In order to support the electrical community we are providing blank electrical forms that can be filled on your PC or can be printed and filled in by hand. We also offer you a simple yet completely appropriate model form, which can be opened with Acrobat Reader, printed out and filled in by hand. AttentionIf you find this site useful and would like to support it, you can do so simply by clicking the button below and donating whatever you like. An Emergency lighting inspection should be carried out on a regular basis a€“ with intervals of no more than three years between them. An Emergency lighting inspection is very important as these systems are installed to help in evacuating a building in the event of loss of supply to the general lighting circuits through an extremity for instance fire. Emergency lighting test checks every circuit supplying an emergency light and checks that the internal battery in the fittings keeps the exits illuminated during a problematic situation.

NICEIC registered contractor so that your electrics are maintained and installed correctly but also safely. Eye Wash Station Inspection Tag lets you record eyewash inspections and servicingEye Wash Station Inspection Tags help keep track of inspections and servicing of eyewash stations and showers.
Also any time any major changes or additions are made to the system an inspection report is required, and your enforcing authority may also request an ad hoc report to be produced at any time.
Send us an email or give us a call for full details and an in-depth quote to meet the specifications of your emergency lighting system. LEa€™s team of London electricians are all NICEIC registered and trained and can carry out all types of domestic electrical work; from a new plug socket to a complete rewiring of your home.
The team is comprised of experienced appraisers and inspectors who are available to be immediately dispatched to any area affected by a disaster.

Your employer should have made sure that you are getting all sorts of safety measures when you are at work. They will be able to assist you with assessing the impact the disaster may have had on any homes in the lending process, or currently in your portfolio. We will provide visual inspections with photos and written assessment of the impact, if any, on the property.

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