Between the ceremony, reception, guest list and honeymoon, it's easy to forget to plan one very important aspect of your wedding: your emergency kit.
Simply Bridal created a helpful infographic that lists exactly what brides should pack in an day-of bridal emergency bag -- in case the Big Day doesn't go perfectly.
If you're flying solo and are going sans planner, then this bridal emergency kit is an absolute must.
Buttons: All the wedding party clothing will come with extra buttons and they can be handy during the day of.
Duct Tape: This is in EVERY planners kit because it holds EVERYTHING and is a magic fast fixer. References allow you to track sources for this article, as well as articles that were written in response to this article. There are a few really critical things that every Prepper Survival kit should have stashed in it. I say quality as I’ve seen examples of both junk (they strip the gears or break after a couple of uses) and pricey (over priced due to hype or brand name). Needs to have a good quality Ferro Cerium rod, a waterproof tinder box, tinder (in the form of purchased tinder tabs).
It must have an excellent set of pliers, one knife, a file, an awl, a saw blade, wire cutter and possibly Phillips, star and flat screw driver blades. You are going to need rope for 100’s of different tasks so ensure you have a couple of different thicknesses of polyethylene rope, a small ball of string and obviously some nylon line. You won’t be able to cover every problem you run in to with this but you do need to have the basics (gauze, cotton balls, band-aids, medical tape, antiseptic ointment and disinfectant, tensor bandages, etc). Take a variety of sewing needles (straight and curved), a few straight pins and a handful of different sized safety pins. Although it is a heavy addition, duct tape can be invaluable when repairing shelters, fixing pipes and even for emergency first aid.

Those are the Top Ten (10) but there are definitely some other important but not critical items to have in your kit. Always have 4-5 pencils in your stash (easier to write with in cold, wet, upside down, etc) as well as a few good tough stick pens. A ball of snare or small gauge steel wire is essential for creating snares, shelter building, fixing broken items and so much more. So those are my important items I have in my kit… what do you have that I may have missed? You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. When trying to figure out exactly what our ultimate must-have would be on the biggest party night of the year, we came to the conclusion that the best offense is a great defense.
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Special needs items, such as prescription medications, eye glasses, contact lens solutions, and hearing aid batteries. Most ceremonies are a passive, almost theatrical experience, where most guests are the audience.
What could happen and what is the back up plan, because as we who are in the industry all know, things do happen. Something durable and colorful like a little kids knapsack that you can easily find and assign gathering these contents to your MOH. The actual role associated with Google in addition to like research search engines is crucial in it to produce enhancements within individuala€™s expertise.
The one you choose should give excellent bright white light that lasts for good amount of time, illuminates a fairly wide swath of area and is easily charged up by 5-10 mins of hand pumping or crank turning.
Paracord would be the ultimate rope to have due to it’s strength, endurance, multiple ways of using it.

These are things that may not keep you alive but will make your experience less stressful or your survival experience simpler. Low and behold our party must-have is an emergency fashion + beauty kit (like this one from Hollywood Fashion Secrets) which will supply you with all of the necessities you could possibly need; a sewing kit, double-sided tape, hair band, nail file, lint removing sheets, blister pads, stain removing pads, etc. Hurricane Irene certainly has the many stranded and powerless feeling like they may be in a bad movie.
Our articles, blogs, vlogs, events, films and series cover areas such as parenting, fashion, style, travel, entertainment, kids, health, wealth and more. But if you're working with a reputable planner you'll never need to worry about these things or if they're really, really good not even know they happened. You need the essentials but keep it in perspective, you aren't out in the great wilderness alone and many things will be readily available. This kit includes tools and supplies that can be a indispensable to your well being in a catastrophe.
This way, no matter what (if any) beauty or fashion pitfall may happen, you’ll be prepared to not miss a step of your fabulous evening! This disaster movie is complete with sound effects from the hard rain and wind and mood lighting a la the power outages being experienced along the east coast. There will be hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes so when they do come it is best if we have an emergency survival kit to help us ride out the storm.
From Hurricane Irene to the recent earthquakes felt along the east coast it is a powerful reminder that we need to be prepared when disaster strikes.
She has been there and survived that from near death, losing 100 pounds and Motherhood not necessarily in that order.

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