack (104-Serving) is certainly that and will be a excellent acquisition. This variety bucket includes all the favorite Wise entrees, breakfast, fruits, veggies and Milk. Each meal has been specially designed to provide the nutrients and calories the human body needs to survive in an emergency situation.
That’s good, because our freeze dried foods come in all different shapes, sizes, and varieties.
In all likelihood, you only need to spend a fraction of that in order to buy a month’s supply of freeze dried emergency foods.
That’s why freeze dried foods are one of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure survival in any situation.
Food will not spoil or become tainted before its expiry date and the containers are durable enough to survive in any disaster shelter, household, or vehicle over a long period of time.
The trick is to start off with something that burns for a long time then gradually add larger and larger pieces of wood until you reach your desired size of fire. Take that dryer lint and carefully place it into the individual holes in a cardboard egg carton.

Dip your matches into the wax to cover the match head and part of the stick, or you can dip the whole match in the wax, it is your preference. Ideally, you want that location to stay between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. This system minimizes wastefulness while still letting you maintain an effective long-term food stash. If you are a diabetic or otherwise following a specific meal plan for health related reasons, then yes. It’s more than just an emergency preparedness solution: it’s a long-term investment in the safety of yourself and your family.
Instead, most foods can be prepared simply by ripping open the package and pouring a small amount of water inside. It’s an investment in your safety and the safety of your family, and we’ve designed our pricing to be as affordable as possible.
However, freeze dried emergency foods are for more than just disasters and doomsday scenarios.
A week from now, an environmental disaster could knock out power to your entire city, forcing families into a life-or-death survival situation. And best of all – the freeze dried meals are surprisingly nutritious, making them perfect for a camping adventure. Fire starters make this process easier by burning a long time and lighting easy and they are a great addition to anyone’s survival gear. For best results waterproof your matches as soon as you open a box so the matches do not pick up any moisture. We live in an unpredictable world where one single storm can wipe out an entire power grid – not to mention our uncertain political and economic future.
Or, a month from now, a doomsday scenario could send the world into a chaotic struggle where only the best prepared can survive. If you have any questions please let us know and we will be happy to help in any way we can. Here are some of the questions I’ve heard over the last few days as it relates emergency food preparedness. Many of our freeze dried foods can even be eaten dry if you don’t have a potable water source nearby.
You can even split a bulk order with your neighbors or family for maximum savings opportunities. Some people leave them in their car for lengthy road trips, for example, while others throw a few meals into their backpack before a long camping trip or backcountry ski expedition.
All meals are freeze dried and stored inside sealed Mylar packages and can be prepared simply by adding water. Meal packages come inside sealable buckets that can be stacked in homes, vehicles, disaster shelters, or any other storage building you would like to store them in.

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